Sept. 25 is rap mogul T.I. Harris's 32nd birthday, and his birthday celebration will coincide with BET's 2012 Hip Hop Awards Weekend in Atlanta! was given the honor of hosting the red carpet for T.I.'s star-studded birthday bash this year!

To make sure's readers gets the up-to-the minute info from the party, I am searching for a fresh young face to interview celebrities for's live video Ustream from T.I.'s birthday bash!

The winner will receive a free wardrobe from Kandi Burruss' TAGS Boutique, hair and face whipped to perfection by Derek J's J Spot Salon, and more!

T.I. didn't want to leave the men out. One lucky male reader will receive a $300 AKOO gift card that is redeemable online!

The response has been great so far! Click the link to see some of the video submissions!

Jasmine Adams

Andrea Nickleberry

@Jordyn Taylor


Alena 7

@Rachel Marete

Yasmein Ziyad

Queen Neeka

DiDi Skky


Deanna Rachelle

Andrea Laing

Diamond Lewis

Connie CJ Raiford



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  • Sandra Rose

    I appreciate the ladies who made the effort to mention T.I. or this blog in her video even though it wasn't necessary to do so. :yes:

  • Xena68

    Too many vids to watch but good luck to all trying to win

  • Fayla aka IWhipIt..WhipItRealGood:)

    Auntie I hope u got somebody helping u look through all these vids sheesh! :coffee:

  • FeFe

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    :bye: @Sandra :waves:

  • gypsyeyes

    I've looked through them and the first one is good and the second one is good but the rest, ummmerrrruhhh! :nono:

  • Natasha38

    :bye: @FeFe

  • OHoney

    I've watched a few of @SweetAddictions AKA Candice's videos on YouTube, she's good.

  • OHoney

    I like Andrea Nickleberry :thumbsup:

  • French KI$$E$

    Oh we get to help choose one?!!? :yahoo:

  • MsDivaRo

    I'm so ready for a glass of wine...heading straight to Spec's afta work!!!!

  • Keesh

    So I'm bout to watch these videos and tell y'all what I think

  • DeevaC

    hey y'all! so i got a root canal done today. i don't see what all the terror is about....i didn't feel a thing. do y'all have any plans for the weekend?

  • KayCeiSoul

    DeevaC - root canals aren't bad at all. The only thing that's slightly irritating is the shot to numb you. It's all sunny skies from then on. I'on know why folks be clownin them. The pain prior to will make you fire on a random stranger :karate:

  • DeevaC

    yea, i was terrified because of what i had heard. what is painful is the 1,575 i had to pay for it...well 787 today and another 787 in a few weeks.

  • lashellebelle

    Aunty I think you should choose Candy! She was nice enough to mention you & Tip.
    Plus she's very funny!

  • Sandra Rose

    @ lashellebelle:

    I have a few favorites, but the decision lies with T.I. :)