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NFL free agent Richard Sherman was arrested and charged with domestic violence against a family member, according to ESPN.

The former Seahawks and 49ers cornerback was arrested on Wednesday morning and charged with burglary and domestic violence.

He is currently in jail being held without bond until he appears before a judge, ESPN reports.

Police responded to a 911 call about an adult male family member trying to force his way into their home.

The caller said Richard Sherman did not live at the residence.

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When police arrived, Sherman allegedly struggled during the arrest, but was ultimately subdued by a police K9 dog. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated for dog bites and then booked into the King County Correctional Facility.

The NFL Players Association, of which Sherman is vice president, reacted to the news in a statement that read:

"We were made aware of an arrest last night of one of our player leaders for an alleged domestic violence incident and have activated our domestic violence crisis protocol for the protection and support of everyone involved. We will continue to monitor events closely as more facts are made available to us."

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A socialist politician backed by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the Brooklyn woman who executed her ex-girlfriend deserves sympathy.

Police say Latisha Bell, 38, executed her ex-girlfriend Nichelle Thomas, 51, on Wednesday in the Park Slope neighborhood where she lived. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Bell turned herself in at the 78th Precinct police station hours after the shooting.

Bell's sister tells Dailymail.com that Bell was a teenager when she moved in with Thomas. The two women lived together for 20 years before Bell moved out three years ago.

"My sister's been dealing with mental issues for a very long time," she said. "My sister doesn't deserve this. She tried to leave her alone but the woman kept coming back to her."

She said Thomas took advantage of her sister's mental illness.

Bell's sister, who asked for anonymity, said Thomas caused Bell to lose custody of her child.

She said Bell and Thomas fought often and police were called to their Park Slope apartment 15 times before Bell moved out.

"Every time she saw my sister doing well she kept going back to her, knowing that she's mentally disabled. They had a long going domestic violence issue - when my sister left she should have just kept on going."

"You don't play with the mentally ill," she added.

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Brandon West, a candidate for New York's City Council, said Bell deserves sympathy because she was a victim of "intergenerational trauma".

He suggested Bell was a victim of an elder gay who preyed on the younger woman.

"People grow up in hostile and toxic environments, experience abuse and poverty and receive minimal help or education from professionals and the government," West wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday. "This can lead to them having undiagnosed, unsupported mental and material issues that end up perpetuating violence."

Brandon asked for sympathy for the mom-of-two, saying even murderers are victims.

"We can only progress if we recognize that even murderers and abusers are victims, as they're usually suffering at the hands of complex emotional and intergenerational trauma which compels them to commit awful acts," West added. "We should uplift compassion and understanding above all else."

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Chet Hanks wants Lizzo to know he's interested in dating her after she was politely rejected by actor Chris Evans.

The "Truth Hurts" singer revealed she drunkenly slid into Chris's DMs on TikTok over the weekend.


The "Avengers" star let her down easy, saying, "No shame in a drunk DM."

"God knows I've done worse on this app lol," he added. Chris was referring to the penis photo he accidentally posted to Instagram in September.

Now Chet has his heart set on wooing Lizzo after she was politely rejected by Chris Evans.


He wrote a message to Lizzo on his Instagram stories: "if it don’t work out w captain America im here baby WBS BQS."

WBS means White Boy Summer and BQS stands for Black Queen Summer.


Chet is newly single after his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker cracked his head open with a cast iron pot.

Chet, 30, posted images of his bleeding head wound on social media.

Kiana is suing Chet for $1 million, alleging he was abusive to her throughout their relationship.

The couple broke up on Jan. 6, but violence erupted when she went to the home they once shared to pick up her things.

She said Chet followed her around the home, and was "hostile" to her. When he allegedly picked up a knife and lunged toward her, she hit him with a pot.

Kiana's affidavit claims Chet tried to take the phone she used to record the incident. She also alleged he "kicked Parker's legs and caused her to fall as he dragged her across the pavement."

It's a good thing they broke up before they killed each other.

Chet is the son of A-list actor Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson. He's an aspiring rapper who performs under the stage name Chet Haze.


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Rapper Quavo issued a statement about his violent encounter with his now ex-girlfriend Saweetie inside an elevator last year.

"We had an unfortunate situation almost a year ago that we both learned and moved on from," he told TMZ. "I haven't physically abused Saweetie and have real gratitude for what we did share overall."

Saweetie also broke her silence about the incident that occurred at her apartment complex last year.

The rapper said they "reconciled" and "moved past" the incident, but there were other problems that doomed their relationship.

"This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on," she said.

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The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the elevator incident. An LAPD source told TMZ they will interview Quavo and Saweetie separately.

Two weeks ago, Saweetie, 27, confirmed she was single after Quavo apparently cheated on her.

"I'm single," Saweetie said "I've endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character. Presents don't band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women."

Friends said Saweetie, real name Diamonté Harper, wants to start a family, but 29-year-old Quavo isn't emotionally ready.

They said he can't be taken seriously as a family man if he fights with a woman over a video game console.

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Quavo and Saweetie's violent elevator incident is under investigation by The Los Angeles Police Department.

Quavo, 29, and Saweetie, 27, fought over a Call of Duty console case in an elevator at her apartment complex in California last year.

Some say Saweetie herself leaked the video to justify dumping the effeminate rapper.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they plan to interview the couple separately to determine exactly what happened.

The LAPD source said the elevator incident is playing out like a domestic violence situation where both parties are in the wrong.

Cops want to know if Saweetie or Quavo was abused by the other party during their relationship. Saweetie is seen swinging on Quavo.

TMZ broke the story, Quavo and Saweetie were both fighting over an orange Call of Duty console case.

Quavo spins his ex around and she slips and hits the elevator floor. He glanced down at her several times and then glanced up at the elevator surveillance camera.

He never once helped her up off the floor.

The City Attorney will likely review the case for possible criminal charges.

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A Pennsylvania mom faces charges of fatally shooting her children, including a female-to-male trans.

Krisinda Bright, 48, is accused of fatally shooting her 16-year-old bio daughter, Kiara Bright, a male-identified trans who went by the name Jeffery "JJ" Bright.

Friends say Kiara transitioned at age 11.

Bright also fatally shot her second daughter, Jasmine Cannady, 22.

Interim Police Chief John DeLuca told reporters that, after shooting her children, Bright called 911 and went outside to meet emergency responders and police, WTAE reported.

Bright told dispatchers she shot her children and that the gun she used was unloaded and on the dining room table.

She said she shot one of her children while she was lying in bed. Then she went downstairs and pointed the weapon at her second child, who pleaded with her, saying, "Please don't shoot."

Bright said the gun misfired, but she fixed the jam and then shot her daughter in the face. The child was still moving, so Bright went upstairs to retrieve another weapon before returning and shooting her again because she didn't want the child "to suffer," according to the police report.

Both victims were shot in the head and face, according to the complaint.

Bright is facing two counts of criminal homicide. She is being held without bond in the Beaver County Jail.

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Essex County Jail

A New Jersey corrections officer confessed to killing two women because he was upset his Cougar girlfriend wasn't returning his calls.

John P. Menendez, 23, was charged with two counts of murder in the shooting deaths of his 40-year-old girlfriend, Anna Shpilberg, and her friend, Luiza Shinkarevskaya, also 40.

Police recovered a 9mm handgun registered to the former Hudson County corrections officer nearby, according to court documents obtained by the NY Post.

Police responding to 911 reports of gunshots on Tuesday found Shinkarevskaya dead with a gunshot wound to the head in a Jiffy's parking lot near Newark Liberty Airport.

While police were still at the scene, a bloodied Menendez approached them and confessed to killing Shinkarevskaya and his girlfriend, Shpilberg.

He said he shot Shpilberg, a dental hygienist, because he was angry she ignored his calls while on vacation with Shinkarevskaya.

"I can't believe I did this. Just arrest me, bro," he told police.

He then directed cops to a Mercedes-Benz C300 parked near Newark Penn Station. Shpilberg was found dead in the passenger seat with a bullet wound to the head, court papers say.

Menendez told police that both women were returning on a flight at the airport and that he was scheduled to pick them up, according to court documents.

Shpilberg's former fiancé, Fabian Goni, told police Menendez was controlling and regularly demanded she "report to him" on her whereabouts.

"He wanted texts and videos as proof of where she was," Goni said.

Menendez is being held without bond at the Essex County Jail.

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Star Tribune

D'Zondria Wallace, 30, and her two children, La'Porsha, 14, and Ja'Corbie, 11, recently moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, hoping for a new start.

She'd broken off a relationship with her abusive boyfriend, TeKeith Syvone Jones, 26, after relaying concerns to her family about his increasingly violent behavior.

A neighbor's security camera caught Jones peeking through the window of Wallace's new apartment Saturday afternoon, about 30 minutes before the bodies were discovered.

Wallace had told relatives she was two months pregnant with Jones' baby, the Star Tribune reported.

"She was fearing for her life," her mother, Mary Wallace told the Star Tribune. She reportedly began seeing someone else in mid-January. "He was jealous."

A nephew later told police that Jones continued to come by the house even after the breakup and always carried a semiautomatic handgun, according to the Star Tribune.

The nephew recalled an incident in December when Jones broke in through a kitchen window, "swung her around," and accused her of seeing another man.

The next morning he fired a pistol at Wallace but missed. She never reported the incident to police.

On Saturday afternoon, a relative entered Wallace's apartment on the 700 block of Jessie Street and saw "blood everywhere."

Just inside the door, first responders found Wallace's teenage daughter, La'Porsha, mortally wounded on the floor. She had been shot 10 times.

Her mother lay dead on the sofa. She had been shot twice.

Medics found Ja'Corbie suffering from gunshot wounds. When they asked him who shot them, he responded: "Keith."

Ja'Corbie died hours later at a hospital.

A dying declaration is a statement made by someone with their dying breath. A dying declaration can be introduced in court as evidence in a murder trial. It holds as much weight as if the deceased complainant pointed out the defendant in the courtroom.

"I know that Ja'Corbie fought to stay alive to say it was his mom's boyfriend," said Wallace's cousin Jeanette Whitehall, who helped raise the kids for a year before Wallace could relocate to Minnesota.

"Now Coby can rest," Whitehall added.

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Muskogee Jail, Handout

Muskogee, OK police are investigating a shooting that left 6 members of one family dead, including 5 children.

Police arrested Jarron Dejon Pridgeon, 25, after a brief foot chase. He is charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Jalaiya Pridgeon, 1; Jaidus Pridgeon, 3; Harmony Anderson, 5; Neveah Pridgeon, 6; and Que'dynce Anderson, 9.

Also killed was Javarion Lee, 24, the suspect's brother.

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Family handout

The children's mother, Brittany Anderson, is recovering from a bullet wound at a Tulsa hospital in stable condition, KJRH News reports.

Three other children in the home weren't harmed. They are currently in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, KJRH News reported.

Muskogee police responded to 911 calls reporting gunshots at a home in the 900 block of Indiana around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police arrived just as the armed suspect was fleeing the scene.

"One of our officers shot, fired at that suspect, missing him. The suspect ran off," said Lynn Hamlin, public information officer with Muskogee police.

Officers chased the man a short distance and took him into custody without any shots being fired.

Police said Pridgeon is uncooperative in the investigation. A motive for the shootings is unknown.

Pridegeon was arraigned Tuesday afternoon and has a second court hearing Wednesday. He is being held in jail without bond.

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A 23-year-old software engineer for Microsoft has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend.

King County prosecutors charged Ahmed Hassan Osman with first- and second-degree murder in the stabbing death of Nyaruot Chuol, 20, at an upscale apartment complex in the 24600 block of 64th Avenue South.

The coroner reported Chuol suffered multiple stab wounds to her neck, back and abdomen. Osman was arrested after a neighbor called 911 to report a disturbance on Sunday, Jan. 24.

Osman is also charged with the aggravated assault of Chuol's cousin in the second floor hallway. The victim told police that Osman fled to a nearby apartment.

Osman barricaded himself in the apartment and refused to come out until a SWAT team deployed tear gas canisters through a window.

Osman then exited apartment and was taken into custody. The cousin told investigators that Osman and Chuol were involved in a sexual relationship that deteriorated over the past weeks. She said Chuol had blocked Osman's number in her cellphone.

She said, on the morning of the murder, she and Chuol were at Osman's apartment drinking and smoking marijuana when Chuol and Osman got into an argument after she refused to have sex with him. Osman slapped Chuol who became enraged and the two lovers fought.

Osman ordered the two women to leave his apartment. Chuol then began breaking items in the apartment. She broke dishes and used a small knife to carve a television and a laptop.

The two women left the apartment but returned to retrieve Chuol's cellphone. A second altercation began and Osman pilled out a handgun and pointed it at Chuol's cousin's head.

He put the gun down and the cousin picked the weapon up and tucked it into her waistband.

The women left the apartment again and were waiting for the elevator when Osman emerged from the apartment with a large kitchen knife.

He stabbed Chuol in the abdomen and tried to stab the cousin but she blocked the knife with her arms. He stabbed Chuol again and again. She died before medics could save her.

Osman was hired by Microsoft directly out of college at age 21 and was recently promoted, according to the Seattle Times.

Osman is being held at the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle on $5 million bail. His bail was increased from $1 million after prosecutors learned he had access to considerable financial resources, according to the Times.

He had an annual salary of between $163,000 and $207,000. He also owned rental property in Kent and detectives found paperwork for a newly purchased Tesla.

His arraignment is set for Feb. 8 in the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

A GoFundMe page raised over $7,000 for Chuol's funeral expenses.