I just heard Keyshia Cole's much-anticipated new single "Enough of No Love", and let me tell you Keyshia pours her heart out on this track!

If you love old school R&B with a new school hip hop vibe, you will love "Enough of No Love"! As I told you previously Keyshia was shooting the music video with Lil Wayne Sunday and today.

My confidential record label source says Keyshia is "coming back with a vengeance!" The superstar will soon announce that she is signed to new management after unceremoniously firing hr last manager, Manny Halley.

I can tell you exclusively that Keyshia's new manager is Jordan Feldstein, who works with veteran music manager Irving Azoff. Azoff owns the biggest management company in the business!

Azoff, who is also co-chairman of Live Nation, manages supergroup Maroon 5, R&B legend Mary J. Blige and actor Jonah Hill. So Keyshia is in good company. But you didn't hear any of that from me!

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  • LaceFace

    looking forward to hearing it

  • http://www.vibedeck.com/brandoncharles BCinKS

    She really needs to redeem herself from that horribly rushed previous album. The fans aren't going to give her many more chances.

    That said, I'll be checking for it.

  • FuturedocDonte

    I can't with keyshia sounding like hurting cats all the time. I can't deal with the whining

  • http://talkingwithtami.com/blog talkingwithtami

    Her bun is sittin! #fiya :coffee:

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :cheer: i like Keyshi, looking forward to listening :cheer:

  • MZ_CARAM3L74

    gud! & my boo Wayne's on the track...HAWT :love:

  • Xena68

    What's up with this bandanna faze with the ladies now.

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    talkingwithtami says:

    Her bun is sittin! #fiya

    Lol at "her bun is sittin!" :lol:

  • yallcrazy

    Looks like she's ready to :karate: somebody, Like I just did downstairs :lol:

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

    Alright now :cheer:

  • Ty

    *does a u turn for this post*

    Keyshia better bring it this time. Her and the King of Cleveland still owe me for that last CD :cuss:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    so was Manny stealing from Keyshia or what had happened?? :popcorn:

  • Ty

    yallcrazy says:

    Looks like she’s ready to somebody, Like I just did downstairs
    Who u cut Yall :think:

    "Him down stairs" :rofl:

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    :smack: damb! the audio aint eem on youtube :mad:

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    Jenie! :2dance:
    Ty :hug:

    sup sugaluv's??

  • Ty

    :hug: @ Fay....gone 4 real this time :peace:

  • FuturedocDonte

    Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:) says:

    so was Manny stealing from Keyshia or what had happened??

    I'm tryna find this out also :thinking:

  • yallcrazy

    Ty says:

    yallcrazy says:

    Looks like she’s ready to somebody, Like I just did downstairs
    Who u cut Yall

    “Him down stairs”
    Just some of them 80's babies Ty :lol: And I gave them an Assignment, to which one of em said "don't trip, she'll forget by the morning" or something along those lines :lol:

  • yallcrazy

    Xena, shatt looks wack IMO


  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    @Future i was hoping Auntie would spill a lil :tea: but she gone! :steer:

    @YALL 20 mins yo! :yahoo:

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

    That's good for her but not them pics above :nono:

  • Xena68

    @ yallcrazy I'm with you on that.

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

    Lil Wayne look like a goofy pedophile that grin :nono:

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

    :waves: Ladies

  • yallcrazy

    IMO Only PAC could do it :coffee: #youngladiesdonottrythisshattandwhileyallatittakeoffthemsilkbonnetsandshyt #yewlookcrazy #notmakingthisup #andlastbutnotleastitaintmyfault

    :waves: <---take that hanky offa your head....

  • yallcrazy

    Choco, I bet these were "practice shots" (I hope) ya know, just to get the right light or something because uh ummm it ain't cute :no:

    Fay #45mintogo BUT I ain't really working so :shrug: :rofl:

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    YALL :trophy: i aint worked but about 45 mins total today :rofl:

    Choco! :waves: <---my timecard still saying 8 hrs

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com Choco aka Hippie

    Practice my azz someone posted those pics :lol: #BLEH

  • yallcrazy

    You got me beat Fay :rofl:

    :nono: They got "hacked" Choco :lol:

  • yallcrazy

    #youngladiesdonottrythisshattandwhileyallatittakeoffthemsilkbonnetsandshyt #yewlookcrazy #notmakingthisup #andlastbutnotleastitaintmyfault

  • http://www.landofpure.net Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)


    but what they gone do when they can't use me anymore? i can't stand an ungrateful mf. i give & give & mf's just aint grateful at. ALL. :(
    nobody takes me serious until i'm :ghost: on that ass. i can show u better than tell u.

    i'm out yall have a good one :peace:

  • yallcrazy

    <--can't stand ungrateful mofos Neither :no:


  • missmiami

    :claps: i hope so cuz i miss the old keyco

  • Usual Suspect

    :waves: @ Choco

  • Manuel Mexico

    Okay. Let's do it. I'm doing like Puff did with The Way It Is and buying six copies. LET'S GO! :party:

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Fayla says: @Future i was hoping Auntie would spill a lil

    Please use the search function on my blog. That old tea has already been spilt. :tea:

  • yallcrazy

    Xena, Is that Phyllis H in your gravi?!


  • lovezoe

    Soooo there is a video of Chris Bosh and his ex showing the pregnancy test online and being extremely happy. They said they planned and everything. Changes my views on dude completely.

  • anw_rootbeer

    I love kc

  • imarie aka lalie

    I'm rooting for Keyshia.

  • missmiami

    :rofl: @ my guilty pleasure Love N HipHop

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    missmiami says:

    @ my guilty pleasure Love N HipHop

    You like the show?

  • missmiami

    It cracks me up auntie. Its pure entertainment. My house is full of kids so i desperately need it :yes:

  • hell_on_heels

    Auntie I'm cracking up, because you essentially said the same thing about Mrs. Monica Brown (and look @ what happened). None the less I wish Mrs. Keisha Cole the best....was NEVER really into her (maybe a single or two) and I won't be checking for this album either (sorry). And I'm tired of EVERYBODY and their momma’s putting Lil Wayne on shyt...I just can't. Good morning my SR family.

  • BoogieNites

    ***hollywood ex wives spoiler alert***

    it came on last nite, and i watched :yes: if they're smart, R.'s ex will NOT be cut. she is a reallife tashamack ! ! ! althought she reminds me of a muppet, she is certainly full of 1-liners and flava ** will's ex reminds me of a slim lisa raye in some scenes. had no clue she's a 1st lady now :tea: ** prince's ex is (admittedly) not over that relationship. and i neva thought prince was sexxy :no: ** & j.canseco is the kim zolciak of the bunch (juicy was a good book)

    morning :hi:

  • GAGIRL87

    The scene from Love & HipHop when Jose-line was sitting on the toilet peeing on the pregnacy test and the background music WAS Trey Songz "Heart Attack" I was weak :rofl:

    VH1 do to much :no:

  • lovezoe

    The fact Jose was sitting on that dirty toilet, was just disgusting.

  • GAGIRL87

    Memphitz called into TT Torrez's radio show recently where he gave a detailed account of his relationship with K. Michelle. He discussed signing her to his label, falling in love with her and some of her violent outbursts which forced him to "restrain" her. Deets inside....

    Memphitz has taken to publically defending himself against accusations made by reality tv star K. Michelle, who stars on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." Since K. Michelle alleged that he abused her, the record exec has blasted her as a liar and says though they did have fights, he only restrained her when she hit him!

    Check out TT Torrez's highlights:

    On how Memphitz and K. Michelle met:

    Memphitz explains how he and K. Michelle met in New York. After K. Michelle sang for him for the first time, he said he was blown away and HAD to sign her. Memphitz was the Vice President of the A&R department at Jive Records after leaving Arista.

    On how Memphitz and K. Michelle got involved intimately:

    After signing K. Michelle, he would have her travel with him to sing for everyone. Late night studio sessions led them to begin mixing business with pleasure. Memphitz said he shouldn't have gotten involved with his artist but he did.

    He said things started happening between them that caused the relationship to turn sour. If Memphitz would listen to another female artist, K. Michelle would get upset. He said he was very fond of K but she was more in love with him than he was with her. He said they NEVER lived together but she did stay in his house in Atlanta and condo in New York.

    On K. Michelle getting a $2 million dollar deal from Jive:

    Memphitz said K. Michelle was signed for about $500,000, not $2 million. He said he "fixed" things on her to market her (i.e. breast implants). He claims he never touched the money she got from Jive to fund personal luxuries. He said the label handles the money after a budget is submitted so there's no way he could have used her money for personal reasons.

    On why he got fired from Jive:

    Memphitz says he was running a one-man show and just had too many things going on. He also added K. Michelle was going to the record label telling them Memphitz hit her which also may have had something to do with him being fired. He said, "She says that whenever she thinks she has a stage."

    On an argument/altercation where he allegedly put his hands over her mouth:

    Memphitz said he went to the hotel room to let K. Michelle know he was DONE with her. He claims she started swinging at him and throwing things at him while he tries to get to the door. He said he went to the house cleaning ladies to call for help. He then grabbed her and held her arms down to restrain her from hitting him. He admits to covering her mouth to keep her from screaming.

    On why K. Michelle didn't say his name on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta":

    Memphitz says the reason K. Michelle didn't say his name on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" was because he had his lawyers call the producers of the show and said they were NOT able to say his name unless they have proof that he beat her!

    On his relationship with K. Michelle, Ariane:

    Memphitz claims he use to date K. Michelle's friend, Ariane, on the show.

    On if he cheated on his wife, Toya Wright, with K. Michelle:

    He said no. Memphitz claims all of this came about because he got married.

    On K. Michelle being abused:

    He said she was abused before but it wasn't by him.

    On how Toya and his family are handling the negative media attention:

    Memphitz said his wife, his daughters, family and friends know him and know he would not do that. He said "it is what is."

    On his Twitter comment, "I Made You":

    First, he apologized for saying "I made you." He said he didn't make her, God gave her her voice. Memphitz said he meant he put her image together for the industry.

    On if he could ever sit-down and bury this:

    Memphitz said he not burying anything with the devil. He said he wishes her the best of success but he wants nothing to do with her. He said he hopes K. Michelle gets help! Memphitz said he NEVER hit a woman/girl and never will!


    What ya'll think about this interview :coffee:

  • BoogieNites

    hey gagirl :hi: i believe it. sorta. but nice clean-up. :yes:

  • GAGIRL87

    Boogie I kinda believe it too :think: Oh and hello :hi:

  • lovezoe

    GA- I think he full of it. Something tells me there is a HINT of truth to what K.Michelle is saying.

  • Bootcampgirl

    Morning ladies :yahoo:
    On the interview, I don't believe either one of them is totally innocent :shrug:

  • NaijaGal

    Morning Folks :hi:

    Boogie I think R's ex just doesn't photograph well, she's not ugly to me...still don't u/s why Will's ex is on the show...what kind of husband does she have that's ok with this ish...the rest are meh

    GAGIRL - I believe that Memphitz hit that girl, no confirmation on if it was just one time or a continuous mess but it's obviously good that they are no longer together...he's def not helping himself with his Ike tendencies

  • BoogieNites

    hi naij :hi: not ugly, just a muppet :)

  • NaijaGal

    BOOT :waves:

  • BoogieNites

    Bootcampgirl says:

    Morning ladies
    On the interview, I don’t believe either one of them is totally innocent

    this. :yes:

  • Bootcampgirl

    Anybody else watch Extreme Couponing? I watched an episode where this woman's total came to over $700 and the bish only paid under $20...wtf...where do I sign up to learn how to do that shat... :shocked:

  • Bootcampgirl

    Naija :buttshake:

  • NaijaGal

    BOOT - the problem I have with the show is the ish that buy I don't eat :lol: ...I don't eat canned anything and I try to stay away from processed foods so...how was your birthday...if I'm not mistaken it's happened right?

  • Bootcampgirl

    @Naija-I feel you on that, I don't think I need 200 cans of soda either, but it still is kind of amazing.. It was great and thanks for asking, two more years until the bid 4-0... :crying:

  • Bootcampgirl


  • GAGIRL87

    Naija :hug:

    Boot :hug:

  • GAGIRL87


    Bootcampgirl says:

    Anybody else watch Extreme Couponing? I watched an episode where this woman’s total came to over $700 and the bish only paid under $20…wtf…where do I sign up to learn how to do that shat…

    I like Extreme Couponing I wish I knew somebody that was good at it, I need ALL that toilet tissue and laundry detergent though :yes:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • http://gravatar.com/imsuchalady ImSuchaLady

    NaijaGal says:
    I believe that Memphitz hit that girl, no confirmation on if it was just one time or a continuous mess but it’s obviously good that they are no longer together…he’s def not helping himself with his Ike tendencies

    I agree with you. I kind of feel like his interview with TT was damage control. Toya's people told him to fix it and he tried to do a PC interview. It was too late, his first response is the one most people remember. "I Made You"

  • http://gravatar.com/imsuchalady ImSuchaLady

    GAGIRL87 says:
    The scene from Love & HipHop when Jose-line was sitting on the toilet peeing on the pregnacy test and the background music WAS Trey Songz “Heart Attack” I was weak
    VH1 do to much

    Not only that, but the fact she took a limo to a public toilet was a mess. A lot of people were talking about how Jose let a camera in there while she peed. IMO, men are used to standing beside eachother at the urinals when the bathrooms are full, to him it was just another day in the bathroom.

  • GAGIRL87

    lovezoe says:

    GA- I think he full of it. Something tells me there is a HINT of truth to what K.Michelle is saying.


    I think their both lying :shrugs:

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • NaijaGal

    ImSuch :rofl: :dead: @ it was just another day for him

  • NaijaGal

    According to an article and news video from My Fox Houston, popular Houston gospel music artist James Fortune and his wife Cheryl Fortune have been named in a five million dollar lawsuit related to the abuse of James Fortune's stepson and Cheryl Fortune's son.

    The incident, which happened in 2001, resulted in the 4-year old child having severe burns over nearly 50% of his body. The lawsuit states that the child has had to undergo skin graft operations and is permanently disfigured. In 2003, James Fortune pled guilty to felony injury to a child and received six years deferred adjudication.

    The child is now 15-years old and the family has stated that the money from the lawsuit would be used to pay for plastic surgery to correct the disfigurement from the abuse.

    James Fortune is from and still lives in the Houston area. He and his group FIYA are multiple Stellar award winning artists known for the hit gospel songs "I Believe" and "I Trust You."
    what can you say...just sad...making money off of what you don't live by


    Bootcampgirl says:

    Anybody else watch Extreme Couponing? I watched an episode where this woman’s total came to over $700 and the bish only paid under $20…wtf…where do I sign up to learn how to do that shat…



  • Iheart

    Why Lil Scrappy just called in to Rickey Smiley and was supposed to be promoting his album but started going off bout Jose-line really being a man :dead: :rofl: He kept saying "operation tuck" :ghost:

  • Ms. Everything

    As much as I can't stand non singing singers, I :heart: Keyshia with her screeching, cracking, hollering self. Maybe it's cause she reminds me of the days when Mary was Mary and everybody but her and Diddles knew she couldn't sang but it didn't matter cause she put everything she had in everything she did and you could feel it in the music. Actually that is why :shrugs: I hope I like this new album cause I want her to do well

  • http://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    Keyshia Cole is back on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @Keyshiacole! :yes:

  • WalkingKontradiction

    I know I'm late but something doesn't seem right in the water with the Memphitz/K.Michelle situation. He went out of his way to have her not mention his name yet confirmed it his darn self with the "I made you" tweet. (That tweet in and of itself reeks of an abusive personality) He probably did beat the crap out of her. Idk, only time will tell....when people try to convince you the other is crazy I get a little leary. Crazy always shows itself, convincing ain't needed.

  • toosexy

    I can't wait..That's my girl!!!!