Troubled singers Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen entering a West Hollywood recording studio yesterday -- at separate times, not together. (the photo above is for illustrative purposes only). Rihanna's reps have dismissed rumors that Rihanna is reconciling with her abusive ex-boyfriend. But there is a new rumor that they are recording a track together -- possibly a remix of one of Rihanna's songs. Rihanna and Brown are expected to take the stage at the Grammy Awards tomorrow -- though not together. It will be their first time attending the Grammy's at the same time since the incident in 2009 when Brown savagely punched, bit and stomped Rihanna in a fit of rage that still resonates today. Brown has said he will not give interviews this year, and he is not expected to walk the red carpet.

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  • Nadine

    What happened to his girlfriend Kootchie K?

  • vero

    awww they're wearing matching bottoms :lol:

  • EB

    I love Rihanna's look.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ Nadine: Karaoke and CB are still together. Ignore the rumors.

  • vero

    :dead: @ the made up names for his girfriend.
    Hi ladies :waves:

  • Yardgirl

    Hello weekenders!! Vero!!! :yahoo:

    I like RiRi's look. I think Cucaracha is going to be pissed!! :yes:

  • BigCityGirl

    Happy Weekend Folks!

    All eyes will definitely be on them at the awards...LOL

  • Daisy

    I would say I told you so but they "aren't back together" so I will *ziplips* and move on....

    RiRi looks cute n casual

    I want to see both of their performances tomorrow along w/Adele and Akeys

  • lashellebelle

    I can't even comment after lookin' at Vero's gravi!!!

    Thanks for the weekend posts Aunty!!! :yes:

  • lovezoe

    Karaoke and Rihanna kinda favor with that blondish hair. I know Breezy will put on a show as he always does. CB has not had another DV incident in 3 years, but he is still seen as angry and always will. This stigma the media has on black men is sad. Charlie Sheen don't get asked why he put a knife to his wife throat or him sniffing that snow.

  • lovezoe

    @Daisy- I am really looking forward to Adele! She is BEYOND awesome and deserves every Grammy she is nominated for. I hope she does Someone Like You. I love her Pandora channel, her live versions, WHOA!

  • YepIsaidIt

    :yahoo: My Whipfinity came today!!! That was fast as heck!

    :danban1: <----- cat daddy when I dougie

  • C. Maria

    Maybe that tattoo of Karoke on CB's arm reassures her of his commitment to her...

  • Roc

    This is me ----> :pray: this chick get her old stylist and hairdresser back. And me :pray: again.

  • caligirl

    All I can say is

    God looks out for baby and fools.

    VERO :kona: I'm shocked at your recent behavior, are you acting out?

  • Daisy

    @Roc Rihanna still has the same hairstylist. I like her hair but I also liked the red.

  • vero

    :lol: @cali? why do you say that?

  • ItsIce

    I wonder if kookaburra was in the building while Rih Rih was there... :think:

  • STLVixen

    LOL @ Auntie. Her name is Karruche. Poor child gets called everything but her actual name.

    As for Rihanna, I think she needs to 'sat down' and take some time off and regroup. She's been going non stop for the last few years and hasn't had time to really heal.

  • STLVixen

    OMG! They are saying Whitney Houston died! :(

  • I Run New York


  • H-Townmama

    R.I.P Whitney :wails:

  • H-Townmama


  • mure_noire


  • cocosexylady

    Ms. Rose... we are waiting for you to confirm Ms. Houston's death!

  • caligirl

    Oh lawd Jesus say it ain't true...I'm hearing and reading that Whitney Houston passed away.

    PLEASE SAY it ain't true!!!!!!

  • Flawless

    So sad, I'm watching it in CNN

  • Flawless


  • Yardgirl

    OMG!! My sister just called me!! :crying: I just saw her on TV with her daughter a few nights ago R.I.P. :crying:

  • lipstickbandit

    48 years much more life to live. R.I.P. to a legend, may we remember for her great voice. I'm still wondering how TMZ seems to get more information than other media outlets. Her publicist said the location and cause were unknown, but TMZ is saying she died inside a Beverly Hills hotel room and a police crime lab vehicle was seen outside the do they always know the scoop?

  • Anna

    Whitney has always been my girl from day one.
    I am so sad.

  • lovezoe

    I am sick right now! This hurts right up there with MJ.

  • lipstickbandit

    @Yardi my heart is really going out to her daughter because they were close and to lose your mom at such a young age is very disheartening.

  • lovezoe

    @lipstick= Same way they got the scoop on MJ, money hungry folks with loose lips and empty bank accounts.

  • Flawless

    Its really sad, because she was in the process of re-making 'sparkels' and I wamted to see the remake.

  • lipstickbandit

    @Flawless and she signed up for Waiting to Exhale part 2 and I freaking LOVED that movie and wanted to see how Savannah and the rest of the girls lives turned out.

  • Henny Blaque

    I cant even believe this!!!

    I was just sittin in my car listening to the radio BUMPIN to the club music and the host stopped everything and announced her death.

    I was instantly p*ssed and said to myself Im so sick of these people and these sick internet rumors, then my phone started blowin up...

    :crying: :crying: :crying:

  • Henny Blaque

    They just said on CNN that Ray J was the one who found her at the hotel....she was getting ready for the Clive Davis party

  • STLVixen

    See, this is getting messy already. Today is Brandy's birthday. Ray-J was supposedly with her when she died, but then later recanted that on CNN.

    So freaking sad...

  • Brii

    High top Adidas and camouflage bottoms... hmmmm

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    With greatest respect to the late great Whitney Houston I missed this post yesterday and I just gotta comment.

    I didn't even know they were at the same studio but the twin camo pants thing just reinforced my belief that these two are back at it hot and heavy even though Chris is already in a relationship. And I think that as long as the imaginary midget model and Rih Rih are willing to share him he will continue to be with both of them. Life lessons are a good thing, good or bad.