Three weeks after admitting that releasing a single with rapper Nicki Minaj was the wrong move, singer Keyshia Cole officially dumped her manager, Manny Halley. Cole made the announcement yesterday via her account.

But readers already knew this was coming.

Manny Halley's decision to release "I Ain’t Thru” as the first single off Keyshia's new CD Calling All Hearts, caused a rift between Keyshia's management and her label, Interscope Records.

In a recent interview with the AP, Cole admitted that she bore part of the blame for releasing the disastrous single with Minaj.

The label didn’t really want to drop the record because they knew that people wanted a more intense, soulful record from me about love and I really should have followed (their) direction. But I wanted that to be a statement record. It’s like saying, ‘I’m doing me, you know. I don’t have no regrets for nothing that I’m doing’

As I noted in an earlier post, Cole failed to mention the power struggle between Halley and Interscope records that spilled from the boardroom into the streets, and reached the ear of a certain notorious blogger.

Once label execs began openly expressing their disdain for Halley, word spread around the industry like wildfire that Cole had dumped Halley as her manager and hired a woman to manage her affairs.

In an effort to contain the rumors before she could release an official statement, Cole and her publicist, Tresa Sanders, reached out to on December 16, 2010. Although the content of that call can not be made public, I will tell you that Keyshia sounded very concerned about the information that had already leaked out of Interscope Records.

One Interscope record label exec told me the album sounded like it was “rushed in the studio.” The exec, who asked to remain anonymous, indicated that the higher ups at the label weren’t happy with the end product and they voted to shelve the album indefinitely. But, he said, Keyshia’s management (Halley) insisted that the album be released.

“There’s no way to predict how people will respond to things,” said Ron Fair, chairman of Geffen (Interscope) Records. “It’s something that Keyshia really wanted to say.”

Calling All Hearts is in stores now.

  • TheRealAshland

    About time I did not like Manny, if he really cared about her, he would have never put her ghetto azz family on T.V., I am just saying, plus he looks shiesty

  • jUsTiAra

    omg! a new post yay :claps:
    i was startin to get worried! we know your arse dont celebrate mlk day sandra.

  • TheRealAshland

    you know Sandra treat this blog like a business, even though she doesn't support nor celebrate American holidays, if the banks are closed, Sandra is not posting...

  • Daisy


    Mannys offices are near my old job I use to see him all the time

    Mannys name was on Frankie and Neffies show that KCole wanted her name on yes the same show she didn't approve of (that is unless her name was on it - what she said in so many words in interviews) I am a KCole fan I wish her the best w/her new mgt. I am not a fan of her music this time around. Long way down is my JAM though!


    Morning Family!!!

    Waiting on one of Nicki's many Um "personalities" to comment.. :coffee:

  • TheRealAshland

    And another thing,I am not sure if Manny is educated or not, but he just seems like this hood manager,it was all cool when Keyshia was some hood rat in Oakland, but home girl has moved up since then, and Manny has not, what about that bad business he was doing in her name...i hope K.C.can rebound from this. I know those diapers about to get expensive.

  • jUsTiAra

    :think: makes sense @ ashland :rolleyes: btw i've been meaning to tell you i love the gravi! it reminds me of my 3 yr old sister. she make that same expression when she get mad! lol....

  • TheRealAshland

    The biggest mistake again, I will say is letting Frankie and Neffe get there ghetto crying behinds on T.V.... If she ever wants to become a brand, that just shot her in the foot big time.

  • chelle770

    Wasnt manny there from the beginning...?:think:

  • Peachpussycat

    Haven't we heard this before though :rolleyes:

    Good morning all :waves:

  • YSoSerious


    (goes to surf the web for something I could give half a fluck about)

  • coco21

    Maybe I'm the only one but I :heart: Calling All Hearts, It shows growth and that she's in a happy place in her life. I loved the old angry bitter Keyshia too, but you can't hate on happiness #teamKeyshia :cheer:

  • Tink Tink

    Good Morning peach :bye:

  • therapist1911

    Welp chit happens!! He help make her successful and with that he was successful. She moved on....he moves on....not the end of the world!

    Keeping it real and hood is always a downfall. You need crossover appeal in America to be a huge international star. Hood people don't buy albums or go to concerts.....they bootleg!!!

  • endless beauty

    @ ashland i also love the gravi but i don't know bout KCole has moved up, ghetto will forever be ghetto example that big as tatoo on her arm. where is the class :think: please tell me.

  • therapist1911

    @coco21 I like Calling All Hearts. It's not the best album but it's not the worst. But I'm a fan of music period

  • missmiami

    Personally the album sucks. I like about 3 tracks, long way down, sometimes and the record with her mom. THAT'S IT!!!!! I'm a fan but there was no consistency.

  • bnatural

    Good Morning all!

    Wow we finally get a new post and this is it.... bout them Packers....take that up the Bears!

  • Al-Ameera

    I got nothing :shrug:

  • Mean Kitty

    This last CD did sound rushed and not polished at all. I have never been a Keyshia fan but this CD doesn't do her justice. How many albums did her CD sell?

  • chocolate divalicious

    Keyshia may be hood but we know hood people do not play when it come to their business or their money. Manny probably did not like the fact that she got her new boo around either. You know nicca's get to tripping when we demote they asses.

  • yvonne79

    Well, I've been a fan of Keyshia for a while. I purchased all her CDs. As for this one, Calling All Hearts, it is the most poorly arranged CD she's ever made. To be honest, I've only listened to the CD about three times. Boy, am I disappointed. On another note, good morning everyone.

  • Bird

    Let me get this straight. Keyshia wanted the album out against the wishes of the label. Manny rode for her and got the album out as she insisted. And for that he gets fired?

  • KDub

    Sandra you been MIA since Sat. and you come with an Off-Keyshia Cole post?

    So she dumped she dumped her crackhead momma and her vaginal wall challenged sister…OK….


  • dallas214

    Im a huge fan of Keyshia Coles...Ive watched her career grow from the begining. Although im not sure, what exactly happened between her and Manny, I will say, Manny has done allot for her career. Keyshia has sold millions of records, headlined tours, numerous top ten singles all in a short period of time. She has been THAT breakout R&B star...With that being said, I would hate to think as soon as Manny does one thng wrong she kicks himt to the curb. Mistakes are gonna be made and youre not gonna win EVERYTIME...soo I really just hope thats not the sole reason she got rid of him.

    As much as I love me some Monica and Melinda, I think Melinda needs some HELP from an industry insider to elevate Monica's career. Do I think she needs to fire Melinda alltogether? Hell no. Melinda has done allot for MO, but bringing on someone like a Benny Medina, Johnny Wright, wouldnt hurt either.

  • Brownsugar1908

    Who is this Manny cat and why is this news? If Keisha changed managers, apparently it was time to move on. So does he have other clients or was she the only one?? Just hire Benny Medina and call it day.

  • chocolate divalicious

    KDub-So she dumped she dumped her crackhead momma and her vaginal wall challened sister..Ok...

    My link is fugged up at work so I'm just going to type -LMAO


  • Bird

    No if Keyshia's late promotion of the album was Manny fault then I could see it. I didn't even know that she had one come out until the week of its release. Not that I was going to buy it anyway.

  • coco21

    @therapist 911 no I'm not saying its the best nor the worst I'm a big fan of music as well. I enjoy true singers that sing their heart out, but you know different strokes...

  • Daisy

    @coco I like Kcole last cd that nobody else liked I don't like this cd has nothing to do w/her being happy I am happy for her being in love doesn't mean your music has to suck now. Her and MJB have to find a good balance that's all. I love MJBs new song Someone to love me :dance:

  • yvonne79

    Daisy says:
    "...I like Kcole last cd that nobody else liked I don’t like this cd has nothing to do w/her being happy I am happy for her being in love doesn’t mean your music has to suck now...."
    January 18, 2011 at 10:09 am
    I agree! With her being in love, I expected so much more! Maybe a few heart grasping and soul stirring love ballad on this CD. Boy, was I wrong.... :no:

  • flsun99

    :offtopic: Sandra, did you hear about Royal Marshall dying from a Heart Attack at 43 on Saturday? Did you know him?

  • attorneymom

    Since when does an artist's manager tell the record company what to do? Blank stare.

  • Carrington

    It's amazing to me that artist go in the studio and record horrible music and then when the $hit flops, they want to blame the one person who DIDN'T sing or produce that bull$hit!

    Keyshia Cole's horrible a$$ music is about Keyshia Cole - period. She said herself that she decided to go with that ignorant a$$ single that was not only bad on the ears, but not even radio friendly. KC thought going with the "in" rapper right now was going to be enough to put her a$$ in a #1 position. The album sucks and the single sucks and Keyshia Cole has been singing long enough at this point to know what's a decent record and what's a horrible one (well, clearly she doesn't based upon her last TWO albums).

    Honestly, I think Manny did a good job of making Keyshia Cole a household name within the black community and creating that new "Mary J. Blige" vibe that surrounded her.

    Maybe Keyshia Cole is destined to be a one-hit-wonder. She's had A hit album... live with it, or come correct.

  • Anna

    I don't think it was a bad move to release the song w/Nicki M first. Nicki is a household name and being KCole has been gone for a minute, not sure why she thought it wasn't a good move. I don't listen to her music so not sure if it would have made a diff for a love ballet to be released first. Fantasia also had this same conflict when she did her last CD, she wanted a diff song to be released first, sometimes you have to go w/her managers and trust them.

  • therapist1911

    I agree Daisy!!! I good balance would be good. For example, I think Fantasia does a good job of finding that balance between heartbroken and love...jmo

  • ImSoChi

    :dead: @ KDub

    I agree I was disappointed w/ this latest album it did rushed as if she just wanted to put sumthin out there so she can be relevant again

    U need to come harder next time Keyshia

  • dallas214

    But my thing is this....A&R's and record executives decide which singles are to be released...not Entertainment im not sure how he is to blame for the single...

    I will say this tho, the set up for the album was wayyyy wrong. Unless your Beyonce, u cant start promoting a single 3 weeks before ur album comes out. You have to build hype and anticipation, which her team did not. She got away with it last time becuz she had her reality show as a set up...But this Calling ALl Hearts cd came out of no where. You just cant do that.

  • therapist1911

    dallas214 says:

    Im a huge fan of Keyshia Coles…Ive watched her career grow from the begining. Although im not sure, what exactly happened between her and Manny, I will say, Manny has done allot for her career. Keyshia has sold millions of records, headlined tours, numerous top ten singles all in a short period of time.
    Headline tours? Numerous top ten singles?

  • ShoYaRight

    oh no. i liked manny!! keyshia...don't try and blame him for that rushed flop alberm gorl.

    @dallas214 - post 25
    I agree about monica and melinda

  • ImSoChi

    Umm Auntie looka here we need a :newpost: PLEASE and thank you

  • ELove

    Hood people don’t buy albums or go to concerts…..they bootleg!!!
    :blink: ... :think:

  • free

    now that she has had her little paycheck, she is dumping poor manny, who is probably the only person who thinks she can really be a star.

  • therapist1911

    @ Elove....maybe I should have said "some hood people" or "most hood people"

  • Ace

    ELove says:

    Hood people don’t buy albums or go to concerts…..they bootleg!!!

    Last real CD i bought... :think: Eminem Recovery
    Last real Concert .... i think maybe 10 years ago was Summerfest.. 20+ differet artist... cant see paying for 1 artist...

    but everything CD/RW spits out....

  • Daisy

    @flsun Royal went to my church (Sandra says she attends that same church as well) This story is so sad and heartbreaking esp for his wife and young kids. I know church will be packed Sat for his funeral I won't be attending though.

    @Yvonne I agree I thought she would be singing abt being so in love and I was ready for such

    @therapist You know I LUV all things Fannie but I wasn't feeling her last cd either I think I liked abt 4 songs.

  • Smokie

    I kinda liked Manney... and I love "I Aint Thru". I didn't like Nicki on the song, but I like the song. Hell, I AINT THRU either!

  • iscream

    Kwall I'm thinking the same thing. I hope she knows what she is doing. Manny seems like he has always had her best interest at heart. Even if the label wasn't happy with the single he pushed is that a reason to fire him? Her album still did okay considering.....

    I will be watching to see if she ends up like C-Error who has never been able to make a come back after dropping Jazzy Phat ass.

  • ohpretty1

    @ Carrington - I agree with #43. KC also needs to stop blaming Frankie and Neffe. If anyone remembers Season 1, she was simply an extension of her family...ghetto as hell. People grow and mature but let's not blame everybody before looking in the mirror.

  • ELove

    @therapist1911 :thumbsup:

    ALOT of people are Just SENSIBLE regarding their Money and Time... SEE @Ace (comment #45)

  • flsun99

    @Daisy yes, it's extremely sad. I've been a fan of his for over 12 years.

  • therapist1911

    @Daisy....I loved the album. "Doin Me" was my least favorite. yeah well I understand that

  • therapist1911

    Ummmm who is Royal Marshall???

  • dallas214

    @therapist.....YES u read right. She has headlined tours. Most recently, her last tour A Different Me... where Keri Hilson, Bobby V, and Dream all OPENED FOR HER.

    Millions of records...all of Keyshia's previous albums have sold well over a million copies - first two 1.5 million

    Top ten singles, most recent pop "Let It Go" and most recent R&B "Trust" w/ Monica...

    Not to mention #1 rated reality show....

    People sleep on Keyshia. She has accomplished ALLOT in a short amount of time. And who was there pushing her, Manny.

  • dallas214

    I dnt really see it as her blaming Frankie and Neffie...I would be disapointed to if im trying to HELP you but youre out for your own good and casting a negative light on me. Im sorry

  • flsun99

    @Therapist1911 he is a local producer for the Neal Boortz talk show in Atlanta. He had his own show a few years back called the The Royal Treatment. He died on Saturday morning. I'm a fan.

  • Daisy

    @Therapist Doin Me was one of the four I liked

    THANK YOU I always said KCole had no reason trying to blame Frankie and Neffie for anything she intro us to them and she was just as hood back then. Still pulling for you all the same KCole I believe you still have some more classic hood love songs in you :yes:

    @flsun Royal will be missed :sad:

  • dallas214

    Dasiy....LOL @ classic hood love songs!!!

  • Daisy

    Awaits Manny's response :popcorn:

  • tintin1979

    she'll end up hiring him back. I don't like manny but he has a gift when it comes to managing keyshia.

    but i really dont' like her new CD. I don't know what it is, I just can't get into it. I only care for a few songs.

  • pointhimout

    does he manage anyone else other than keyshia cole? someone had to be the fall guy, and these type relationships dont just end over one business decision. it had to have been a long time coming.

  • BruhMan5th Flr

    ELove says:

    Hood people don’t buy albums or go to concerts…..they bootleg!!!


    Last Album I bought Was Kanye Wests, just went to see Raheem DeVaughn, and Anthony Hamilton like 5 months ago.....And ACE!!!! Where do I sign up

  • BruhMan5th Flr

    Never was a fan of Keisha Cole but I sure admired her breasts :yes:

  • Danielle

    Keyshia still hood but it works for her! I think her best CD was her first "The Way it is". I still love it.

  • Ms. LoveMe

    Thats unfortunate, Manny brought her to the lime light. But as people grow relationships change! Hopefully Manny will get some other artist and move on! :shrugs:

  • miamore1973

    That's a great picture of Manny. He's really an unattractive guy. Did I see him on a reality show recently. I can't remember what it was.......

  • West Coast Chick

    Im surprised they lasted this long together

  • phoenixlediva

    I must say I didnt see them being together for long anyway... However, IF Keyshia NEVER releases anymore music Im sure nobody would miss it.. You can tell the label wasnt really behind the album. Where was the promo? Next !!! And she is in need of a VOCAL coach I dont care what anybody says... But Hey I wish her the best... It's had out hear for a singer that cant sing...

  • peanutbuttercup

    I'm going to say this real quick and then leave this subject alone: Ron Fair is a freakin musical genius. When he speaks, listen.

  • ChokLitFactory

    I swear Sandra had posted a rumour once about Manny mis-appropriating funds or some chit like that. And wasn't there a rumour that Keyshia was going broke? Either way, its good she gets her financials together and makes sure her money is right (although if she's marrying that bball player, she should be alright).

    I've heard the album is ok. I love Long Way Down. Very REAL song!

    I see why she released the Nikki song, it was a statement type of song. I liked it at frist, but after a few listens, gets VERY annoying. Not the best first Single choice.

  • zee

    Hmmm...i wonder why sandra doesnt celebrate holidays??

  • pointhimout

    53/56--yeah, I hate hearing that about Royal. That dude was hilarious, for those who listened the neil boortz. oh my god, oh my god, boo got shot, boo got shot. Royal interpreting that recording 15 years ago is still a classic. RIP bro.