Slick Pulla and Waka Flocka Involved in Shootout Downtown

CTE rapper Slick Pulla is in hot water tonight after an altercation at a downtown shoe store erupted in gunfire. Sources say Slick Pulla was recently released from prison to an Atlanta halfway house last month. The rapper is allowed to leave the halfway house on work release. But it isn’t clear if Pulla works at Walters shoe store where the shooting took place earlier this afternoon.

According to celebrity photography Freddy O:

Story has it that Waka Flocka and Slick Pulla have been beefing since an altercation that happened in Miami a few months ago. Slick Pulla wanted to get it popping and that’s what he tried to do. After a tussle and fight throughout the entire Walter’s store, with customers, gunfire rang out. In the end Slick Pulla left the store while Waka was left with a bloody nose and eye.

Pulla was arrested and sent to prison on a parole violation in 2007. He was released to the halfway house in Atlanta last month (not the same one that T.I. is presently residing in). Pulla could possibly be sent back to prison if he was in fact involved in the shoot out in the shoe store today.


42 Responses to “Slick Pulla and Waka Flocka Involved in Shootout Downtown”

  1. 1
    Anna says:

    I don’t know who these ppl are but sounds like someone just violated probation. :lol: Does a thug ever grow up?

  2. 2
    Ebony says:

    Ni@@as :coffee:

  3. 3
    mirsmommy says:

    SMH. :nono: “Guns don’t kill people. Stupid m-effas with guns, kill people.” (c) Chris Tucker in Money Talks.

  4. 4
    Ms.kaylamomma says:

    Trouble seems to follow Wacka Flocka. He may not be so lucky next time.

  5. 5
    BrealistiK says:

    Waka Flocka goes from being almost shot dead a couple of months ago to another shootout. How many lives do he think he has?

  6. 6
    Ebony says:

    Wacka Flocka is going to be dead by the end of the year at the rate he’s going. His tombstone will read ” I fu@ck my money up, now I’m dead” :coffee:

  7. 7
    Anna says:

    Ms.kaylamomma Says:

    Trouble seems to follow Wacka Flocka. He may not be so lucky next time.
    Some ppl really do only attract trouble.

  8. 8
    KaraZ says:

    Harpo who dis people? :coffee:

  9. 9
    commonswifey says:

    Yea, it seems that a lot of people want waka dead and if he doesn’t chill on whatever he’s doing, he will be

  10. 10
    CivilEngineer says:

    Hey PM Click!!

    :ashamed: I have no clue who these niggas are :shrug:

  11. 11
    eastpointvet says:

    i heard slick wasnt even there

  12. 12
    KaraZ says:

    Anyways, the real news I see here, is that Sandra is using
    FreddyO as here source… what happened Sandy? didya kiss & make up? Was your blog beef faked to help him drive traffic to his site? :D

  13. 13
    nika405 says:

    @ KaraZ….. :cosign: get out my head with the FreddyO comment, so is the VPO still in place?

  14. 14
    Nekita says:

    @#12, OKAY. I thought I was the only one who peeped this.

  15. 15
    onlinefan says:

    i never heard of slick pulla, but if he’s in a halfway house this appears to be the wrong activity for him.

    as for wacka, why is everybody trying to get at this dude?

  16. 16
    Anna says:

    Nekita Says:

    @#12, OKAY. I thought I was the only one who peeped this.
    I saw that also and was laughing. I am having a “Color Purple” moment. “See daddy, even bloggers have souls”. :lol:

  17. 17
    ms.truth says:

    I was down there when it happened and I’m just wondering how waka managed to get beat up cause his bodyguard is a BIG NIGGA!! That’s the only way I know to describe himm :shrug: Dude like 6’10!!

  18. 18
    ajonesy says:

    waka flocka and caremelo anthony could be brothers.

  19. 19
    whatdoesitmatter says:

    Idiots………who are they anyway?

  20. 20
    RealGAPeach says:

    @Ms.Truth(#17) – The only way to describe his bodyguard if he’s about that size is a Bit… Sounds like he getting paid to protect but he was hiding behind some of those jeans up in there. :yes:

  21. 21
    pointhimout says:

    oh ok, we’re good with freddyo again? HUGS.

    topic: :yawn: at this bs.

  22. 22
    Avanti says:

    *sigh* These n*ggas! Hate to say it like that but I mean… really?! Flocka just got shot about a month ago & Slick Pulla is too old for this mess. Flocka needs to focus on his career. He’s off to a good start; no need to try to live it now. Be grateful for this potential ‘way out’! As for Pulla… he hasn’t even earned his chance @ freedom yet (still incarcerated) & he’s acting up. I mean really dude?!

  23. 23
  24. 24
    Daisy says:


    Sandra are you working on getting internet explorer issue fixed w/the site? I can’t view your site on my comp at work lol

    I :pray: another young black man isn’t killed over foolishness. Wacka is about to be on Rickey Smiley I think.

  25. 25
    Niecy says:

    Self destruction we’re headed for self destruction

  26. 26
    free says:

    CivilEngineer Says: I have no clue who these niggas are


    sandra is equal opportunity. she reports on the f-list all the way up to the b-list “celebs”.

  27. 27
    Jewelry says:

    I am not into the thug type but Waka is so handsome. Please stay out of trouble. :pray:

    …and I would definitely let him :hump:

  28. 28
    Ms.kaylamomma says:

    Wacka told Rickey Smiley he had no idea why the bloggers are reporting this. Those were firecrackers NOT gunshots and he was there only to watch the firecrackers show. **sideeye** :coffee:

  29. 29
    CivilEngineer says:

    Morning Fam (stretches)

    It’s FRIDAY :D

    @Free…LOL @from F to B

  30. 30
    LadyLew says:

    yeah I’m with the rest of yall don’t know who these dudes are.

    BUUUUUTTTT! I’m :confused: So if he got locked up in 07 and just got released to the halfway house WHAT WAS HE DOING IN MIAMI!!!???

  31. 31
    ms.truth says:

    @RealGAPeach :rofl: girl you are so right!! Waka needs to just find him a new set of people to hang with…they gone get his lil self killed.

  32. 32
    gypsyeyes says:

    UMMMM, Where are my ATL ppl at? I just want to know how all of them fit into Walters at the same time. The bodyguard couldn’t stop them because his big azz coudn’t get into the damn store.
    I didn’t know who Wacka was until I watched 106th last friday and he was on there. I needed a translater because although I was raised in the South for the last 23 years, I had no idea what that ninja said. Maybe these ppl are mad cause he got out on with Gucci and he’s not a real lyricist(his words not mine) and they feel like they are.

  33. 33
    artistman999 says:

    Wacka trouble is finding you if this is true, you just got shot…Relax and get money… Slick Pulla I only heard of him from the Jeezy shout outs on the mix tapes and albums other than #WHOAREYOU #YOUGOKNOW…I mean some people with talent, you have a chance and make it out the hood and better yourself and family life, relax get money and move on.

  34. 34
    QuettaV says:

    Wacka Flacka career bout to go up in flames!!

  35. 35
    QuettaV says:

    I have to ask what is a Wacka Flack and Slick Pulla????? what happened to names like LL Cool J and Heavy D… these rappers and their names…..shhhheeeeessshhhh!

    Did you hear about the 2 police officer being shot at the Pentagon??? well I tell you security is on high point today… I wouldn’t even sneeze coming up in here… officer had one hand on the trigger and his other eye on whoever and whatever may jump.

  36. 36

    Oh Lawd…somebody messin’ with my Wacka Flacka again? Those lips :lick: make me think about sin…
    Devil I rebuke you!!!!!

  37. 37
    Ms.kaylamomma says:

    Ewwwwww @ Corporate. Girl, you’re brave. :claps:

  38. 38

    I saw that Quetta, they said the guy was dressed in a suit and pulled out his 9s and went to work! Didn’t know you were a federali too

  39. 39
    Krysi J says:

    That lil boi gon turn up “MIiiissssSSSSSssin” like Madea say if he don’t calm down, he first of all too damn young to be beefing with grown azz men, what is he like a buck 65, what the hell made him think it was okay to keep beefing with a grown azz niccah fresh outta JAIL anyway! If you were born anytime after 1985, your peers are the leading cause of your generation’s death….deez lil churrin crazy!!

  40. 40
    ohpretty1 says:

    Waka said he is 2 hrs away from Gary, Indiana.
    When I first heard the story, neither of these names were mentioned so :shrugs:

  41. 41
    Raven says:

    What happened somebody sneaker got stepped on???

  42. 42
    QuettaV says:

    yes Brownsuga I am!!! It’s not safe anywhere..

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