Aaron Carter: ‘Michael Jackson plied me with cocaine and wine’

He didn’t say it in those exact words, but former child star Aaron Carter finally admitted that pop icon Michael Jackson tried to get him high and drunk so he could have his way with him. At the time, Carter, the younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, was 15 and riding a wave of success as a teen pop star.

I never talked about it. This is the first time. I do…I miss Michael. I have spent such incredible times with him. I did things with him that nobody else did. But I was also troubled about what he did to me. Yes, he gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff. We spoke afterwards, hours and hours, on the phone. I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police.

I believe him. Rumors swirled for years about Jackson’s interest in the adolescent Carter. But Carter consistently denied the rumors. Carter, now 23, fit the profile of the young, white tenderoni’s that Jackson was attracted to. Jackson even dyed his eldest son’s hair to make him look more like Carter.

Sometimes it takes years for victims of abuse to accept what happened to them — and it takes even longer for them to speak about it publicly. It’s not far fetched to believe that Michael, a rumored pedophile with a substance abuse problem, would ply young Carter with drugs and alcohol. After all, this is not the first time we’ve heard of Michael doing such things.

Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of respiratory and cardiac arrest after receiving a lethal dose of an anesthetic commonly used in hospital operating rooms. His personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is currently on trial for administering the drug to Jackson at home.

Source: Miss Jia


146 Responses to “Aaron Carter: ‘Michael Jackson plied me with cocaine and wine’”

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    prynsexxx says:

    aaron carter finally admitted that pop icon Michael Jackson TRIED to get him high and drunk….


    Try leaves an option for FAIL! That washed up one hit wonder crackhead should go kill yo self!

  2. 2
    Feline Feminine says:


  3. 3

    I don’t believe this idiot cokecrackhead I mean honestly you effn pathetic tool if you wanna get help then do that but don’t smear his name becuz you want another check to cop more drugs!

  4. 4
    LuvnMeIzEz2Do says:

    Get off the BS

  5. 5
    LuvnMeIzEz2Do says:

    @the young man and his family with that BS

  6. 6
    jbaby81 says:

    How dare he SHAME the DEAD :nono:

  7. 7
    Feline Feminine says:

    I had a really strange feeling some of these boys (now men) would start slowing filing out the wood works once Mike died…I really don’t believe this stuff at all…

  8. 8
    Bird says:

    He didn’t say he was abused. He said Michael was contributing to the delinquency of a minor and maybe trying to blame his drug addiction on him. Since he is a drug addict and I don’t know the source of the story I gotta give it the side eye.

  9. 9
    ryand91 says:

    Damn how low down can people get? Spitting on someone’s grave. It has already come out that the FBI investigated MJ for a number of years and there was no proof he ever molested anyone.

  10. 10
    chocolate divalicious says:

    This little clown poptart is no longer relevant anymore so he’s goes and pulls this out of his azz. GTFOH. If that’s the case he should of had the Backstreet boyz beat Mikes azz and called it a day.

  11. 11
    DMisses says:

    I don’t believe this, and if it were true why wait until the man is dead and gone before saying something. Let Michael rest in peace damn he went through enough when he was here, people have no shame I tell ya smh.

  12. 12
    NaijaGal says:

    I really can’t with this post. RIP Michael, you’re def in a better place so you don’t have to deal with scumbuckets and crackheads trying to use your name to make money.

  13. 13
    bnatural says:

    I don’t know who to believe…honestly. Michael Jackson was one weird person. I mean, what grown man sleeps in a bed with little boys that are his.

    But as for this Aaron Carter fellow, who knows, he could be telling the truth…none of us were there. I mean, if I was him, I wouldn’t want that to be a known publicly at that age. It’s embarrassing and humiliating, IF it’s true. Supposedly his mother called the police though, where is the police report or any evidence? :shrug:

  14. 14
    renegadesince1985 says:

    This druggy need to go somewhere with this BS…these people kill me coming out of the woodwork after this man has died. Why didn’t you say anything when he was alive?? I think somebody tryna get another 15 mins… :rollseyes:

  15. 15
    BigCityGirl says:

    “Then my mother called the Police”….okay…and then WHAT? Is there a related police report, an officer that can confirm your story? Why this came out of NOWHERE is yet to be revealed…..I’ll wait

  16. 16

    Mike was a drug addict so I could believe the wine and drug stuff. Still don’t believe he was a child molester and probably never will for my own reasons.

  17. 17
    laci says:

    “I miss Michael. I have spent such INCREDIBLE times with him. I DID things WITH him that NOBODY else did”.

    This whole statement sounds WRONG. Then you follow it with troubled things. Get a life A. Carter.

  18. 18
    Chocolatte says:

    The lies people tell ust to get a few pages in a magazine sad.

  19. 19
    mirsmommy says:

    Blood-suckin azz tick. :no: SMH. If it was that serious, how come this wasn’t said when MJ was alive?????

  20. 20
    masturbatehate says:

    If this story gets legs then I see a book and a book tour in the future. Hollywood is all about making fantasies into making money. MJ could or could have not done these things but he is not here to defend himself.

  21. 21
    ELove says:

    I’m ALMOST Positive this YT Fool has done FAR MORE Harder Drugs than Cocaine & Alcohol BEFORE HE WAS 15 (And He’s a Punk B-I-T-C-H Too…) :coffee:

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    StillASassyOne says:


    *taps mic*: “Excuse me!! Attention please!!!”

    I’ma need the following folks to go straight to Hell and do NOT bring ya’ll snazzy-less azzes back! Do not pass GO! Do not stop and pick up your babies. Do not give any last phone calls! Just do the Gilbert Arenas and head straight down the Southern route to Hell- no layovers.

    The list is as follows:

    – MirsMommy
    – Kwall (AKA KDub
    – Choco
    – Brown
    – His
    – Dimpz
    – Cha Cha
    – Man
    – Lakeya
    – Yso (for that damn new screen name and that gravi of “Beysus”)

    The rest of ya’ll know EXACTLY why ya’ll are being sent to hell! So don’t even ask me why!! Now go!! :kona:

  24. 24
    Martinigal says:

    He’s an addict, but he could be telling the truth. But why now? Michael is not here to defend himself. Aaron, go sit your ass somewhere,nobody cares!

  25. 25
    Mamacita says:

    Mike was a very strange person and got a pass for a lot of weird things he did. I believe that he gave him alcohol and drugs. I’m not sure about the molestation part though.

  26. 26
  27. 27
    2know the ledge says:

    here is my thing if mike “plied” you wouldn’t you want to tell your story while he was living and get money then? Also i smell someone wanting to get their fame back. why talk 2 years after he is gone IJS, GTFOHWTBS!

  28. 28
    Sportsmommy74 says:

    Let MJ rest in peace. I mean really what does it matter now?

  29. 29
    TruGemini says:

    fit the profile of the young, white tenderoni’s

    :rofl: :rofl:

  30. 30

    I told the truth he did this so he can buy more of that stuff :coffee: :lol:

  31. 31
    KrayZKat says:

    Bah!!!! Two years and 5 days after the anniversary of MJ’s death, he’s still being vilified. Good grief, why can’t people just let the man RIP for crying out loud.

    Like MJ said, “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

  32. 32
    metnwt says:

    This lying druggie is full of it! He has denied this on several occassions even during the trial and now you want to say that MJ tried to ply you with drugs and booze. Michael may have had a prescription drug problem, but I’m willing to bet he did not do any illegal substances and try to give them to children! If his mom called the cops, there should be a police report! If there is a police report, TMZ will have it on there website shortly! If not, then it dosen’t exist! Go sit your crackhead a$$ down! Love you MJ! I am so glad you are not here to listen to your so-called friends slander you in this manner!

  33. 33
    iscream says:


    Washed up azz have a front row of seats.

    _/ _/ _/ _/

    I love the slander in that title just to read on and it says he didn’t really say that… Yet you really wrote that. :|

  34. 34
    mirsmommy says:

    :blink: But what I do????? :shrugs:

  35. 35

    Folks are wishing you happy birthday in the cbrown post #DANG :lol:

    Oh and it’s a gossip item on there also about Gabby and Wade – your welcome ladies :lol:

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    nine4ya19062000 says:


  37. 37


    That’s discrimination! I have rights dammit! :rules:

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    StillASassyOne says:

    :nono: Not for this post- but for about four, five posts ago. (You know what you did!)

    *shrug* my azz! You got my azz over here wanting a bag of Doritos now and you got the nerve to be asking “What I do?!”

    I leave ya’ll for a few days and ya’ll showed the fukk out!! I think Laker was involved too!

    SMH…and they always think I’M the bad one. :no:

  39. 39

    Sassy I’m appalled that you would send me to hell!


  40. 40
    Bigbadwolf says:

    I don’t know if I believe him, but at the same time, why “would” he want to say something now. He has nothing to gain from it at this point. He’s not going to get money, or fame, can he even really sing? I just can’t picture Michael Jackson, the dude who made a theme park for his home, who carried around a monkey, and slept in bump beds with his siblings until they were out of highschool, would offer wine and cocaine to anyone, let alone a child. :shrug:

  41. 41
    Secret says:

    Lying sack of garbage.

  42. 42

    :lol: @ Sassy :lol: girl you are crazy

  43. 43

    *hols up pinky, index finger and thumb to sign to Sassy I LOVE YOU*

  44. 44
    StillASassyOne says:

    @Brown & Yso
    Don’t be tryna get all innocent now! Ya’ll showing ya’ll azzes today and yesterday!



  45. 45
    MzDimplez1123 says:

    @ Sassy……….I’mma need to know what I did. I’ve been pretty good lately. :yes:

    :party: @ Mizzy Happy B-Day Shugah! :hug:

  46. 46
    pinksghetti says:

    Aww snap, this is going to be a big story even though I don’t believe it. He is trying to get his name back in the public because people forgot he existed. Instead of actually having talent people are creating controversy to be famous or revise their career, not that Aaron ever really had one. I can’t wait for the Jackson family and others associated with Michael to set the record straight.

  47. 47
    2know the ledge says:

    *pushes double L up against the wall and :lick: them suga walls and pull out a gummi saver and do wonders with it

  48. 48
    KishaMinyonn says:

    Sounds like someone trying to get their 15 minutes started again. Whether or not it happened, I don’t know, but why come forward now. Yes, sometimes it takes victims a while to come to grips with abuse, but why come to grips with it to a magazine if you are not trying to fame and fortune. That’s what a therapist is for.

  49. 49
    StillASassyOne says:

    I love you too…

    But all of this talk about unfortunately-faced people and NOBODY mentioned the new Gorilla in the Mist in that post much later in the comments?

    I ain’t tryna start nothing, I’m jussayin tho… :coffee:

  50. 50
    SunRiseBlossom says:

    This sounds to me like someone that is in desperate need of attention… Or someone that is hoping to regain some spotlight!!! :coffee:

    Good morning my peeps!!!

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    Yall still crazy says:

    *changes title of this post*


    :happybirthday: Happy Birthday Young Lady!!!!! :dance:

  52. 52
    Carmez79 says:

    this is the same kid thats been coked up for years. now he is trying to get his name in the spotlight again as a victim??? he needs stop it. he never said a word when he was alive but now that he’s been dead he wants to say something. its so easy to lie on the dead. no one cares about this cokehead/methhead. if i was a member of the family i would sue him

  53. 53
    mirsmommy says:

    :blink: @Sassy, but, I was coerced to say that.

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    MzDimplez1123 says:

    Excuse my rudeness…..Good morning everyone! :wave: <–MIzzy's old bra

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    mirsmommy says:

    Thanks ladies :hug: all around!!!!!


    Choco-frappe, I saw your birthday wish, and I thanked you and OHoney in the wrong post. :lol:

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    MzDimplez1123 says:

    :think: I don’t think I said anything! I must’ve been added to Sassy’s list in error. :yes:

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    Yall still crazy says:

    :hi: Hi Dimpz? Is that Missy Misdimeanor’s bra? :dead:

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    MzDimplez1123 says:

    :pray: Fancy won’t be jumping outta any cakes.

  59. 59

    I stan for MJ now and forever but I could see him at least offering because he probably didn’t see anything wrong with it. He saw his daddy and brothers do worse than that at the same age. And drug addicts often don’t have the best judgment.

    As for why Aaron would come out with it now, it got people talking about his irrelevant ass again. This might be the first step in an attempt to make a “comeback”.

  60. 60


    Sassy I cram to understand what I did to get sent to hell

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    His_Mommy623 says:

    does red bell pepper face have something to do with this? :waiting:

    HAPPY BDAY MIRS!!! *gives u a lap dance and motorboats u with frosting and sprinkles on my face* :hug:

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    MzDimplez1123 says:

    :hi: Hey Yall! :hug: LOL no, it’s Mirs’ from before she got the girls reduced. I sent you a message this AM

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    PAHairston says:

    Hello All. I agree with most. This little punk-ass mo-fo just wants his 15 minutes of fame. Not one young person, no, not even one, has ever said that Mike actually had sex with them so where is the proof? You think he’s gone be a molester all these yrs and not stick one child? Come on people! Yes, Mike was strange but I don’t think he was a child molester. Never have, never will. RIP Michael, RIP. Your name and music lives on forever, no matter what! Peaceeeeeeeeeeee.

  64. 64


    I’m feeling persecuted right now. Do us Beytians not have the same religious freedoms that others have? :wail:

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    mirsmommy says:

    Yall still crazy says:

    Hi Dimpz? Is that Missy Misdimeanor’s bra?

    Naw, guhl, that’s my old bra!!! :boobs:

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    Yall still crazy says:

    *sitting off to the side*

    :waiting: Just wondering when someone’s gonna speak his ECS to me today….

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    mirsmommy says:

    :oops: <—–does this remind yall of anyone???

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    lola773 says:

    Tenderoni :blink:

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    mirsmommy says:

    Thanks Hisssssss, :boobs: right back at ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yall still crazy says:

    What did yall put in Yso’s drink? :rofl:


    Mirs, today’s your day.. Let them girls hang out! :waves: <-Mir's new bra

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    OHoney says:

    :steer: <<< me driving to the :party: at MIRS house

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    StillASassyOne says:

    @Dimpz, Mirs, His
    All of ya’ll were in on that and ya’ll know it! Shame, shame, shame!! :nono:

    Ima go get Redeemed to say a scripture for ya’ll snazzy-less hoes. Goin tell that chick she not a “starruh!” YES.SHE.IS and ya’ll snazzy-less chicks are anticipating her arrival right NAH!

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    You gotta say REDRUM three times in a broken mirror before she shows up. :coffee:

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    Yall still crazy says:



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    StillASassyOne says:

    In the words of Brown: “FUKK BEYONCE’! AND YOUR “BEYSUS” TOO!!”

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    Yall still crazy says:

    :mad: :cuss:

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    Dimpz! :kiss: hey hawt stuff!

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    Wine AND coke?! Where they do that at? :snickers: *sends you some rum*

    Dimpz, I replied back :grill:

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    Yeah Brown, slippin & trippin…. he didn’t even show up for yesterday SR Official East Coast Slang day! :lol:

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    Feline Feminine says:

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    I ain’t gonna lie, I almost died a 1000 deaths when you typed #noclifford… :rofl:

  101. 101
    miamore1973 says:

    I can’t believe that some of you guys find this story absolutely false. While Aaron Carter may have a questionable past and probably present how many kids boys have come out and said Micheal did this to me. He’s not the first.

    I believe Aaron Carter needed some money and had a story to sell. Now if Mike didn’t have these kids in his house in the first place there would be no questions to ask no story to sell.


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    OHoney says:

    *Applies extra coat of gloss to Browns lips* #ThankMeLater

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    2know the ledge says:

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    I’m a TOP too. Praise Beysus. :koolaid3: <—Consecrated wine

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    Supa_sexy says:

    :smack: Aaron Carter is a retard!!! He is and has been a coke head for a very long time and Michael Jackson is not the reason he picked up a drug habit at all :no:, may MJ RIP. But I really need for people calling Michael a pedophile and SH** to shut the FREAK UP, the man is dead, let it be!!! If you were 15 and a pop-star at that, why didn’t you have enough sense to know better and call him out back then or if you feel that he was strange then why continue to go around an individual that made you do things that are not right???
    I swear God need to come from the gates RIGHT about NOW because so many people would do or say anything just to get attention!

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    His_Mommy623 says:

    @OHONEY, i dnt tease bew…u be fronting so i gotta grab my lil fondle and let u live :boobs:

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    Fayla says:

    :dead: @ Mirs Red-faced emoticon :ghost:

    & as far as this story, this Meth-head needs more ppl. If his mammie really did call the Po-Po don’t yall think we woulda heard about that ALL over CNN & nem?? As much as they tried to bring MJ (RIP) down, they had a famouse blonde-haired blue eyed boi confessing MJ plied him with drugs & alcohol but nothing came of it?? CHILE BYE!!!

  114. 114
    mirsmommy says:

    Thanks FeFe :hug:

    :boobs: shake for you, too!!!

  115. 115
    West Coast Chick says:

    morning folks… I cant defend MJ..love his music, but I take child abuse VERY seriously! I have a son and I KNOW I’d KILL somebody for some shyt like that .. its intolerable.. as far as Carter.. if someone is abused, especially a man by another man, its not in anyone’s judgement to say when and if he can admit it.. I can only imagine that must be hard for him to live with..I always believe when people say they were mistreated because 9 times out of 10, its true

  116. 116
    2know the ledge says:

    doubkle haven’t check you yet love. comeseeme dot org and got your loser dot com

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    His_Mommy623 says:

    @Yso…oh i support ur new found religion bew. Pls report to the temple of unmoisturized extensions and holy trinity of pelvic poppin in a camel hair unitard… <—yep thats the name of the temple bew :yes:

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    OHoney says:

    I see you Fayla WORK IT!!!!

  120. 120
    niki says:

    I don’t believe Carter at all. I think he’s trying to pin his drug addiction in someone and it’s convenient to use Michael now that he’s gone. He’s always denied it before.

  121. 121
    ELove says:

    Left YOU a MSG in the CB post BABY :wink:

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    isnt this what fire hydrant face said u be using? :lol:

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  126. 126
    LadyLioness says:

    Really Aaron Carter????? Now that you’re irrelevant and he’s not here to defend himself you want to say this ish. Tsk tsk…well he dug his own grave. MJ is on the other side now and has free reign to fug this punk up. :warning: Dude from the beastie boys got mouth cancer for calling MJ wacko jacko. I can’t wait to see how this is gonna turn out. :dance:

  127. 127

    @ Fayla

    Ms Purrrty! :hug:

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    His, y Ma huh?? :dead:

    @OHoney LMAO! I am sooo not working it in that pic, can't find a suitable gravi :(

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  142. 142
    2know the ledge says:

    not ignoring the rooftop @yall had to get thsi report 2gether b/c they not going to kill me 2morrow

  143. 143
    vjackson says:

    Aaron Cater was already washed up when Michael Jackson was alive, and he could have used this publicity. W@hy did’t he make these allegations then??. I guess because it’s just easier and more convienient to make these allegations now. If he had bought this up when MJ was alive, he would have had to substantiate what he’s saying..now that MJ is dead, he doesn’t. I’m calling BS.

  144. 144
    pointhimout says:

    side-eye. no need to preface your yawn of a sex tape release with a bs story like this.

    now if mccauley culkin comes forward and say something, I’ll start believing these stories somewhat. That dude and his siblings were always at Neverland. Why dont they have a story to tell?

  145. 145
    kimip84 says:

    pointhimout says:

    side-eye. no need to preface your yawn of a sex tape release with a bs story like this.

    now if mccauley culkin comes forward and say something, I’ll start believing these stories somewhat. That dude and his siblings were always at Neverland. Why dont they have a story to tell?



  146. 146
    Drag_Anne_fly says:

    SR wrote “Jackson even dyed his eldest son’s hair to make him look more like Carter.” <===== :hahaha:

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