According to In Touch Weekly (the TV show, not the blog), actress Stacey Dash was fired from VH1’s popular scripted hit show, “Single Ladies.” According to Jawn Murray, a search has been underway for Dash’s replacement for weeks.

He tweeted that Dash clashed with co-star LisaRaye and other cast members of Single Ladies, which led to her dismissal from the show.

This is shocking news to “Single Ladies” diehard fans who tune into the hourly show each week to see Stacey’s adorable walk and what she’s wearing.

Murray tweeted that Inside Weekly is “recasting” for Stacey’s part. It seems strange that it would take so long to find her replacement. It’s also odd that Stacey tweeted this message to her 146,000 followers earlier today.

She hardly seems upset if she was fired.

Publicity stunt much?

Episode 10 airs tonight on VH1 at 9 p.m. EST.

  • Daisy

    I won’t miss anything but her clothes IF these reports are true. Her character annoyed me :coffee:

    I hope the show improves next season I only like Keisha and Malcolm

  • buddapecan

    I love Keisha and Malcolm too. But for some reason I am not trusting him 100%. lol

  • RealGAPeach

    I hope it’s not true, I really liked Stacey…just didn’t care for her :hump: with men she just met.

  • yvonne79


  • Eb

    Pilar Sanders can take Stacy Dash’s place :coffee:

  • beenaroundtheworld

    I watch the show and really like Keisha and Malcolm. For some reason, Val just wasn’t doing it for me. I didn’t really care for her character…

  • jealousCNenvy

    I knew that was comin. I heard Lisa Raye mopped her. LOL!! Wow. Folks say she’s a real snob!!

  • SnootyPooty

    Pilar would be a great replacement EB!!!!!!!

    I like stacey she is my girl crush

  • SnootyPooty

    I like Kesha and Malcolm as well.. When Lisa Raye did an interview on Rickey Smiley she denied rumors of her and Stacey getting into a fist fight she did say they exchanged words though

  • Necelove

    RealGAPeach says:

    I hope it’s not true, I really liked Stacey…just didn’t care for her with men she just met.

    I agree. I like her but she whines too damn much. But I’ve gotten use to her. If someone else takes her place, I hope she rocks it. But I love me some Keisha & Malcolm too. I wonder what the FED’s gone be doing at the house tonight. Maybe the brother, Ashley set him us of jealousy or It’s just Malcolm’s past. Can’t wait.

  • trenee

    have never watched the show before, but it’s unfortunate if she is…

  • KrayZKat

    Stopped watching after Episode 3.

  • Mamacita

    I liked Val’s character. I wonder how true this is :think:

    I’m in a love hate relationship with Keisha/LisaRaye’s character. Her acting is horrid but her story line is so interesting that you’d hate to see her go.

  • SnootyPooty

    @mamcita I like her character as well….

  • MrzzSmitty

    Isnt Val the star of the show???

  • SouthernPrincess

    The entire show needs to be canceled. The acting is horrible. The “stars” are has beens at best….just HORRIBLE

  • BigCityGirl

    WOW…I hope its not true. Stacey Dash is the only TRUE established actress among the ladies…Something doesn’t smell right with this news…Its contract time…everybody else is probably glad to be working but she wants to get PAID…I’ll stay tuned…

  • Daisy

    I agree about Malcolm I told my co workers he always has an excuse or explanation I got my eye on him too

    Stacey is not a TRUE actress to me she sucks

  • binks

    I don’t mind the character of Val but like mention she just needs a better story and a stronger male actor as her counterpart. Personally, they could get rid of the two white girls they are just fillers and just focus on Val and Keisha and the gay guy

  • Starr

    They should fire the whole cast….they call suck

  • Nhere

    I was curious how these two headlining a show together would work out. After all Lisa and Stacey are A list actresses in the minds of men 30+.

  • BellaBarbie

    If Stacey Dash’s character Val is replaced or written off I will not watch Single Ladies! The ONLY reason I watch is to see what she is wearing! So what she is a DIVA…hopefully Queen Latifah is about business and not the cattyness of who does not get along with who!

  • mjoylaw

    I don’t believe this; Stacey and her people must be trying to get a major raise and still haven’t locked it down. She’s the main/only actress on the show.

  • Femme Fatale

    Really? How dis gone work? Half the show is filmed in either Val’s condo or her boutique.

    Sandra, is this post an ad disguised as a “rumor”? :waiting:

  • therapist1911

    As much as Val walk & talk annoys me…..I like her. I never liked Stacey or Lisa Raye as actors just beautiful women.

    I like the flare the two white women bring to the show.

  • Yardgirl

    I watch because I try to support my people and in order for more shows to be made they need to get decent rating. However the acting is pretty bad and the story laughable!! I never realized how annoying Stacy Dash was, beautiful woman but gawd, that voice is like nails on chalkboard to me. The DVR cut off at the proposal but I am going to guess that is the “cliff hanger” until next season. Mkay :zzz:

  • jazzyiest

    Honestly, Stacey is the only real actress on the show. :coffee:

  • kahmmillion

    I hope they do get someone who can act and someone not as old.

    That slu*ty white girl is so damn ugly….geeze man!

  • DMisses

    jazzyiest says:

    Honestly, Stacey is the only real actress on the show. :coffee:


    I concur. They should replace her with Essence Atkins or Taraji tho

  • pointhimout

    it shouldn’t be hard to replace her. hmmmm, what other actresses are out there that are attractive, can’t act, and are boring as hell if weren’t for their looks? Get Keshia Knight Pulliam or one of the other actresses from Tyler Perry Theater Troupe. A Nia Long or Regina King type actress would be too strong for the cast.

  • alexander

    Keshia Knight Pulliam would be perfect. Not going to miss Dash.

  • alexander

    i meant, not going to miss Mrs. Dash

  • LadyQC

    I agree Keisha Knight Pulliam would fit in the role of Val perfectly.

  • caligirl

    I don’t know where to begin….Pilar Sanders replacing Stacey Dash would never work.

    1. They are Christians and Soft Porn is not a good look.
    2. Pilar and Lisa Raye chemistry would never work.

    Nia Long or Regina King…They can actually act. IMO

    Keisha Knight would be perfect :coffee:

  • CHA CHA aka Cali Sunkissed

    What is a real actor :shrug: none of these people have any major fame or accolades to show for.

    I love this show so I am bias, the acting is not so bad, I dont really down know what it is people of the world expect :shrug: Im so thorougly lost :no: