Rapper Lil Wayne released a video explaining the bizarre collection of tattoos all over his body. In the video, Wayne says he got his first tattoo at age 14 in honor of his late father. He said he got his next tattoo to emulate the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

“I have no problem with people going and getting a billion tattoos. But why are you doing it? I know my first tattoo I got, I got because my dad died. I was 14 years old and I knew, not for nothing, God forgive me, I did want to represent my dad in a way but I knew that, ‘Man, I could get my first tattoo at 14 if I asked my mom, ‘Can I go get my dad’s name?’ She’s not gonna be against that.’ The next tattoo that I got said ‘Original Hot Boy’ with a star. Then I went and got my tat across my stomach ’cause I wanted to be like Tupac. I got my tattoo because I wanted to be like Tupac and at the time, I would tell the tattoo dude that’s why I was getting it.”

Obsessive tattooing falls under the category of self-harming behavior. Self-harm is most common in adolescence and young adulthood, usually first appearing between the ages of 12 and 24.

Troubled young men like Lil Wayne go overboard with tattoos to feel intense pain in order to cover up their feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and depression.

When they use sharp objects to cut their skin, they are referred to as “cutters” or “self mutilators.” Cutters are usually highly functioning individuals with no diagnosis of mental illness. The majority of them are substance abusers who self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to relieve their emotional pain.

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  • vero

    Maybe some mean something but most are blah ! Especially the face tattoos !

  • Posche

    Another Brooklyn Bridge Body..!

  • scorpio

    Hot Mess!!! I could never permanetly marr my body like this. I think tribal tattoos such as those the Pacific Islanders wear are beautiful, but this looks like a two year old scribbling with crayon and paper.

  • lovezoe

    To each his own.

  • DragonLeo

    Why do I feel the need to read him? Smh

  • http://twitter.com/_Tainted_Love Tainted_Love

    I have a few tattoos myself but I’ll never understand how someone can tattoo their face. It speaks volumes about a person with they mark up their face…in a way it say I don’t really like myself :shrug:
    Every tattoo I have on myself has a meaning and reason why I placed it there. Icant see the purpose of having hundreds of tats on your face arms and legs. But as someone else said to each its owns. Not everyone thinks the same.

  • DragonLeo

    Newspaper? Blog? Magazine? Comic book, that’s it!

  • DragonLeo

    @ tainted, I agree with u. I’m just curious as to how meaningful can a Rolls Royce logo be for weezy. come on now! That just makes him look bored! He needs hobby, outside of lean, smoking and skateboarding.

  • thaspinaltruth

    Lil Wayne needs to sit his Davinci Coded body down somewhere.

  • chase

    In 7-10 years he will begin the process of getting
    This crap removed.. What a waste..

  • KrayZKat

    What are these tattooed bodies going to look like in their elderly years. I wasn’t born with my body marked up, and I don’t intend to die with it purposely marked up either. To each his/her own though.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Birdshu Bird

    The face tats are whack and the gang affiliation is super duper whack, otherwise I have always admired this man’s intellect. He is not a dumb dude and I appreciate that in a rapper and a man in general. Most importantly, it does my heart good to see him sober. I thought we were going to lose him at one point.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. 1 little, 2 little, 3 little aliens………

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJewNV_LhnE&feature=player_embedded Zoe B.

    I was with him until he pulled out the Young Money prepaid card.

  • sugar-booger

    You know what we burried my husbands grandfathwr today……. he was a living legend in my big daddy’s mind. And i believe what Wayne says if nothing else about 1 thing. We never know what he got till its gone.
    You know what ….. i am pretty much anonymous right now so i will say i saw my 300 lb 6 foot husband break down like a baby to day and that is something that never happens in this house. His granddaddy may or may not have know that he was my hisbands hero.… i dont knoe. But my husband knows he is my hero because of who he is. You never know what u have until its gone like Wayne said. We should take the time to cherish what we have because it couuld be rippped away. I didn’t see the rest of the video after that cuz my phone f’ed up out here in the country. All I know is that part resignated with me. And we are drinking Jack right now in Paw Paw Walters honor. And if no one else reads this that is cool. I will know I tried to let someone know cherish what u have stupid cuz it is what God gave you. Whether it be to learn from their good or learn to be like their bad.

    Bye S. Rose family. I am not well known here but u guys influence me and my tthoughs. GOOD NIGHT.

  • Yall still crazy

    :hug: @sugar-booger. Hah I just laughed a loud laugh after typing your name! GOD bless you and the family. Stay strong and tell Paw Paw stories all night long…

    *cues Lionel Richies All Night Long*

  • sugar-booger

    Hello Y’all you know what ………i agreed with alot of sh!t you say!!
    I am sorry glad you laughed at my name. I am a sugar booger country ass m0TH3r f*&%er but I am keeping it real with no fake ass AKA that’s not real!!! Thanks for your hugs!! we ARE telling paw paw stories alllllll night long but I told my husband he BETTER NOT say anything about my family EVERY again LOL!!!!!!!!!! At this dudes country a$$ fam!! OMG you have no idea!! LMAO!!

  • Audacious2

    He is very disturbed with all those tatts’.
    Seriously, “Roll Royce”? I wonder how he explains that one.
    I’m confused :blink: He says his father/dad died when he was 14yrs old & wanted to pay homage with a tattoo, right? But in a 2009 interview with Katie Couric he stated this:

    “… he goes by the name of “Wayne” instead of his given name, Dwayne. Carter explained, “I dropped the D because I’m a junior and my father is living and he’s not in my life and he’s never been in my life. So I don’t want to be Dwayne, I’d rather be Wayne”. Couric asked Wayne if his father knew of this and Wayne replied with a smile, “He knows now”

    So was this a step-dad that died he had tatted on his body? because this doesn’t sound like somebody honoring the memory of his dad.

  • http://confidentlybeautiful.com Tammy

    @Audacious2 Thank you I was thinking the same thing I remember he was saying his Father passed the with Kate he said he was alive I was like he lied about his dad dying I’m so confused

  • Ms. Everything

    @Audacious and Tammy… he used his father’s death as an excuse so that his mom would give him permission at 14 to get a tat. He wanted one and he knew she wouldn’t say no if he said he wanted to get one to honor his father. He was just being a bad ass conniving teenager (like alot of them are)

    On topic… I hate to see young men ruin their bodies like this. At what point do they realize that it’s not attractive and makes them look dirty? :no: I could never date a man who did that to his body

  • The Divalicious NP

    @ Audacious and Ms. Everything…Lil Wayne’s step-father raised him from a very young age. He was murdered when Lil Wayne was a teenager. He got the tattoo in memory of his step-father because that’s who he considered his dad. His real father has never been a part of his life.

    Most people who get tattoos are NOT considered cutters with feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and depression. Nor are we highly-functioning individuals with no diagnosis of mental illness who abuse drugs. As a professional person in the medical field, I have many tattoos (all hidden) and am considered quite normal. I also know many professional people who are upstanding members of society that have tattoos. We must be very careful about making blanket statements to categorize things that we may not agree with. While Lil Wayne’s tattoos may be extreme and unpleasing to the eye of some people, it hardly qualifies him to be classified as a drug-abusing mentally unbalanced person with low self-esteem. Ijs…

  • omina-homina

    over compensation for low self esteem = narcissism

    It’s epidemic.

  • omina-homina

    Prime example of the commercial exploitation of mental illness and post traumatic slave disorder in blacks.

  • omina-homina

    He can’t even articulate what he wants to say, at near 30 years old!

    This is also an example of commercial exploitation of education deficiency among blacks.

    But he’s rich, so, who cares, right?

  • TiFan4Lyfe

    If he lives to get old he is going to look horrid…scary!!I feel for his grandchildren cause by that time nothing he is doing now will be relevent and they won’t know what the fuck is going on..what is he going to tell them??I wanted to be like 2pac??chile…

  • Femme Fatale

    Niggerfied…Niggerty…Niggerdom… <~ stolen from Therapist, but seems so fitting here.

    I am so sick and tired of seeing every other young dude around the way lookin jus like this fool. Wit all them face tats, where are all of ya'll gone work?

  • ATLCutie

    I think he looks a mess. I don’t want to imagine what he will look like in 20 years.