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A United Airlines passenger vented her frustration on Twitter after she tracked her lost luggage using an Apple Air Tag.

Valerie Szybala said she reported her lost bag to a United Airlines representative who told her the bag was at a “delivery service.”

Valerie had placed an Air Tag inside her bag before taking a flight on United Airlines.

The Apple Air Tag led her to her lost bag at an apartment complex, where she found other passengers’ bags near a dumpster behind the complex.

Valerie shared photos of her bag and other passengers’ bags near the dumpster. Her tweet has been viewed more than 12 million times.

Valerie said the United representative who was assisting her stopped replying to her DMs when she asked about the airline’s lost bag policy.

She said the UA rep was not helpful and told her, “calm down your bag is at the delivery service.”

But after several days of calling and texting, she finally decided to search for her own bag. Using the Apple Air Tag, she learned that her bag was on the move and went to a McDonald’s before stopping at the apartment complex.

Valerie said she was disappointed to see the bag leave the apartment complex and travel to a shopping center where it stayed for about an hour before returning to the complex.

Valerie said she thought her bag was out on a delivery run, but it returned to the complex, where a man returned it to her.

“WHEW this has been a wild ride y’all. I’m happy to report that I got my bag back!!! I’ll give more details & lessons learned later. For now wanna say thank you for all of the support, and shout out to the building resident and local news crews who came out to help =).”

Valerie updated her Twitter followers on Monday. She was joined by 2 news crews when she was reunited with her lost bag.

“Ok here’s what happened at the finale. This morning after my suitcase went to the suburbs on another shopping trip and then back to the apartment complex I went to see if I could track it down.

“The dude who picked up was around the corner, so he drove back to meet me near the building. He looked a little surprised to have two news crews filming. He asked if he was in trouble or something, but at that moment I was too happy to have my bag back to ask more questions.”

“I don’t know that this guy was telling the truth, I suspect he was not. Nothing I’ve been told by this guy or @United explains why my bag spent 3 days in an apartment complex garage, with occasional shopping excursions. I’d still like some answers.”

“The two empty bags I had seen by the dumpster were gone today. The helpful building resident said they weren’t picked up by trash collection, she saw someone bring them back inside! Which adds to the sketchy factor for sure.”

Valerie offered some helpful tips to others who may be traveling on United Airlines.