Monica and Vivica A. Fox Beefing?

Earlier today, BET aired footage of actress Vivica A. Fox critiquing the fashions displayed by celebrities on the red carpet at the 2010 BET Awards last night.

Vivica wasn’t very flattering when it came to her assessment of Monica’s avant garde gown. Mo responded to the perceived insult by taking to her Twitter page this evening, and ever so politely, slammed Vivica’s age and fashion sense.

I reached out to Vivica for her response to Mo’s diss, but she is on a flight to Atlanta at this moment. Vivica will be landing at Hartsfield airport shortly. As soon as she lands, I hope to bring you her response to Monica’s diss exclusively!


153 Responses to “Monica and Vivica A. Fox Beefing?”

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    prada_pryncess426 says:

    Vivica needs to go SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!

  2. 2

    mo’s got a point. who the hell does vivica think she is, she’s a has been, and she has been ever since she was shaking her flat cakes on stage with 50 cent. aint nobody stunning her….

  3. 3

    Vivica might not be the most stylish chick ever but that was a low blow on her age and Monica usually dresses on point and looks great but that dress last night was not it. Somebody (cant remember who so forgive me please) on twitter said it best.. some things should never leave the runway

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    Jusathought says:

    I dont know what Viv said but based on what Mo tweeted I feel that twitter really exposes these celebs for real …they suffer from low self esteem among other things…. an shows everyone that money can only buy u so much …

    case in point…1st john legend went off b/c his hairline was a TT…then here come Monica yappin bout how she a fashiontisa ….Dear John Legend your hairline IS uneven in a awkward way #fixit an Dear Monica you DID look like you could fly away #acceptit….

    I LOVE Mo and John but EVERYBODY will NOT agree with your fashion choices ALL the time… like really do you see Halle or RiRi or anybody else snapping back every time somebody doesn’t like what they wear….I’m mad she wasted tweets on this like really “whats understood needs no explanation” so why EVEN comment back on the crap as long as YOU feel confident in it it shouldn’t matter what ANYBODY else thinks….:rolleyes:

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    spelmangirl says:

    Clearly Vivica doesn’t know anything. I LOVED Monica’s attire last night. I missed her on the Red Carpet but I am guessing that Alexander McQueen she wore.

    Side Note: I loved when Monica came out to hand out her award. When she sung that song, all I could think was ” take note ladies, THIS is how you sing because screaming and hollering at the crowd doesn’t count.”

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Ebony says:

    Everybodys not going to like everything you do :coffee:

  8. 8
    Ebony says:

    Monica look like batman last night

  9. 9
    fabulous city says:

    Jusathought says: “I’m mad she wasted tweets on this like really “whats understood needs no explanation” so why EVEN comment back on the crap as long as YOU feel confident in it it shouldn’t matter what ANYBODY else thinks..
    I totally co sign that! Vivica was just giving her opinion and there was nothing personal about it. Mo you are better than that, you know not to address what certain folks say especially when it comes to matters as subjective as fashion.
    I generally love Mo’s fashion but she hurt my eyes yesterday with that spaceship on her shoulders. And her pus-sy high boots are getting tired too, damn! I know it’s hot as all hail in LA, who needs them leather pants-boots like that?

  10. 10
    sanaas says:

    I didn’t like the dress either Mo but to each his own!

  11. 11
    H-Townmama says:

    That dress was not cute to me at all…Mo needs to learn some restraint.

  12. 12
    militaryspouse1 says:


  13. 13
    BeautifulBliss says:

    If she wasn’t offended, she wouldn’t have publicly responded and taken shots at her age and her fashion sense.
    IMO, there are more people that thought it was hideous than ones who liked it.

  14. 14
    highlyfavored says:

    Mo, that was low. Be woman enough to take the constructive critiques hunny. Sorry, but those wings WERE NOT HOT! Yes, usually mo is well dressed, but this was a fail :(. U always carry urself well, but its obvious this hit u hard, it got to u. Vivica was right. And u were too, cus she never looks age appropriate or fashionable. But EVERYBODY pretty much agrees that those wings were over the top. BTW, fashion IS my thing. It’s clear vivica won this round…

  15. 15
    kwall says:

    maybe you shouldn’t have responded on twitter. cause that is still not gonna bring her hairline back. think about it….you can always buy a new outfit…hard to buy a real-looking new hairline tho…

  16. 16
    bellashay says:

    HELLO NEW HERE… if they asked Vivica a question about Monica’s attire she answered it…. i don’t see the big deal….everyone is not going to like everything you wear..

  17. 17
    highlyfavored says:

    BTW, I do love mo but I DO NOT like how if u disagree with her or make s comment on her, she says ur a hater. Sweetie not everyone is hating. I love ur shoes and bags, but u.cannot dress urself for nothing at times. Just being honest. Can’t help it, I’m very blunt.

  18. 18
    Musiqal1 says:

    I cannot believe she actually tweeted that mess. Sandra, this should have ended up on “Twitter gone wrong.” cause I never expected Monica to respond to foolishness like this…

    And vivica…if you do come on to and read our comments…STOP accepting these dumb roles you are taking and FIGHT! FIGHT harder and harder for some more fulfilling roles. How you gon’ make Monique come along and win an oscar before you? #imjustsaying anyways

  19. 19
    cutiepie32 says:

    It wasn’t what Vivica was saying it was how she was saying it bottom line she was nasty about it but i put money on it That dress Mo had on cost more than most of ya’ll rent.

  20. 20
    BeautifulBliss says:

    Exactly. If Vivica or whoever else is a hater for not liking what she had on, Mo is a hater for not liking Viv’s style or any other person’s style she may not like. So hypocritical. The word hater needs to die. Everyone has an opinion.

  21. 21
    kwall says:

    can mo help that this lady is beyond her prime? no she can not. if she COULD then she mighta stopped her from taking a booty shot pic above ^^^


    brush her off mo. stop letting them get to ya ma. and stop responding on twitter…it’s not gonna fix nothin…

  22. 22
    attorneymom says:

    I am sorry. Monica’s jacket was plain UGLEE. It scared the ish out of me. I had nightmares because of her jacket and Estelle’s (I think that is her name) performance.

    And yes, I am an older lady.

  23. 23
    Daisy says:

    Monica was on V103 this afternoon she said then she knew everybody wasnt going to like her couture look last night but she took a risk and tried something different.

    What did Viv say about Monicas attire?

    Celebs are HUMAN so they can have the same feelings and issues ie low self esteem just like anybody else. I never get why some ppl act like celebs have to be perfect patties or tune any and everything out :shrug: Some ppl are better at keeping it moving and being on mute others are going to speak their mind and Monica has always been straight no chaser (grown as well) thats her personality famous or not.

    Anybody else watching J Huds behind the music? :popcorn:

  24. 24
    fabulous city says:

    @Cutiepie32… Expensive doesn’t mean cute–>Fashion 101

    Vivica also said some like she tired of sagging pants on grown man, she was happy to see TI n’em rocking suits… I sideeyed the sh!t out of her-> what about her boo (Slick/Slim or wtv his name is) with his combo hat-dreads wearing self? don’t be coming on TV trying to send subliminal messages to folks..SMH

  25. 25
    highlyfavored says:

    Then some “smart person” says if rihanna or lady gaga had worn it, it would’ve been a different story. YES numb skull cus they are trendsetters! Monica only wears leather jackets thigh high boots and ….???? THAT’S IT! She looks good in it but Monica even said herself she wears the same thing cus it looks good and comfy. Chile plz, Monica does not set trends in that area. Now tats or hair, maybe but definitely not fashion. Even her videos she has on the same thing, just a diff name

  26. 26
    kwall says:

    i am @ daisy….


    some folks don’t even know who alexander mcqueen is/was, that he recently died….that she had on the SAME designer in the “everything” video (he was known for the big bold shoulders and sharp lines in his designs…)

  27. 27
    Ebony says:

    @ highly and @ fab. I agree with y’all. Plus Rhi wears her clothes. The clothes don’t wear her. Monica looked like she got attacked by that jacket

  28. 28
    kwall says:

    what about her boo (Slick/Slim or wtv his name is)
    well @24 of course her young man gets a pass….cause he dacking her old elderly azz down. making her feel young again.

    making her feel like she can skip a few botox appointments.

    making her think she can miss a few nioxin hair pills…

  29. 29
    Daisy says:

    @Kwall hey *waves*

    I agree he liked the shoulder pad look but this was just to much for me and had my girl RiRi rocked it 1)it would have been expected 2) I would said the same thing that I said about Monica she looked cute but the jacket was an #epicfail :nono:

    Now Monica may not set trends per se but that BISH shoe n boot game be on POINT same for her hair n make up :yes:

  30. 30
    whatdoesitmatter says:

    Well,…….I hated those shoulder things. Her head got lost between them. Who cares what Vivica said? It was still ugly though. :coffee:

  31. 31
    highlyfavored says:

    @beautiful yea I agree. Death to the word hater
    @cutie i know it was costly, but that don’t make it right. That’s the problem with most ppl, they only care that it has a name on it but nevermind the look. Smh and I hv a closet full of labels and non labels. But its ALL fly tho.

  32. 32
    kwall says:

    ok ok ok i can admit…the jacket was ugly. there i said it. i think i am just pissed cause do vivica fox have room to say ANYTHING about ANYBODY???



  33. 33
    highlyfavored says:

    Attacked?! LMAO @ebony

  34. 34
    Daisy says:

    J Lo behind the music Sun #teamJLo :cheer:

  35. 35
    Daisy says:

    J Lo behind the music Sun #teamJLo :cheer:

  36. 36
    Jusathought says:

    Of course they (celebs) are entitled to have issues that make them imperfect such as low self esteem etc…I don’t expect ANYONE to be a “perfect pattie” my issue is how they display their rebuttal …the way Monica and John Legend responded did not display characteristics such as a “straight no chaser or grown about it“…lets be honest…it was childish

    @highly favored
    I didn’t state lady gaga …but I state Halle and RiRi and that was used as an example only….never did I state they were the means all knows all to fashion taste but they are often criticized because of their fashion choices dear ….that was the only/main point I was attempting to make don’t hurt yourself trying to read too deep in it

    And furthermore Im not going to comment on the fact that people are bringing up a designer name and price as IF that will pacify the appearance of the article of clothing because some of you all are sounding extremely BASIC at this…I digress….goodnite all :cya:

  37. 37
    ryand91 says:

    Monica looked like a damn fool, I know it and everybody reading this knows it. The outfit had a terrible fit and horrible lines. There is a thin line between high fashion and looking like a complete fool, Monica crossed the line, period.

  38. 38
    highlyfavored says:

    @Just I didn’t even read ur initial comment, til now. I agree with ur comment actually hunny. I should’ve said that someone on Monicas Twitter made a comment. That’s all.

  39. 39
    highlyfavored says:

    And I’m not being a smart as.s about it. I truly agree with ya @just

  40. 40
    The Originial MsG says:

    I saw Vivica make that comment on the show about Monica outfit and I was floored seeing is how she always looks a plastic surgery club tacky mess. She had the nerve to say Monica outfit was all over the place but has she looked at herself in the past 5 years? She is what older ladies should not be, irrelevant and desperate for attention.

  41. 41
    Daisy says:

    I didn’t say Monica was being grown abt the situation but I don’t think she was being childish either. I meant grown as n sassy and yeah she is/was straight no chaser she tweeted how she felt right/wrong or indifferent the end

    I am guessin she felt attacked so she struck back like I said earlier some ppl are good at keepin it moving on mute others not so much has nothing to do w/being a celeb or not :shrug: I didn’t have a prob w/Johns tweets earlier either I didn’t even notice his hairline last night though.

  42. 42
    Anna says:

    I don’t like either dress. LOL. Viv is showing her “cougar” way but in smaller print.

  43. 43
    aqtpie says:

    :rofl: @ MO! I like Mo I don’t think it was hate on Viv’s part. She was not the only (celeb) or not that did not like Mo’s attire, but it’s HATE because another celeb said something unflattering about it? :wtf:

  44. 44
    Smokie says:

    D@mn! Mo got in that azzzzzz! LOL!!

  45. 45
    M_promp2 says:

    Hmmmmmmm, I would have never expected a reaction like that from Monica. She always seems so poise and ladylike as if that type of thing would be beneath her.

    I mean sure she had her feelings about it, but I never thought she would vent like that via twitter.

  46. 46
    Grownman says:

    Sandra, grow up. PRONTO!!

  47. 47
    ShoYaRight says:

    I have always “stanned” for Mo and still do but like M_promp2 said, I am very disappointed by her response. I expect better from her.

  48. 48
    ELove says:

    First John Legend is telling people HOW MUCH Better than he is than others because of HIS Jacked-up Hair-lining and NOW Monica is TRYING over her FAILED ATTEMPT to be a Show-Stopper Dress-attire-wise…

    FOUR WORDS —> Grow The F-U-C-K UP !!!!!

    If Somebody is talking about something that is OBVIOUS TO THEM as well as OTHERS… THEN If it’s not affecting YOUR Bank-Account OR Fame-n-Popularity OR Record-Sales OR Concert Attendance OR Your Way-of-Life then GET OVER IT and MOVE ON to the next one because as long as YOUR Striving for FAME and are in the Public Eye… TRUST ME there is definitely going to be a NEXT TIME for some sort of Constructive/NON-Constructive Criticism or Critiquing (Just Being Real…)

  49. 49
    ELove says:

    And TRYING should be TRIPPING :wink:

  50. 50
    4theluvof_mii says:

    @ Sandra Rose:::::

    I have one word for this post “MESSY”…..

  51. 51
    lexdiamonz says:

    ummm this is why monica has never leveled out to “A” list status she always on some “d” list b-ish and Vivica PLEASE SIT UR OLE TIRED AZZ DOWN
    twitter is the ruination of all celebs

  52. 52
    Al-Ameera says:

    I don’t get it, people are not allowed to have an opinion?

    And because someone doesn’t like what you are wearing it becomes beef? Wow, Ok.

  53. 53
    Sheena215 says:


  54. 54
    yvonne79 says:

    :yawn: So she didn’t like your outfit… what?!?

  55. 55
    Sheena215 says:


  56. 56

    Mornin Fam!

    Wasn’t Viv commenting on what she wore to the red carpet or was it both? I saw the show and wondered why in hell they had Viv even commenting period because she is nooo fashion icon!
    A. Monica’s hair is always on point!
    B. Her makeup is always on point!
    C. Monica is a helluva lot more stylish than Vivica!

    I agree Monica should have let it ride because in the fashion and tyle department I think Monica has Viv beat!


  57. 57
    renegadesince1985 says:

    Morning Folks!!

    Monica shouldn’t have said anything, IMO. At awards shows they always have someone critiquing fashion…I agree that Viv shouldn’t have been that person, but Monica shouldn’t have taken it to Twitter.

    BUT….that line about the older woman had me :rofl:

  58. 58
    KaraZ says:

    I like the piece Monica wore, very figure flattering on her rail thin body. I think it was the wrong venue/event though, it would have been better suited at the MET Costume Inst. Gala or a similar fashion orgasmic event. Most of the people there looked like they did their shopping at CitiTrends and Forever 21, so to have such a piece, off course those birds would think she looked off. Vivica has a lotta nerve talking with her Wet Seal frock.

  59. 59
    Sheena215 says:


  60. 60
    PAHairston says:

    Hello All. When will folks realize that once you leave our 20s, especially in the entertainment industry, you old. We either grow old or we die, or both! Embrace life to the fullest and enjoy your moment in the sun! Love you family and KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  61. 61
    Daisy says:

    Well Monica apologized last night on twitter for her comment and like I figured she felt Viv was nasty and came for her so she returned fire not saying its right but I think most of us have done the same thing on this journey called LIFE hell even on this blog. Nobody is above being human.

  62. 62
    speakinmymind says:

    Monica has always been hood and tries to mask it with faux class like those RHOA chicks. as someone else stated, that’s why she’s not where she should be in her career…that stank attitude. i absolutely love her voice – gives me goosebumps – but from limo drivers on up, the consistent comment(s) i’ve always heard about her is she has a nasty attitude.

    that jacket was U-G-L-Y…plain ol’ ugly! and i don’t give a rats @$$ who it was designed by or how much it cost.

  63. 63
    speakinmymind says:

    @ KaraZ
    i agree. it def woulda fit in at the Met gala or some other event where haute couture was the theme.

  64. 64
    biglegs36 says:

    Let me just say this, PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO STFU! PERIOD!!! We are quick to run off at the mouth about somebody else, and then if they respond to what the other person said, oh they are sensative, they shouldn’t have responded, blah,blah,blah! Bottomline is this, keep my name outta your mouth! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Why are people always sitting back waiting to ponce on, what somebody is wearing, how their hairline looks, who they dating, or whatever the case maybe? Let people do or wear what the hell they want too! No I didn’t Mo’s jacket was cute, but she didn’t wear it because I liked it, she wore because she did! Damnit world get you some business.

  65. 65
    mirsmommy says:

    :rofl: at Monica’s comment. Monica’s sleeves do look like the Batman mask. :lol: But Vivica ain’t fashionable.

  66. 66
    LaTechGrad02 says:

    Sometimes the best response is no response…. I don’t know what Vivica said but Monica should’ve taken the high road.

  67. 67
    allwrightyden says:

    @Speakingmymind :cosign:

  68. 68
    meanNsurly says:

    Props go to Mo for putting Vivica in her place. She reacted like any normal human being. Vivica started it and Mo shut her up. I bet Viv wont be saying anything else about Mo anytime soon because she knows that Mo will get up in that as.s if she has too.


  69. 69
    speakinmymind says:

    and now i’ma be real fickle and point out the fact that if you’re gonna snap on somebody, you might wanna know the proper grammatical use of the words you’re snapping with…ladies should be lady’s :lol:

    that’s for all my wordsmiths in the room!

  70. 70
    ohso says:

    @Brown: Yes Vivica was commenting on Mo’s red carpet look…which was not the Alexander McQueen look from onstage. It was a lil…not to MY likings, and i’m speaking of both outfits. I cant remember the top she wore on the red carpet…but she did have on some jeans and boots that basically went up to her The boots were sooooo dang on high the dude on the show thought they were leggings. It was a HIDEOUS red carpet look for me. I would have expected that at the BET Hip Hop Awards…thats the only time someone would get a hood pass from ME. :coffee:

  71. 71
    Daisy says:

    @Mean :lolol:

    I don’t think Mo has a stank attitude she is just going to give it to you straight no chaser and she is sassy with it. I always thought Monica was hood classy (yeah I know it doesnt have to make sense) She was an honor roll student in high school so she has some smarts about her as well. Everybody I know who has met Monica said she was cool :shrug: everybody is entitled to a bad day though in my book.

    I love taking the high road whenever possible but I will get in the gutter with you as well if need be :coffee:


  72. 72
    ohso says:

    And i have to ask this question: Vivica was on a show where the basis of it was to critique red carpet looks (like the one ET does after an awards show)….now i am not a Vivica stan cuz i just dont think she’s cute at all and her fashion is not my taste either…BUT shouldnt you give your honest opinion of what you think when they flash a picture of someone’s outfit for you to critique??? I mean that is the basis of the show…worst dressed, best dressed, etc etc.

  73. 73
    jazi65 says:

    Stay in your lane vivica before Mo :shotsfired: in yo ass!

  74. 74
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    Monica got an A+ for daring to be different. But even fashion desginers have agreed that some of their work were epic failures. Alexander Mcqueen is no exception. This dress was NOT the deal… :coffee: Monica claims to be a humbled woman now, if so…why were you so quick to blast Viv on twitter. It’s like she was waiting for someone to publicly denounce her attire.

  75. 75
    meanNsurly says:

    @Speakinmymind: LMAO @ comment 69. I saw it and let it pass only because she hood and she can at least carry on an intelligent conversation face 2 face unlike other ATL hood pseudo celebs i.e. Tiny. Ugh…..she gets on my last damn nerves calling Alzheimers…..All Timers. :wtf: I wanna say your dad has the disease and you can’t even correctly say what he is suffering from. GO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE!!!

  76. 76

    I think it was the way Vivica made the remark because when I saw it I thought Vivica was bein real salty insted of just disagreeing with Mo’s choice of clothing

  77. 77
    speakinmymind says:

    @ Mean…i know, right. i can’t watch an entire episode of Tiny/Toya cuz i’m embarrassed for them especially when they do that thing where they’re giving a point of view and switch back & forth saying the lines. Like they’re giving out serious life lessions or something… :lol:

  78. 78
    ELove says:

    @Brown… Morning & I take it you’re NOT Team Vivica Huh :lol:

  79. 79



  80. 80
    Nikki Babie says:

    I feel like when you get someone to JUDGE someones fashion sense…they themselves should KNOW fashion as monica tweeted yesterday..I soooo agree with that!!! we ALL know that vivica isnt the most fashionable…someone needs to tell her that all her old ladies dresses doesnt look good and she looks like an old hag all the time!!! and like monica said also sometimes it’s not WHAT you say but how you say it!! if vivicas delivery to her critique would have been said different it would have been taken differently!! Vivica needs to sit her tail down somewhere…#imjustsayin

    Monica is HUMAN so was her reaction to the comment!!!

  81. 81

    Mornin Elove and I just don’t think Viv is the one to be givin fashion advice when alot of her fashion and lacefronts were MAJOR fails!
    I still can’t get the picture out of my mind of her droppin it like it was hot on stage! She had to be at least 35,37 then???? I ersonally thought she looked a helluva alot better in her straight to EBT movie, beauty shop, hair salon, whatever it was when she had the short hair!

  82. 82

    At least Monica is hood with fashion sense but Viv is just hood

  83. 83
    speakinmymind says:

    girrrrrrrl…who you tellin’! and they be (yes i said “they be”) really thinkin’ they’re dispensing valuable lessons…smdh! my baby sista has Toya down pat. i have to hang up on her when she calls me sometimes at work for laughing so hard!

  84. 84
    lakercrazy says:

    vivica u need to take a step back look at mo and how she dress and take some notes monica has a sence of style and vivica really dont she dress like she bought the chit at the mall :shrugs:

  85. 85
    meanNsurly says:

    :cosign: with Brown. Viv has looked a hot sizzling mess ever since she started the plastic surgery thing. But we shouldn’t be surprised the BET felt that Viv is a fashionista and can critique what the stars were wearing that night! We are talking about BET.

  86. 86

    *in my best tiny voice*
    “Ta git whatshu wont, u gotta go shumwhere u neva bin”

  87. 87
    Anna says:

    yvonne79 says:

    So she didn’t like your outfit… what?!?

    :lol: We have unemployment at a all time high, BP oil spill and Tornado’s on their way to “The Gulf”.

  88. 88
    meanNsurly says:

    :dead: @ Brown!!!! That sounds like some shyt their show for real. The way Tiny looks in the camera with one side of her lip slightly raised while speaking…..PRICELESS!!!! :rofl:

  89. 89

    “Shumchimes when one do clozes in life anotha one opendsh”

  90. 90
    MsSoloDiva says:

    I think Monica has a passion for run way fashion. To each his own. Vivica gave her opinon and Monica gave hers. I say do you!!!

  91. 91
    meanNsurly says:

    STOP IT BROWN JUST STOP IT……You have me rolling already at work and its barely 9:30! :rofl:

  92. 92
    speakinmymind says:

    *in my best tiny voice*
    “Ta git whatshu wont, u gotta go shumwhere u neva bin”
    :rofl: **throws rocks at BROWN**

    @ Mean
    i think “somebody” told her that upturned lip ish was cute so she keeps doing it. :lol:

  93. 93
    speakinmymind says:

    @ BROWN
    gitcho @$$ outta here right now!! :rofl:
    ur gonna make me lose my job! you’s a fewl!!

  94. 94
    lakercrazy says:

    @BROWN its to dam early i spill my dam coffe!!!

  95. 95

    *In life der r obshacles, u cin choosh to climb ova or stay at da bottom”

  96. 96
    laterthannever says:

    C’mon Monica, if you’re going to start a public feud with someone, make it a well known individual so you can at least get some pub from it. Not, “that sassy lady from the beginning of kill bill.”

    THIS is why her career has been a 10 year decrescendo.

  97. 97
    FreeToSpeakUp says:

    :rofl: @ brown

  98. 98

    “life thowsh u curbballs, you cin eita hit or shrike out”

  99. 99
    roro17 says:

    Not tryin to be funny but when did Monica become a fashion icon? Her hair and makeup is always on point but her choice in clothes is a mess most of the time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I don’t see an issue with vivica responding to a question. And yes this post is very messy. Since when does a disagreement over fashion turn into beef? Next

  100. 100
    speakinmymind says:

    not “obshacles”! :lol:
    that’s as bad as…wait for it…”Peash!” :lol:

  101. 101
    lakercrazy says:

    @brown and she really be thinking she is serious with them big o bottom lip like she sexy bish pleash

  102. 102

    Laker speakin of sexy, the coworker i was talkin about yesterday that asked what i was wearin today and said how sexy i was blah blah blah, why does she have on the same color as me

  103. 103
    meanNsurly says:

    @Speak……don’t give Brown any ideas. You and Brown are acting up early this morning. Yall must gonna pay my bills when I lose my job from laughing!!!!

    :dead: @ “life thowsh u curbballs, you cin eita hit or shrike out” and *In life der r obshacles, u cin choosh to climb ova or stay at da bottom”

    @Brown…..I swear I can hear Tiny saying those quotes! I’m not messing wit yall today…..I just cant. :rofl:

  104. 104

    “In life der r alwaysh gonna be upsh and downs, u jus hafta go wit da flow

  105. 105
    speakinmymind says:

    @ Mean
    i woulda had to wear Depends to work on the set when they do those parts! :rofl:

    “life thowsh u curbballs, you cin eita hit or shrike out” and *In life der r obshacles, u cin choosh to climb ova or stay at da bottom”

  106. 106
    dcwife1622 says:

    Vivica could have simply said…No Comment! Soooooooo….because you are a celebrity does that make your feelings exempt? :coffee:

  107. 107
    leapyearpisces says:

    :dead: Brown, your azz ain’t nuthing but a Satan spawned demon child of Chucky!!! do you hear me? You constantly bring me out of lurk mode with your foolishness.. I rebuke you… do you hear me? I REBUKE YOU!!!

    I am literally dying over your foolish azz… :rofl: :rofl:

  108. 108
    speakinmymind says:

    hey leap!!!

  109. 109
    lakercrazy says:


    Laker speakin of sexy, the coworker i was talkin about yesterday that asked what i was wearin today and said how sexy i was blah blah blah, why does she have on the same color as me
    OK NOW telling u again u sexy ummmmm to much and same color girl (clutching pearls) :shocked:
    she wants some of that milk shake :rofl:

  110. 110
    leapyearpisces says:

    What’s up Speak! :-)

  111. 111
    MissHarlem says:


    Let it be known I officially can not stand BROWN. I was planning on lurking today. *throws holy water with Leapyear*
    I needed that laugh though.

  112. 112
    ggouch says:

    Viv Viv Viv!!! SMDH!! REally? you did that? Just because you are not clear on what age appropriate attire is…and insist upon dressing as if you are still a young girl of your 20’s….does not mean you are a fashion expert…. :no:

    Just as I wish for your fashion…..please stay in the background and do not wear, say or do anything to bring attention to yourself.
    “older Lady” :rofl: REALLY? VIV?

  113. 113
    dcwife1622 says:

    @Brown :rofl: :rofl: In my Tommy from Martin voice “You Stupid Cole”

  114. 114

    What’s with all the hate???????

  115. 115
    speakinmymind says:

    What’s with all the hate???????
    the fact that you have to ask is further proof that you are a complete fewl!! :lol:

  116. 116

    “In life u caint peaze evrabody all da time, so u jus do whas bes for u an as long as u shatisfied den dont worry bout what otha people shay”

  117. 117
    leapyearpisces says:

    LOL, & Speak I just saw your comments about having to wear Depends on set… :rofl:

    bump that! I think I would have had to turn in my two weeks notice after the first time they did one of their “reflective monologue” thing they do that Brown has so eloquently illustrated…

    Philosophy 101 from Cealy and Shug Avery…:rofl:

  118. 118
    ggouch says:

    Don’t get it twisted…Monica the dress was very Lady GaGa-ish…and you should ask your stylist to not blow weed while preparing your attire for fashion shows…..

    BUT vivica, you are not allowed to have an opinion on this particular topic. :no: NOT allowed attall

  119. 119
    speakinmymind says:

    for the lub of gawd, peash stop! :rofl:

  120. 120
    IsaiahsMom says:

    SR–you’re my girl and I love you, but not everyone wants to :hump: Monica like you do. Get off of her jock.
    Why is this noteworthy?
    I’m bored…

  121. 121
    speakinmymind says:

    “reflective monologue”
    **passes out**

  122. 122
    leapyearpisces says:


    Please stop!!! STOP!!!!

    I am gonna ask Sandra to ban u long enough just so I can catch my breath…LOL.. I can’t Brown with you anymore….LOL..I just can’t…I beg of you please stop… :rofl: :rofl:

  123. 123

    *tiny and toya together readin the teleprompter*

    An deez r da life lessuns from me tiny (points to self with thumb) and me toya”

  124. 124
    speakinmymind says:

    *tiny and toya together readin the teleprompter*
    An deez r da life lessuns from me tiny (points to self with thumb) and me toya”
    i got one of those portable oxygen tanks on at this point! :rofl:

  125. 125
    speakinmymind says:

    @ BROWN
    don’t forget the lip curl when she points to herself…
    then Taw-ya turns to the side (cuz she loves that ‘lookin to the side’ shot), smiles, and point to herself too!

  126. 126
    Choco says:


    Why go on twitter to address someone who humiliated you on Television

  127. 127
    ggouch says:

    LUCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMDH!!!

  128. 128
    Choco says:

    SMDH @ Brown :rofl:

  129. 129
    leapyearpisces says:


    (points to self with thumb)

    I HATE YOU!!!! I HATE YOU!!! :rofl:

  130. 130
    ggouch says:

    SEE This is why YOU, …you….you…..and you won’t be coming to the damn wedding……..not that Tiny and Tip are going to have a wedding…but you won’t be invited to any wedding

  131. 131

    Darkalicious I jus caint undastan all da hate dats directed towards me!

  132. 132

    but I :heart: you leap year, we share a common bond that many won’t understand (waits for Man to come out of lurk mode)

  133. 133
    speakinmymind says:

    @ ggouch
    i can’t wait to see the pics from that debacle of a wedding!
    **adds Depends to shopping list**

  134. 134
    leapyearpisces says:

    Oh shut the hell up Brown, don’t try to sweet talk my’ve got my pressure all up, gonna have to go to CVS and sit on their bootleg blood pressure machine for lunch now…LMAO…

    :heart: you too. Yes, we are very special ladies.. :wink:

  135. 135
    leapyearpisces says:

    SEE This is why YOU, …you….you…..and you won’t be coming to the damn wedding……..not that Tiny and Tip are going to have a wedding…but you won’t be invited to any wedding


  136. 136

    can u imagine all the different shades of nail polish and eye shadow that’s gonna be at that weddin???

  137. 137
    speakinmymind says:

    @ gg
    u know TI’s gonna have a crown on cuz he’s da Kang…complete with pimp cup! :lol:

    i wonder what the colors are gonna be? :think:

  138. 138
    speakinmymind says:

    @ leap
    not the “bootleg blood pressure machine”!! :dead:

    i live near West End (downtown Atlanta) and i hate the CVS over there! i never saw a dingy blood pressure cuff ’til i went there! :ashamed:

  139. 139
    leapyearpisces says:

    i never saw a dingy blood pressure cuff ’til i went there!

    :dead: You know what, I am not even going to worry about it, between you and Brown, I am surely to be :dead: by lunchtime anyway…it doesn’t even matter…LOL

  140. 140
    speakinmymind says:

    can u imagine all the different shades of nail polish and eye shadow that’s gonna be at that weddin???
    peas elabuhrate!! :lol:

    aw he.ll, who am i foolin?!? Tiny could never use a word like elaborate!! :rofl:

  141. 141
    leapyearpisces says:

    can u imagine all the different shades of nail polish and eye shadow that’s gonna be at that weddin???

    I am sure that none of the colors of the rainbow will be neglected that day like the education initiative “No Child Left Behind”… “No Color Left Behind” that day!

  142. 142
    ggouch says:

    OMG………….can you imagine (smoke machine in effect preparing me for dream sequence of Tiny and TIPS nuptials)…

    I see a church…oh wait that’s not a church…that’s the Cabaret hall on the corner of MLK and 20th next to the church………. I am getting images of men in various sizes dressed in white tuxes…now that’s beautiful….and wait….are those HOT FUCHSIA PINK cummerbunds and ties….Why yes it is…

    and it’s ok cause they are matching the weaves of the bridesmaids a.ka. The OMG GIRLS ….and just for added appeal they are all popping what looks to be fuchsia colored gum!!!
    ….is that…is that TI? Standing at the front….oh my look at the pride in his eyes as he watches the OMG Girls lean with it rock with it down the aisle to the wedding march….Tiny saying Ya’ll bet shay on beat naaw..cuz ya’ll know TIP said if ya’ll make him look stupid he aint gawn to hang around til the end…

  143. 143

    with their ballerina skirts and Baby Carter can rap while throwin rose petals

  144. 144
    ggouch says:

    while doing the duggy….with Tiny bringing up the rear doing the Halle-Berry..talking about SANG BAB..sang dat song i like…..

  145. 145
    leapyearpisces says:

    Tiny saying Ya’ll bet shay on beat naaw..cuz ya’ll know TIP said if ya’ll make him look stupid he aint gawn to hang around til the end…

    I see you want to cut up today too…huh? LMAO.. :rofl:

  146. 146
    speakinmymind says:

    they’re gonna use the same smoke man Diddy had during his EBT performance! :lol:
    i bet they thought that ish was fiyah! :lol:

  147. 147
    pointhimout says:

    So Vivica thinks she gone land in the A like a boss chick after throwing shade on Monica? Pause….no homo. Ok, I had to use that somewhere people, give me a break.

    It’s almost like Monica’s fam to all of the A. and you know how we are with fam; you and fam can go to war, but when an insider phucks with them, you both be all over that ass???? yeah, like that.

    Sandra, ask her what the reception has been like since she touched down too? And does Slim rest his hair next to his watch and chain on the night stand. And if she ever had her wig on backwards after good sex, but still left the house not knowing. And if LisaRaye was ever considered first lady in her eyes.

    That is all.

  148. 148
    pointhimout says:


  149. 149
    yellamama says:

    Both Monica and Viv are hood chicks…this is their normal behavior…the “classiness” is all for show…

    As far as style, Monica ussually does ok, but this outfit was far too dramatic- looked like a costume…And Viv looked cheap, per usual…

  150. 150
    mochacashmere says:


    “Shumchimes when one do clozes in life anotha one opendsh”


    :dead: Please turn to page 93 in your hymnal’s…

  151. 151
    Bird says:

    I’m with Monica. Sure it was childish of herto call Viv an older lady, but the fact is Vivica is not the fashionist that Monica is. I was telling my fiance that as we watched the awards. Monica’s style game is unmatched. Like no one in the industry even comes close. I didn’t understand the outfit, but I recognized it as haute couture which I rarely get anyway.

  152. 152
    Luci Liu says:


  153. 153
    pointhimout says:

    well if we gone talk english and grammar, a lot of degree having idiots need to turn in their pocket cards and burn the diplomas which adorn their fire place mantles. i see this every day and scratch my head thinking how in the eff did this person pass high school english, let alone college.

    Vivica, book a movie already.

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