Beyoncé is featured inside this month’s Time magazine. According to a record label insider, Beyoncé’s upcoming album, 4, is her worst album to date. The CD has caused turmoil and divisiveness at Sony/Columbia.

My source, who begged to remain anonymous, said Jay Z and Beyoncé both want the album released on schedule. But label execs don’t think Bey’s fans will embrace the album due to Jay Z’s incompetent A&R.

“This is the worst Beyoncé album ever!,” said my source from his home in New York.

“[Jay Z] and his boys are A&R’ing Beyoncé but they’re not doing a great job at it. This has been the worst rollout I’ve ever seen on Beyoncé. She never put out this… I mean, granted, not everybody can put out great singles. But, this is the first time she put out back to back to back bad singles. None of them are working! At least when Mathew was here, he would have put the brakes on it, you know… Sometimes the saying goes: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, you know? Mathew might have made some bad judgment calls on his personal life, but as a manager… he was a great manager.

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As some of you may know, singer Kelly Rowland and her manager, Devyne Stephens, parted ways last week. According to an industry insider, Kelly’s boyfriend, Tim Weatherspoon, made her fire Devyne.

It seems that Weatherspoon (pictured at right and below with her) didn’t get along with Devyne, who celebrated his 40th birthday in grand style last night in Atlanta (more on that later).

“Tim was co-managing Kelly with Devyne,” said my source. “If you notice, he’s always in pictures with her. A lot of people may not know [he’s her boyfriend] because he’s more like an average Joe. He’s not well-known. But she really loves him.”

Kelly has been riding a wave of newfound fame fueled by her #1 hit single, “Motivation”, featuring Lil Wayne. Although she is a superstar in the U.K., Kelly wasn’t as popular here in the states as she was when she sang backup for Beyoncé in Destiny’s Child.

Industry insiders believe Kelly Rowland’s renewed popularity in the U.S. is the reason why her boyfriend pushed for Kelly to dump Devyne.

“He wants them to be like Jay Z and Beyonce,” said my source, who believes “a little jealousy” may have precipitated Tim’s decision.

“That’s a battle that Devyne couldn’t fight,” he said. “He can’t go up against that. [Tim] is with Kelly everyday. They sleep together, etcetera.”

Click here to read more has the story behind Atlanta’s dumbest burglar who was found dangling from razor wire atop a fence in Buckhead on Monday:

Officers told Channel 2 Action News two men broke into a home on Peachtree Battle Avenue in Buckhead, raced from the scene and wrecked their car a short distance away on Chattahoochee Avenue.

News Chopper 2 showed a red vehicle wedged between a pair of trees in a northwest Atlanta warehouse district and a man in handcuffs.

Police said they found a second suspect hanging in upside down from the fence about a block from where the car crashed. The man had wriggled out of his pants and was caught wearing just boxer shorts.

The bumbling burglar was placed in an ambulance but his injuries are unknown, according to WSBTV.

I’m just glad somebody got a picture of the fool. I’ll update this post later with his mugshot.

As you know, Lil Wayne’s baby mama and reality TV star Antonia Carter got married to her boyfriend, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, over the weekend in Atlanta.

While most of you are talking about Lil Wayne’s other baby mama, Nivea, getting arrested for a DUI after the reception — the industry is wondering whether the wedding was even real.

According to my confidential informant — an invited industry insider — no one knew until they arrived that the wedding would be filmed for an upcoming episode of Carter’s BET reality TV series, “A Family Affair”.

My informant said BET producers angered the guests by telling them they couldn’t bring their cell phones into the wedding, and making them sign release forms. “People were pissed!” said my source. She said none of the guests knew the wedding was being filmed until they arrived. “The invitations said the wedding was in Alpharetta, but it was in Milton, Georgia,” she said.

“The seating was staged to accommodate the TV cameras,” she said. “Monica Brown came with her husband Shannon, and Tamar Braxton was there with her husband. Tameka [Tiny] was the maid of honor.”

“It was raining. They made everyone huddle in a little guest house foyer for an hour until they got it together. We had to sign release forms.”

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Troubled singer Chris Brown experienced another career-threatening meltdown at a local nightclub following his less-than-stellar performance at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash concert on Saturday. Brown, who was clearly wasted, ordered his goons to harass the local media.

A loyal reader, who prefers to remain anonymous, writes:

I really was not feeling Chris Brown’s behavior and how he treated the media last night. If he had a problem with taking photos why did he show up at such a high profile event in the first place? The young man MUST realize that he is a public figure and that he owes it to his fans that were in the building as well as the many that could not make it to the event to provide some level of humility when dealing with the media.

What was the purpose of hiring a publicist to invite media to cover the event if you don’t want your image taken? While we appreciated the invite by the event publicist, it is foolish for any celebrity to think that they are exempt from having their photo taken. To add insult to injury, he instructed his “mechanical dummies” aka security guards not to allow photographers to use their camera flashes. Where they do that at?

We suppose his reasoning was because there may have been a few underage drinkers in his VIP section he didn’t want us to get on camera. In any event, unless he changes his narcissist ways he will never rise to the level of a superstar.

Celebrity DJ Holiday and Socialite & Model Sheneka Adams

Rainbow Decatur Flavors

Photos by Dennis Byron

Photos from Chris Brown Official after-Party for Birthday Bash 16

Tongues are wagging about how GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), otherwise known as the gay mafia, seems to have comedian Tracy Morgan by the cojones.

Ever since his homophobic rant during a standup comedy routine in Nashville earlier this month, Tracy has embarked on a gay apology tour — bending over backwards to appease the gays.

During his comedy show 2 weeks ago, Tracy made reference to the media’s preoccupation with gay teen suicides: “Gays need to quit being p**sies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.”

He also said he would stab his own son if the lad ever admitted he was gay.

In response to vigorous protests from GLAAD, Tracy issued a slew of apologetic statements to the media. He quickly followed up with a personal appearance at a homeless center for gay youth in NY last week. Today he plans to visit Nashville — the scene of his homophobic meltdown — where a GLAAD member says he will issue a “big statement.”

While Morgan seems sincerely remorseful, some are saying his ongoing “Gay apology tour” is really just a ploy to expose GLAAD’s heavy handed tactics. They say one apology was enough, and they worry that GLAAD is overstepping their boundaries and infringing upon Tracy’s right to free speech.

“Tracy Morgan’s gone overboard,” ‘The View’ and HLN host Joy Behar tweeted on Twitter last week. “First he apologized and did a PSA. Now he supports gay marriage. What’s next, a quiet weekend with Barney Frank?”

An NBC insider told Popeater’s Robert Shuter, “Tracy has been highjacked by the gay movement. He did a stupid thing and now has ended up as the poster child for gay rights. This isn’t a position anyone ever thought he would end up in.”

After I posted this story about actress Gabbrielle Union’s “new man”, she quickly took to her Twitter page to clarify the situation. It seems that the man photographed shopping with Gabby in the “Meatpacking” district of NY is actually a close friend of hers, who just happens to be gay.

Unfortunately, I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, so Gabby’s tweet to me got lost in the clutter that is my timeline.

“I love tht my “new man”…has a man! Yeahhhh…I guess the TRUTH aint get in the way of a good story! Lol Come on son…LAME …my “new man’s” BOYFRIEND is hot & they’re a proud out couple RUMOR! My FRIEND is happily engaged 2 his boyfriend”

We here at pride ourselves on our credibility and integrity. If we report something that is inaccurate we take immediate steps to correct it. We apologize to Ms. Gabrielle Union and her friend, and we regret the error.

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