Photo may have been deleted

A Black NASA engineer who went viral after posting his NASA headshot now stands accused of domestic violence.

Tyrone Jacobs Jr. shared his official NASA work photo on social media. Black Twitter/X celebrated his achievement as a NASA engineer.

Other Black NASA employees posted their own professional headshots using the hashtag #BlackAtNasa.

But Jacobs was hiding a dark secret.

An ex-girlfriend posted a video that shows him staring at her menacingly while she accused him of “being aggressive and abusive”.

Jacobs, 29, never denied the allegations in the video. “This is what I deal with,” said the woman. She claimed the violence stopped once she began recording.

The woman said she had to record Jacobs “to make sure I’m protected and I’m safe.”

Jacobs glared at the camera and replied, “Well, if that’s the case, then maybe we shouldn’t be together, right?”

“Fine, Tyrone, fine,” she said, as Jacobs stood inches away from the camera.

“That way I can keep my life. And my family’s not paying five thousand dollars for me being in a casket with black eyes and a broken neck from being strangled because you wanna be aggressive,” the woman told Jacobs.

“You’re right,” he responded, before the video ends.

Black women on Twitter/X expressed their anger — not at Jacobs — but at his ex for airing his dirty laundry.

Others wondered if NASA conducted a background check, or if they ignored what they found in his background.

NASA has a long history of diversity in its space program. Nearly 2 dozen Black and brown astronauts have flown into space since the 1960s.

This is the first time that a Black NASA employee has been put on blast so publicly.

Lisa Nowak, a white female astronaut, famously drove 900 miles while wearing a diaper to attack her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend.