According to online reports, ex-Miss Argentina has died following complications from a gluteoplasty procedure, in other words, butt implant surgery.

Solange Magnano suffered a pulmonary embolism to her lungs after undergoing the procedure at a Brazilian clinic, according to TMZ. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that travels from the legs up a major vein that empties blood into the heart and lungs.

If that clot becomes trapped in the lungs, it impedes the flow of blood around it causing oxygen starvation to the surrounding cells leading to sudden death.

People with a sedentary lifestyle (ie, the elderly, office workers or airline passengers who sit for long periods of time) are more prone to blood clots. In Solange's case, a blood clot likely formed around the implants and traveled up the deep vein in her leg to her heart and lungs.

Solange won the crown back in 1994. She is survived by her husband and 7-year-old twins.

  • missmiami

    :mad1: I saw this @ thought when will WOMEN learn to love themselves as they are. It's ok to wanna loose weight for health reasons and/or stay in shape. But our bodies are a temple. We shouldn't put foreign man made objects into our bodies. :nono: JMO

  • missmiami

    :hurl: @ THE BACKSHOT

  • kwall

    RIP solange.

    yes i agree @1...

    whatever happened to squats :shrug:

    i mean there are better WAYS to shape up, plump up whatever your goal is...naturally. wow. just WOW.

  • Anna

    ex-Miss Argentina,
    This is so sad, that we are literally dying for beauty. Her kids would have loved her if she weighed 500 lbs and had a flat butt.

  • missmiami


  • mirsmommy

    :cosign: with all the above. RIP Solange. She could have just went and bought those new Reebok sneakers. :(

  • waterlily_76

    This is so sad?

    What's the fascination with butt implants ??

  • missmiami

    :offtopic: Remember back in the days when "Becky" made fun of our dark skin, big lips, big thighs, big butt's, weave and etc. My how the tables have turned. God gave these gifts to us freely and yet they are willing to pay as well as die for our look. U BECKY'S DISGUST ME CUZ U SIMPLY WANNA BE ME BUT INSTEAD OF COMPLIMENTING A SISTA U TRY TO TEAR US DOWN. :hurl:

  • missmiami

    @ 6: I'm lost at RIP SOLANGE?

  • missmiami


  • waterlily_76

    It feels so good to be happy with who I am. Thank you, God.

  • jazi65

    It's sad what women will do to their bodies. I hope this is a hard lesson for other women out there considering this procedure or any other type of plastic surgery. Perfect Beauty is not worth your life.

  • Leesa

    Death because of wanting an ass....!!!!!

    Whatever happened to squats, lunges (spelling) and :hump:
    People today are so lazy and are not realizing what they are blessed with.

    :hurl: This is such a shame!

  • mirsmommy

    :lol: @ missmiami

  • missy

    My condolences to her family............

    I mean why did she need butt implants......I know the saying "beauty is pain" but it isn't that serious to risk your life and your family is stuck without,a friend,mother,sister cousin........because she was to blinded by a superficial want of having a perfect body and I am sure that surgey wouldn't have filled that void that she may have felt and was trying to fill.....No ones body is perfect......I know being a beauty queen can be hard because you are suppose to look perfect...

  • Krysi J

    yea we know already... :shrugs:

  • missmiami

    :lolsign: @ Leesa: R u referring to the saying "if u have sex from the back" (omg i feel dirty for saying that) your butt will grow?????????? I heard that all my life and I still don't see a difference.

  • mzvirgo78

    Surely she didn't think she'd DIE during the procedure. What are the odds of that? I mean ...exactly what are the risks? What I'm trying to say is that ...when its a person's time to go's just their time to go. She could have very well died from ANY other type of medical operation. Was the implants all that necessary? Heck no! But I don't think she got on the operating table knowing that there was a chance she'd lose her life as a result of butt implants. If she DID ...then that was very dumb on her part.

  • intensemocha


  • Krysi J

    I heard that all my life and I still don’t see a difference.

    ROFLMAO.... :rofl: ...I love my SR FAM....well some of yall at least. :lolol:

  • mswarrior1

    A pulmonary embolism can happen in any surgical procedure. (Not to decrease the effect of the loss of life) It's unfortunate that this society is so persistent in changing who they are. Who decides what is beautiful/sexy/hot, etc? Makes no sense.

  • Leesa

    @missmiami and @krysi j

    Yup I have heard it should never give up consistency is key! LMAO!!!!!

  • mirsmommy

    missmiami Says:

    @ Leesa: R u referring to the saying “if u have sex from the back” (omg i feel dirty for saying that) your butt will grow?????????? I heard that all my life and I still don’t see a difference.

    I have heard that too, and I DID see a difference. My Mom saw the difference, too. :ashamed: I was caught red-handed at didn't even know it. :lol:

    Then I saw an ever bigger difference after I had my son.

  • Chgoprime

    My condolences to her family. But is looking like a beautiful, curvy,nubian princess worth your life?

    People better stop goin to Brazil for this stuff. They have the most fatalities in the world for cosmetic procedures.

  • wiggy2272003

    :cosign: # 21. You can die during ANY surgical procedure including going to the clinic. People have died in the dentist chair from reactions to anesthesia. Girls have died

    I also agree with you MsWarrior I am in no way minimizing this young ladys death. But ANY medically unnessecary surgery especially for vanity purposes is a risk. The quest for beauty and attractivness that goes beyond fashion, a little makeup and a cute hairstyle, and basic good health is RIDAMDICULOUS TO ME.

  • Quitta

    My condolences to her family man.

    I’m a black woman hit wit the no-ass-at-all syndrome :crying: and trust me no doctor will catch me getting ass injection or any implants. Shew at least I have some decent size boobs. :yea:

  • wiggy2272003

    damn where did my girls have died at the clinic go?

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Thnak you for posting this story Sandra. I must admit that I was going to take the lazy way out and have a tummy tuck done in a few months despite my husband telling me that he doesn't agree with cosmetic surgery. My problem is that I have friends and relatives who have had cosmetic work done so it's almost a very "acceptable" thing to do in my circle. Everytime my husband and I discuss it he suggests that I walk or go play basketball with him to get the pounds to drop. I have embraced this "it's not going to happen to me" type of attitude when it comes to the complications and risks involved. I guess hubby wins this one.

  • chase

    What a shame I feel for her loved one's, I am a true believer of when its your time to go its your time to go but what a vain way to go out. I have contemplated getting a tummy tuck since I was 21. I dieted and did everything I could to lose my tummy but nothing worked. I lost weight in every place but my tummy. I finally broke down and did it and I am happy with my decision to a point. It is not a quick fix and u have to work at it to keep the tummy tuck up. It has taken almost 3 years for me to finally say I am happy.... Knowing all I know now I would do things differently for sure...

  • PuffLady

    Um, we have tummy's for a reason, to hold our food...they're supposed to bulge out..

  • TolesT

    Ummmm... that shot above... that's the BEFORE pic, right? LOL! I'm sorry... :pray:

  • miss gia

    @missmiami Hey hon, I am from miami too and am not a becky but i am offended at you saying they disgust you. Thats just AWFUL and ignorant. Talk about reverse racism.

    Its never been a secret that darker skinned girls have 'a body for sin.'In my opinion black women are some of the most beautiful in the planet. The eyes, the curves and all that. What truly makes a black woman stand out is her attitude. I will be the first one to tell you, black women have a soul in them in a way very feel ethnic groups have. Its like most of you ladies have a fire behind your eyes! There are so many books written about it, so many references and clearly those white women feel that they need to have that shape in order to inspire 'sin, lust.' Sure its sad, but I know damn well black women go out of their way to have beckys hair, beckys blue eyes, amongst other things. Is that disgusting? NO!

    I am brazilian and israeli. Some would say I am light skinned, some would say I am dark skinned. Whatever it is, I have a small frame and yes being from miami I've wanted an ass BAAAAAD, especially since a few of my friends are dancers and they all got the shots. Fortunately for me, I love myself more than anything and would never put myself at risk.

    The real issue here is self-hate, not a white girl trying to be 'black' or none of that. Drop the racism.

  • Tyzgurl


    I like that...that was really cool for you to say those things.

  • PuffLady

    Yeah, good comment @missgia

  • missy

    I actually understood what MissMiami was saying......Because blacks(particularly dark skin)were looked at as being ugly and our features were not acceptable and unattractive.....But yet people are getting tans....lip injecions....and butt get those unattractive features what many use to hate......But I understand where you were coming from but I took no offense to what she said....

  • miss gia

    People of any skin shade other than white have been discriminated against, don't forget that! Granted the darker you are, the more ish you got, but isn't imitation the utmost form of flattery ?

    I am not saying go out and hug the next becky you see :lol: but come on cut 'em some slack. We have to stop the hate somewhere, some way yall!

    Its only natural to want to tear someone down, but what kind of person would you be if you did? The type of person who once tore you down.

    And thanks yall! I mainly lurk, but love reading the comments cos there are so many people, from so many walks of life with such great, positive things to say!

    p.s I secretly stan HARD for one of the older members here