Photo may have been deleted

Vanessa Williams shocked fans by posting a makeup-free selfie on Facebook. The former beauty queen captioned the photo: “No filter… No energy.”

Fans were shocked by the selfie that shows the “Ugly Betty” star had aged far beyond her 60 years.

One person tweeted: “There’s no way this can be Vanessa Williams aging like Skeletor !!!!!”

Another person wrote: “Not y’all coming for Vanessa Williams, when y’all look the way y’all do.”

And a third user tweeted: “Aunty Vanessa Williams is still so GORGEOUS!!!! OMG.”

A fan shared video of Vanessa taken during the 4th of July weekend. As you can see, she’s still beautiful!

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Vanessa was the first Black woman to win the Miss America beauty pageant in 1984. But she resigned in disgrace after a photographer leaked nude photos of her.

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Some of the photos showed Vanessa having intimate relations with another woman. It was a huge scandal at the time.

However, Vanessa went on to do bigger and better things as an R&B singer and actress.

32 years after her resignation, officials with the 2016 Miss America pageant apologized publicly to Vanessa.