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Bebe Rexha angered Cardi B’s fans for suggesting Nicki Minaj is the better rapper. Bebe recently wrapped the Asian leg of her “Best F*n Night of My Life Tour.”

She took to social media to praise Nicki Minaj who collaborated with her on the singles “Hey Mama” and “No Broken Hearts.”

Bebe declared Nicki is “one of the best female rappers of all time,” for “always coming up with new sh*t.”

“Honestly, I’m gonna have to say this right now… I really do believe that Nicki Minaj is one of the best female rappers of all time,” she said.

“Like, let Cardi do her thing. I Love Cardi… I like Cardi because I f—k with her personality, I like how real she is. But like with Nicki, I just feel like the talent the writing talent, the musicality, the artistry is untouchable.”

Bebe’s stylist added: “We love Cardi, but we also know that Cardi’s not writing 95%” [of her own music].”

Bebe cut him off, saying, “Let’s not get into that because we don’t want the Cardi Stans coming after us.”

But it was too late. The Bardi Gang came for Bebe and roasted the Grammy-nominated singer on her IG page and on Twitter/X.

Question: Do you agree with Bebe? Watch the video below.