Jonathan Majors walked out of a Manhattan courthouse with his head held high and a Bible in his hand on Monday.

Majors left court hand in hand with girlfriend Meagan Good after hearing his sentencing on assault charges in his domestic violence conviction.


The 34-year-old actor was sentenced to a program similar to anger management.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Michael Gaffey ordered Majors to complete a 52-week in-person domestic violence intervention program in Los Angeles. He was also ordered to continue mental health counseling and stay away from his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.


Earlier, Majors and Good walked into the courthouse with their heads hung low. Based on the judge’s previous rulings, they had reason to believe Majors would serve jail time.


Jabbari was in court Monday when sentencing was handed down. Before sentencing, the British dancer read out a victim impact statement. “He will do this again,” Jabbari said, referring to Majors’ history of abusing women.

“This is a man who thinks he is above the law,” she added.


Jabbari filed a lawsuit against Majors in March. She claims Majors subjected her to a “pattern of pervasive domestic abuse that began in 2021 and extended through 2023.”

Jabbari claimed she alerted his management team about the abuse in 2021.

In an incident on Sept. 20, 2022, Majors “picked Grace up in the air and threw her against the hood of her car”.

In another incident in March 2023, Majors called 911 to report an “attempted suicide” at his Manhattan penthouse.


Police found Jabbari on the floor of his closet, naked from the waist down. Majors threw a blanket on her and the cops helped her up.

Jabbari told a different story than the one the Marvel actor gave cops.

She said they argued in a ride-share car and he struck a “hard blow across my head”. The blow opened up a gash behind her ear.

Majors faced a maximum of up to one year in jail.