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Airline travelers have long complained about screaming babies ruining their vacations. Well-heeled passengers who can afford to sit in First Class also complain about crying children.

According to Euro News, Corendon Airlines is the first long haul airline to introduce child-free or adults-only sections on their flights.

The service will be provided on the 432-seat Airbus A350 from Amsterdam to the Caribbean. If the service is successful, it will be expanded to other routes.

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The child-free, adults-only zone will have 93 seats in the front of the plane. The section will be separated from the rest of the plane by a wall or curtains.

Starting in November, passengers can book tickets in child-free sections or “quiet zones.”

Peace and quiet do not come cheap. Tickets will cost an extra $49 USD to sit in the child-free zone.

Similar to First Class, the section will offer larger seats with more ample leg room for an additional $108 USD.

AirAsia, Scoot and IndiGo Airlines all have similar child-free zones.

AirAsia’s policy prevents children under age 12 from sitting in the first seven rows of economy.

But only Corendon Airlines has an entire section for adults only.

Question: Would you buy a plane ticket to sit in a child-free zone?