The hapless LA Lakers (21-10) continue to spiral out of control after being routed by the San Antonio Spurs 97-82 last night.

Fingers immediately began pointing at conceited Lakers star guard Kobe Bryant who fired up 27 desperation shots at the basket. Center Pau Gasol, who only made nine field goal attempts during the game, couldn’t hold his tongue any longer.

“We didn’t play a smart game, put it that way,” Gasol said. ” … We have to recognize what’s going on and understand what our strengths are against certain opponents, and try to exploit them.”

“It can’t be an individual effort from nobody,” Gasol added. “It has to be altogether on a string, like a family.” Source

  • BSuga

    Oh it was all good until they start a losing streak, now they are at each other throats. :shrug:

  • Cinderella

    Pau said something similiar earlier this year about Kobe’s ball-hogging. Nothing is gonna change, so he better deal with it.

  • Daisy

    This is not breaking news

    Not a Kobe fan never have been he can play but he whines to much for me. So glad they won’t be winning a ring next year :woot:


  • Adair

    I agree with Gasol… it can’t be an individual effort from just one person, but that’s the story of the Lakers for a long time.

  • Se7en Star

    Why are you such a Laker Hater??? There where plenty of games that came on and the only thing that you could post is misleading info about the greatest team in the history of the NBA??!!!

    You took a snippet of Gasol’s quote and turned it into what you wanted to.

    Hapless- unfortunate, unlucky…

    How are they unfortunate when they are going on their 3 championship in a row??
    Some people know how to read more than just blogs, Sandra


  • ChaCha


  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    “It can’t be an individual effort from nobody,” Uhm, is that a double negative?

  • Restoration


    How come this is the ONLY verse you know about in the Bible?:

    ” Matthew. 7:1 “Do not judge, or ye too will be judged.”

    That verse does not, in no wise erase any other verse that I’ve posted.

    So are you indirectly saying that God contradicts Himself????????????

  • Jay Bee

    TeamKobe!… this is wat makes basketball season spectular! uknoooo

    Cant wait til the playoffs

  • Daisy

    Jesus be a post protector

  • Princess Smarty-Pants

    @daisy #10 If you’re getting annoyed it’s starting to be problem. You are the Queen of Nice.

  • Restoration


    I’d rather see Jesus as a Savior and the spirit that He is rather than make Him into corruptible items such as fences, etc…

  • Restoration

    ….and post protecters, and etc..

  • Daisy

    @princess I been annoyed told IT to go to hell w/gasoline draws after IT tried to come for me after I said Jesus is the reason for the season IT can miss me w/the holier than thou routine #overit

  • therapist1911

    @Daisy *deep heavy sigh*….even in a Kobe post!!!

  • Restoration


    Channel your anger Daisy, don’t let it control you. See if your pastors were teaching you all the Truth, nothing I say should annoy you.

    I mean, do you see me going off at your precious little ” it ” word. Nope! because ” it ” is actually hilarious to me! LoL!

    But anyway, don’t be pissed tho I’ll be leaving Dec. 31st. I know you can hardly wait.

  • Restoration

    Take a deeeeeep breath. Now exhale…..

    I…I mean, ” it ” will be gone Dec 31st!

  • Daisy

    @Therapist I know right thats why I said Jesus be a POST PROTECTER lets all touch and agree in his name AMEN AMEN and AMEN again


  • therapist1911

    WHen two or more are gathered in his name….


  • Restoration


    Now Therapist, I know you aint really THAT upset…is you???

    Daisy is even doing a better job than you with controlling her anger, and I’ve been at Daisy more times.

    Take a deep breath. You were doing good at one point…what happened?

  • YSoSerious

    (runs through post waving Kobe Bean Bites banner like crazy)

  • Restoration

    We can all learn from this….

    The Bible says:

    ” He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

    Proverbs 16:32

  • therapist1911

    Nope not ANGERED…just entertained

  • kwall

    And Shaq said this same thing HOW long ago…???

  • kwall

    But anyway, don’t be pissed tho I’ll be leaving Dec. 31st. I know you can hardly wait.
    Are you gonna turn into a pillar of salt on 12/31?

  • CivilEngineer

    :rofl: @kwall

  • therapist1911

    DIdn’t one of Lazurus wives *sideeye* turn into salt or stone for looking back at the city



  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Pau “Rebecca Lobo” Gasol needs to worry bout doin his own dayum thang and gettin some rebounds or sumpin. Dis nigga couldn’t even win ONE playoff game till he got with Kobe. I’m Not talkin bout a SERIES in the playoffs, ONE GAME in the playoffs.

    27 shots ain’t even that much. Jordan AVERAGED 24-25 shots PER GAME… FOR 15 YEARS. And NEVER led a championship team in assists (which Kobe has done 5 times) so only an idiot towards the game would call Kobe “selfish.” SMH.

  • jazi65

    :lol: he’s just now figuring this out? Kobe is a great player but he often forgets that he can’t do it alone. His latest rant & throwing around the “f” bomb during a game was pure comedy! Grow up Kobe, you can’t win them all.

  • xcal86

    This will be the Miami Heat’s headline story 2nd half of the season. Cant wait when Chris Bosch, Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade get at each other’s throats.

  • Terri B

    I like how you put words in his mouth. lol

  • Urbanrose

    This picture is photoshopped but none the less I am a Lakers fan and hope they get it together Sighs