Derek White/WireImage

Keke Palmer spoke out about her experience with breast milk discrimination at a Houston airport.

The singer/actress welcomed her first child, Leodis, with boyfriend Darius Jackson on February 25. The new mom is still breastfeeding her infant.

In a tweet this week, Keke said she was traveling through a Houston, Texas, airport when she was ordered to throw out her baby’s food.

“Breast milk discrimination at the Houston airport ruined my mood,” she tweeted on June 12.

“I should’ve popped my tit out right then because the discretion and comfort of pumping is thwarted with threats to throw out over 16oz [of] my babies food?!?!!! Why is that not a crime?? I’M A MOTHER for crying out loud.”

All travelers must abide by Transportation Security Administration’s strict guidelines on fluids and bottles. But Keke believes an exception should be made for mothers traveling with their babies.

TSA responded in an email to ABC News, saying Keke didn’t specify the airport where she experienced the discrimination.

“Since the tweet doesn’t specify the airport, date or specific details about her experience any comment would be conjecture. We do not have have additional information to share at this time. Travelers requiring special accommodations or concerned about the security screening process at the airport may request assistance by contacting TSA Cares.”