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Rapper Lil Durk’s 10-year-old son Jerome Ellis Jr., a.k.a Romeo, grabbed his stepfather’s gun and shot him while defending his mother.

The incident happened on July 1 at Pippens’ mother’s home in Indianapolis.

According to reports, Jerome’s mother, Travonna Collier, and her boyfriend, Joshua Pippens were arguing when Jerome grabbed Pippens’ gun and shot him.

From his hospital bed, Pippens took to Instagram to share surveillance video of the incident.

The surveillance video shows adults fighting in a driveway while children scream. Pippens is wearing an orange shirt while Jerome is dressed in a red t-shirt and shorts. Moments later, a single gunshot is heard and Pippens collapsed on the ground.

Pippens captioned the video: “As y’all can see I was not the aggressor and y’all also can see how I still had my gun on my hip. He grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and tried to shoot me and then actually shot me. I advise y’all see it before they take it down. #buildawareness.”

“I never in a million years thought a kid I bought 4 wheelers and paid for football leagues and everything would do this but he only knows what mom shows him. I still love him like he’s mines,” he added.

Pippens wrote on Instagram: “Listen, nobody is going to jail or they would already be there. I’m doing this for rights over my kids. Call me what y’all want. And on top of that, this was at my momma’s, in front of my momma, granny, and more kids. I pray y’all make it through y’all situation that God gon’ put y’all through for playing with me.”

DCS removed Jerome and two other children from the home. The agency recommended Jerome not be returned to the home and all three children should remain in foster care.

DCS recommended supervised visits for Pippens and Jerome’s father, Durk Derrick Banks.

Pippens took to his Instagram Story and wrote, “Whatever makes y’all feel better. That’s why I got custody of my kids and she don’t. Y’all so internet. Thank God it was me that took the shot and not her. That’s still my daughter’s mom but she knows like I know. GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOOD TO ME. SURVIVOR.”

Collier recently accused Lil Durk of not claiming their son and refusing to provide support for the boy.

Lil Durk has 7 children. He posed with his children and his slain brother, D-Thang’s kids in a Father’s Day photo last month. Jerome is pictured at far left.