Shekinah Jo Total Makeover

...Shantron (URBANROSE) and jealousCNenvy! Thanks again for your participation in this great contest! I wish you all could be winners!

Update: Unfortunately, our original winner, Alise, will not be able to travel to Atlanta to get her hair done by Shekinah. So an alternate winner was chosen.

2 months ago, local celebrity stylist Derek J treated 2 readers to Total Makeovers, making their beauty dreams come true!

Now local celebrity hair stylist and "Family Hustle" reality TV star Shekinah Jo has kindly offered to share the gift of giving with readers!

Drexina Nelson and Latasha Wright

Shekinah has graciously offered to style the hair of one working mother ("because you work hard, bitch!") AND one single mom.

Purple Threadz Shekinah's services will include weave takedown, shampoo and style (hair will be supplied); or your own hair shampooed, cut and styled.

And that's not all! Kelly Rowland's personal makeup artist, Latasha Wright, pictured right, has thoughtfully agreed to provide her expert makeup services!

Celebrity photographer, Drexina Nelson, pictured left, was kind enough to offer 2 free PHOTO SHOOTS for each lucky winner so they will always remember their perfect day!!

The Shoe Lounge Purple Threadz Boutique will provide a fabulous outfit for each lucky winner!

Thank you to The Shoe Line for providing a free pair of trendy shoes to each contest winner! The Shoe Lounge is located at 238 Walker Street Southwest #2 in Atlanta. You may contact the Shoe Lounge at (404) 551-3248.

Shekinah's Working Mom and Single Mother Total Makeover is being offered to TWO (2) winners: a working mom AND a single mother who deserve to have a Total Makeover in time for the holidays!

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment in this post explaining why you believe you should win the total makeover! NO EMAILS. Please read the Contest rules before leaving a comment.


Special thank you to Shekinah Jo, Grand Hustle Records GM Hannah Kang, Latasha Wright, Drexina Nelson, and Purple Threads Boutique! And make sure to follow them on Twitter!



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  • Donna del Gatto



    :oops: sorry Sandra

  • tld007

    welll worked 4 yrs on a job that had a hostile take over so i went from 55k to 330/week (long story) I have a son who is 14 whom I raised w/o his dad but with the help of my fam, just recently my son went to stay with his dad and now wife and his dad picked his brained fast forward my son come home hating me, I never talked badly about his dad that is why he received his dad so well. Still unemployed I start my hr certification in January which will make me more marketable prayerfully. No love live but Im cool with that, it's time for work and get busy time securing a job, legacy, and to make my fam proud

  • jessicanicolexus

    I would like to win this contest not for me but for my big sister a single mother of three and a hard working one at that. I would love to see the look on her face if she was to win this, she has never asked for much since her kids come first no matter what.I know it's hard to do anything nice for herself since she works two jobs to provide for her family and as well as help me out in my time of need,she never ask for anything in return so I thought this would be a great surprise for my lovely sister Brandy to show my gratitude for everything she has done for not only me but as well as her kids...

  •!/Birdshu Bird

    YOUR NAME HERE! says:

    Sounds like a great opp. but I did the big chop in August and I really don’t have any hair to have done.

    Hubby accidently big chopped me a few weeks ago when he was supposed to be giving me a trim. I'm so peeved that I've decided to grow my locks back when my hair gets long enough to start them.


    I know I sound like a challange with my short azz hurr, but isn't a challenge a good thing? When hubby and I were leaving Belize a week ago the agent that checked our passport ain't have no hurr either. Yet she had 2-strand flat twists in the front middle third of her hair and comb/palm twists in the rest. That shat was dope!! Can you do that for me?

    Why I deserve it: Well I already done told you that hubby big chopped me by accident. I think I deserve it for that alone. Add to that the fact that hubby got every chronic illness known to black mens and he say I can't put him in a home when he starts falling apart at the seams. Now you know that ain't right. Last but not least, I've gained 30 pounds since I got married 2 years ago. Couple that with being bald headed and girl I'm feeling like shat right about now. I NEED something to make me feel good besides my husband lyin to me talkin about "you look fine" when I look like somebody's grandma and I ain't got no damn grandkids.

  • nydiva4u

    I really would like this opportunity. After 19 years of marriage(recently divorced), I work full time, getting my Ph.D and also own a business. There is rarely time to do anything for myself being that I have two teenagers, 17 and 15 that I am a personal assisitant to being that they are in activities after school. This would really help me out alot.

  • Sheena215267

    Good Afternoon All,
    First of all let me just say I love this site.I check in before I log in to do my work..Chile I plays no games because I be needin my fix of other ppl RATCHETNESS....lmao...Anyway I would love to win this contest that you guys are giving away. I know my chance of winning is not that great but I believe that I deserve to win this contest b/c I am the epitomy of what you guys are requesting.

  • TeaIsFinallyHere

    I would love to win because: I have traction alopecia on the temple area of my head due to my mom perming my hair at a young age and doing tight styles. Needless to say finding cute styles that cover those areas is a bit of a challenge. Im learning to take care of my hair the way it should be and ive really grown to love my hair. Im currently in the process of transitioning to natural hair something I never thought would happen but due to a strict budget I could no longer afford my 6 week hair appointments. Transitioning has been a blessing as I no longer have to worry about sweating out my perm during my newfound fitness routine. Which by the way ive lost 12 pounds thus far.

  • http://SandraRose Mrs.Th@ng

    First I'd like to say that I love this site and I absolutely LOVE Shekinah and her antics on the show.

    I'm a married, 28 year old mother of 3. I work full time as a testing coordinator from 8-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. I go home a assist my 3, 7, and 10 year old daughters with their activities. I cook, clean, and try to find time for ME time (very little). My husband is just like one of the kids. But I love him dearly. I'm a full-time graduate school student. I think I deserve this makeover because my girlfriend always tells me that I need one. I rarely wear pumps because I simply can't walk far in them. I wear the same roller wrap day in and day out. My wardrobe doesn't have any flair and I have no idea how to get any flair. So I beg of thee... "HELP". A thick sista needs some assistance please :bowdown:


    I would like to win this contest but not for me. I would like to enter my sister Alexandria. She is a working mom that always help someone in need. She has recently taken in her niece and just had a new born baby. That is really hectic on its own and to top it off she is in the United States Air Force. Alex deserves this award because she always place others needs in front of her own. I cannot remember the last time she taken any time for herself.

  • VDot

    Dear Sandra,

    As I sit here and type this comment, I am freaking EXHAUSTED. It could be because I stayed up way too late watching the SOA finale, but that's besides the point.

    Either way, everyday, I faithfully punch masta's timeclock and perform as the Happy Negro. I smile when I want to frown. Speak softly and politely when I want to scream. Take a break when I want to "karate" chope a nucca. I do all of this for my sweet baby girl.I'm not sure where her father is, so I play the role of mama and father. I brush her teeth when needed, feed her daily, take her for walks even when I'm exhausted, play with her until she's done. When she cries in the middle of the night, I let her get in the bed with me. I cuddle her, when I'm the one in need of cuddling.

    Truth be told some days when I want to cry, looking at her is the only thing that saves me. As a result, I feel I am truly deserving of a makeover. Matter of fact, I'm not sure if dogs are allowed on the set of the photo shoot, but if so, I would love for my baby girl to be a part of the shoot.

    Love your blog!!!

    - One Exhausted Mother of a Yorkie

  • geema803

    i would like to enter the contest as a single under employed mom of 3. I am a single parent of 3. i work hard to support my children. i am a mom, friend, i attend all my daughters games (soccer, softball, cheerleading and JROTC drill meets). I am unable to do for my self many times because of the sacrifaces i make for my children. i am very involved in every aspect of their lives. Full time single MOM.... i recently relocated to SC from NY for a better environment for my children... who by the way are great kids... had my son at 16 he's now entering the Millitary. HS Graduate and attends College part-time. I have a 20, 14 and 4 year old.

  • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

    Full time GRAD student
    Full time employee
    Full time mom raising a smart kid #igotproof

    So like I said in #11: I should win :grill:

  • Sheena215267

    Good Afternoon All,
    First of all let me just say I love this site.I check in before I log in to do my work..Chile I plays no games because I be needin my fix of other ppl RATCHETNESS….lmao…Anyway I would love to win this contest that you guys are giving away. I know my chance of winning is not that great but I believe that I deserve to win this contest b/c I am the epitomy of what you guys are requesting. I am 28 yrs old and lst year had my 1st AND LAST CHILD<<SO SERIOUS THO. My son is my world and b/c he is my world as most mothers can understand I put myself on the back burner for my boy. I am a working mother who works from 9-7 almost every day. Im blessed to have a supportive family who helps me out with him but I feel like I lost my SWAG..I cant afford to do the things that I used to be able to before my son. I cant remember the last time I brought myself some shoes, clothes or even got my hair done. From getting your hair done every 2 weeks to not getting it done at all.I havent visited the nailery in a yr..Not saying my nails or toes is Krazy with a K but I do them myself and as a female you miss that pampered treatment. I work hard and when its pay time BILLS BILLS BILLS BILLS and what little I have left goes to my son. I just want to look sexy again and get my sexy back. I mean I dont go out because Im not on my swag as before. Im not complaining because my son trumps everything and he is the love of my life but sometimes I just would like to look pretty and have that confident look and work and mommafie it like HAAAY HOW U the inside Im ford f150 but the appearance on the outside looks like a pinto compated to "before my son came" way thanks so much for the oppurtunity and good luck to all who submit! We as working single mothers need more ppl like you Shekinah b! craay and I LOVE YOU FOR IT...GOOD DAY ALL!

  • Sauda

    I find it hard to talk about myself in most situations but I saw this and HAD to respond to's the end of the year, I've been a hell of a mother and I would so blessed to have this makeover.

    I have two daughters (18 & 13) oldest daughter is away at school on a full scholarship, Lord knows it wasn't easy at all and I sacrificed most of my life to ensure she stayed on the right path...but if I had to do over again I wouldn't change a thing!!!! My baby girl (13) lost her father this year to diabetes and that has been a test indeed....but she is back to her "old" Diva is amazing...

    I don't splurge on myself at all so this makeover would be just simply amazing! I log on faithful to Sandra Rose every morning, right after I clock into work hahahaha...and Ms. Shekinah is my absolute FAV from the TI & Tiny show...I sure hope she gets her own show cause homegirl keeps it all the way REAL!!!!

    Please consider me for the makeover, raising two teenagers has been rough, a sister sure could use some pampering INDEED!!!!!

    Much Luv! Lena :-)

  • itsallally

    I deserve the Working Mom and Single Mom Total Makeover because Im evolving and trasforming into a better worker and Mother. I am a single mom of 3 boys, who is currently in Nursing School, I also work with people who need help de-cluttering their home. Right now I am just thankful that I am in the position where I can better provide for my kids and family. Recently I left a major storm in my life and made it through with my spirits high. I always said when I was able I would do a complete makeover of myself so my hair, fashion, confidendence can evolve while I am entering this new chapter in my life. I just want to say Thankyou for this oppurtunity and Thankyou for giving back and acknowledging Working Mothers and also Single Mothers.

  • paulal

    I would love to be blessed with this opportunity. I'm a single mother of 3 young girls,ages 6,9 and 11. I work full time and when not at work I'm taking care of and spending time with my kids. Most times this doesnt leave me much time for me.

  • msprissy

    I would love to win the contest..... But most importantly I am a single non working mother in Atlanta. I would like to ask anyone reading this site if the have any professional connections, that would help me with securing a job so that I can have some income to at least get my kids a couple items for Christmas. Personal assistant, house cleaning, elderly assistant, CNA. Paralegal, whatever the job, I'll take it.

  • Deluscious

    I would like to suggest that my sister be a candidate for this contest. She is a single mom of 2. Last year in June, she lost her job and has benn hustling the best way she can to support her kids. In the process, she has forgotten who she is and what being a woman is all about. She no longer does her hair or goes shopping for herself. All the money she gets goes towards her kids. She has lost herself in her kids. She doesn't bother to dress up or even look for a man because she feels she's not beautiful anymore. As a woman, it hurts to see another woman let themselves go. She use to be fun, outgoing, beautiful and energized, but since she's become a mother, that part of her has died. I believe if she wins this contest, it will help her realize that she is beautiful. And also, even though she has kids, she can still live for her too.

  • SoldierMommy82

    I'll keep this short and sweet ... I'm a mom and a soldier. Been in the Army for 10 years. Deployed to Iraq and Kuwait, each for a year. Stationed for the first time away from family and am having to juggle working full time, part-time job, my child, and his activities. I'm not the first to do it and won't be the last but a makeover would be great!

  • Kim38

    I am a full time working woman,single parent of 4 children and a work in progress im not defined by my past I'm just stronger because i lived through it. I am always busy helping others and i really dont take much time for myself. I think i deserve this make over for a new look!!

  • chelley

    I am a full time mother and a full time working mom. I believe I should win this contest....Shekinah’s Working Mom and Single Mother Total Makeover because I deserve to be made over from head to toe and with me being a single mom sometimes it's difficult to take time out of my busy schedule to make time for myself. I would appreciate the oppurtunity to be styled by Shekinah and her team. I have three girls aged 4, 6, and 7 and they keep me running I know no other person to deserve such a shot as this woul dbe me. I'm not bragging but I do my job well as a mother and working mom and all other mothers I give them their props too, it's hard sometime especially when I am the only parent in the household. SO with that being said good luck to me and everyone else who is submitting. Thanks in advance!

  • dyandyan

    I would love to have a makeover by Ms Shekinah.
    I love watching her on her show. She is so funny and always keeps it 100.
    I have been noticing how many top chick's are her clients and she keep all of them looking spectacular.
    I'm a single working mom of a daughter.
    Everyday is pretty much the same and would love to have 1 day outside of my box!!

  • miss_meka

    I really would like to win this contest. I recently moved to Atlanta for a change. I was able to transfer with my job It has not been as easy as I thought it would. Im living with family sharing a room with my 13 year old son. My car broke down. I can't afford a new one right now.if I won this contest I'd be so happy. I have not had any extra money to get my hair done.I'm in need of a makeover badly i need this to make myself feel better. Shekinah please consider me. Thanks Sandra

  • mayrenest

    I would like to nominate my BFF,Nicole. She is a single mother of 2 & has no family here in Ga so she has to take care of everything by herself. She works M-F 6am-5pm, picks her sons up from school, helps with homework, cook, clean, & starts the routine all over again the next day. I've known her for 7yrs & she's only had her hair done ONCE! She sacrifices her own being to provide for her sons. Everything she does is for the well being & progression of her boys. I thinks she truly deserves this prize & would appreciate it humbly. So, I graciously nominate my BFF, Nicole James. Thank you, Auntie Sandra

  • JuiceeK

    I would love to win because I REALLY need a makeover. I am a single mother to a 9 year old son, who I currently home school. His father recently came back in the picture after 8 years of NOTHING. I work overnight 10pm to 6am for government agency on a year contract. I then pick up my son and start his daily lessons for school. I was unemployed for 2 years before getting this job. So, I'm excited about having this job, but I really want a career. I graduated from college in 2009, after returning to school when my son was 2 months old. I thought that once I obtained my degree I could finally provide a better life for child and me. Instead, I found myself jobless and stressed. I feel I am doing better inside now, but I want to start feeling better on the outside. I have not dated since my son was born. I've been so focused on him and work, that I have not done anything for myself in years. I would like to win to give myself a better look of myself. This makeover would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

  • mrsljones2

    Working Mother: Mother to 5. Sandra I am a working mother, I have been working since the age of 15. Lost my mom at 21yo took custody of my (3) teenage sisters after her death. I have (2) children of my own ages 8 and 13. I spent the last 8 years of my life working to provide for the (5) children and ensure my siblings finished high school. The youngest of the (3) siblings is a FT college student and I still support her finacially. Taking care of them caused me to put my personal life on hold and added extra to my plate more clothes, more food and more school activities and working a demanding job. I am attempting to get my groove and stride back now that they are adults, while still raising my (2)children.It less work, however, it still demanding and I still get up and do it daily w a smile. My work week consists of 40-50 hours in addition to community service projects I spearhead (feeding the homeless, toy drive for a local shelter, hats and gloves for homeless, school supplies for less fortunate, etc.). I continue to be a reliable employee, a positive friend and a activity figure in my community, regardless of what I go through. Please pick me:)

  • danielleivy24

    Hey I would love to win a makeover I am 25 and I have a 8 year old daughter. I was a teen mother and Ive worked extra hard to become successful for my daughter and I i want her to learn anything is possible with Hard work and values! I'm a full time student trying to get my nursing degree and I work really hard I never have time or extra money to pamper myself! All I do is eat sleep and breathe school and my motherly duties! I've had a lot of hardships but I've overcame everything with the grace of god! As a young mother it would be great to feel beautiful for a day in the A! Thanks!

  • mftish23

    Hello well I want to say first Thank you to and Shekinah for giving women a chance of something they may just not be able to afford or don't have the time to pamper themselves. I am Martisha single mother of two little girls( one who of has a disability)and a full time worker.

    I think I deserve this chance because I never have the time to pamper myself with juggling a full time job that I just started and taking care of my girls, I tend to forget about myself. I am always helping someone else out or doing for others, that I always wonder when will someone do for me (lol). I can keep going on and on, on how much I may deserve this but I would not have enough time. I just would love the opportunity of Skeinah in my head I love her work (Tiny) and I love Latasha Wright work.

  • CNJ

    I've been a working mom AND a single mother for the past 22 years. This has not been an easy road. Moved to GA 2005, Lost my mom 2010, house broken into 2011, got out of a 5 year relationship & most recently got out of the hospital & the 10 weeks of medication has taken my hair out. I use to have hair down to the middle of my back, now it's up above my shoulders. I've never learned to do my hair, as a pony tail was most easy. Now, I'm forced to try and curl it...what a mess. : ( So I would love to pick up the pieces, start anew & hopefully find a new man with the new look.
    Thanks : )

  • Jaguar

    Hello Shekinah! I deserve this makeover as a working single mother. My 1 year old son has changed my life. I have grown in so many areas of my life. Everything I do is for him. The times I had to wake up in the middle of the night by myself to feed him, change him, and comfort him. What is sleep? I haven’t had a good night rest since before he was born. You know what…I love every minute of it. It would be ideal to have a man by my side to help, but guess what? I’m doing the damn thing by myself. I am strong, I obtained my bachelor’s degree before I had him, I work hard to support us. I give my son the world. I will buy for him and sacrifice for myself. My friends always tell me you need time to yourself, but I love spending my time with him. I think it is time that I give myself some time and get this make over. My son is not on welfare or government assistance. I grew up on it and never wanted that for my children. Why? Because I vowed to grind and work hard. #SheDidIt Salute to all the single mothers. It’s hard, but our kids don’t walk around hungry, dirty, or lacking for anything because we sacrifice for our kids…they are our world! Either way #SheWon

  • Sandra Rose

    If you find your login disabled it is because you registered with a free account such as Yahoo or gmail.

  • Jasean14

    Hi Sandra!!!! :) I really would love to be considered for this opportunity for two reasons, JA'SEAN and GERRON, my sons. Im a single mother of two handsome young men ages 6 and 4. They are my world and I have treated them as such since the day they where born. We may not have a lot, but if you ask them, they believe they have the world :)I work 8 hrs a day Mon - Fri. On Tue- Thurs we have football practice, both my boys play flag football but due to they're age difference they're on different teams. Just about every saturday and monday im in two places at once (they both have games on monday nights and saturday mornings), but thats my job as mommy!I love every minute of it!! Im team mom for my youngest sons team and that a full time job in itself, snacks for every practice, snacks for every game, tissue for runny noses, band aids for boo boo's... the list goes on, but I wouldnt trade it for the world!! After work and football it's homework, homework, HOMEWORK! My 6yr old is in kindergaten now so he actually has real homework. Typically on a week night I make it to bed around 12:15, then its back up at 6:00am to do it all over again. On top of all that, we make it our buiseness to make it to the Bridge Church in Columbus GA EVERY sunday morning. I rarely have time to sit down down and watch tv, much less get my hair done, I would really LOVE LOVE LOVE this opportunity.

    Thanks A Bunch!!

  • kayjoi03

    First I would like to say that I think giving this gift to full-time mothers whether employed or not is AWESOME!!! I am a 27 yr old single mother of a 5 week old handsome lil boy. I've learned being a new mother is a 24hr job, which makes doing my hair the FURTHEST thing on my list. And I would love to leave the house without wearing my obvious ponytail. Lol. I am taking my son to get his first pictures done around Christmas and if I win, I would love to show off my new look!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU MOTHERS AND GOD BLESS!

  • Lady_L

    I would like to nominate my sister Cecila. She is both a single parent AND a hardworking mom. 24yrs ago she took in 3 of her youngest sister's kids, and 1 of her younger brothers kids. She litteraly have had these kids since they were born. She gave up her life at the young age of 26 to care for these children so that they would not be put into foster care, as they were ALL taken away from their parents at birth due to substances in thier system. Although my sister has been married before, she never had any children of her own. She actually miscarried a baby years ago. My sister was in college working on her bachlor's degree when she gave up school and her life to raise her nieces and nephew so that they would not be thrown into foster care. She has now went through all the necessary paperwork and has legally adopted all 4 children, and have been raising them on her own as a single parent for years. She works hard every single day to give those children a good life and home. She get no help from her sister or brother (who are thier biological parents) they don't even call her to see if she needs a loaf of bread for the children. Not only does she take care of her nieces and nephews which now refer to her a MOM, she takes care of her mother who is 70 who has a lot of medical issues, and recently had a heart bypass surgery, she also takes care of her aunt who also suffers from a long list of medical issues. My sister doesn't do anything but work and take care of her children and her mother. She has a ZERO social life and can barely take time just to get her nails done. She has sacrificed so much of her time and given up so much of her life to take care of everyone else but herself. She is an extrodinary women, but she is so unapreciated by her kids and mom for everything that she does for them. Her kids are now 24, 18, 14, and the youngest 6.

    THe reason I want this for her so bad is because she is such a good person with a wonderful spirit, and I know that God is going to continue to bless her because she gives so much and gets so little in return. Right now financially she is really struggling, bils, mortagage etc, but she has so much faith in GOd she doesent' complain. Winning this would mean the world to her, just to have someone pamper her, and for her to have some "me time", and to feel good about herself.

    So please except my nominate my loving sister..Celia.
    Thank you Sandra, Thank you Shakinah!

  • missdani537

    I feel like I really deserve this makeover because the last almost 2 years with my son Xavier have been rough. After being with his father off and on for almost 5 years we were overjoyed with his pending arrival only to break up a year later after growing tired of his indiscretions. I've had numerous health issues since his birth and even been evicted from my home after we broke up because he had stopped paying the rent months before. We have been staying with my mom and stepdad but I work like a maniac to try to save up to get a place of our own. I try my best to keep my appearances up but it's hard and not really what I like to spend my money on in this situation. So it would be amazing to have the opportunity to get my look together.
    Thanks So Much,

  • Acnesbit

    I feel like I am in need a of a holiday makeover. I am a workin mom of 4. I have a 8 and 7 yr old boys as well as a set of 4 year old twins (boy and girl). I am so busy Monday through Friday that when the weekend cons I just through on anything that will fit. I am In strange place mentally bc of all that has recently I occurred in my life the past few months. In May I lost a very close aunt and the next month I lost my brother, the only sibling I had. For a whole I just was lost. I am prayerfully making my way out of this dark place. I have fallen in this routine of just going through my day to day activities not really caring how I carry myself. I need help. Please pick me! I am so certain that there are lots of moms that that would love the chance to be made over, but none could or would appreciate it more than myself. I work hard every day and my job does not stop once I clock out at work. I get home and then there is homework to be done clothes to be ironed and dinner to be made. By the time I drag my wormed out tail to bed I am to popped to care about what I may or may not look like in the a.m. My husband would so appreciate anything that could be done to salvage this tired limp body.

  • juicykdp

    Hello I am 27 years old with 2 children a boy who is 4 and a girl who is 8, I work very hard and have been employed at my current employer for over 8 years. I opened my home up to 2 family members and my ex fiance to live in a short while ago and once each of them was back on their feet they left leaving me with all the bills they helped to create so I had to give up my house to live with a relative. I would really like to have this make over just to make myself feel beautiful again, since all of my money has been going into taking care of my children and trying to get out of the hole that i was put in from trying to be a helpful person I have not had the opportunity to take care of my own needs.

  • caramelchynaeyes

    Heloo Sandra I am entring this contest because I am a 39 yearold working single mother of a daughter who iss 3 years old. In my early 20's I found out I had diabetes and kidney disease. And thenlater I found out I had Fibro Myalgia. Doctors told me that I would not be able to have children at this point but 3 years ago God blessed me with my daughter who was born at 24 1/2 weeks and was only 15 oz. when she was born. at the same time I had congestive heart failure where the both of us were on life support. They told my family that they could lose either both of us or either one of us. But God showed favor and we are both here today. Now my kidneys are failing and I am on the kidney donor waiting list and I take dialysis every night at home. I still work but I had to give up my home to have help taking care of my daughter. I am at the top 10% of the kidney donor waiting list so it could be at any time that I can receive a new kidney. So that will be a new beginning of a new life. So I am here to start on the outside with a new look and beginning of life with my daughter whom I love and live for everyday. Thank you for allowing me to share my story!

  • alleyg

    Hi Sandra!
    I want to actually nominate my mother Alicia Brooks for this fabulous treat! including me my mother has 3daughters and 1son, she is a single very hard working parent that goes above and beyond the job of parenting to make all of us happy. I cant remember the last time she's done anything for herself. She's a vibrant 48yr old woman that wouldnt be able to give you the definition of the word selfish. She works in a warehouse 10hrs a day! On her feet bending, and picking up boxes sometimes working through lunch breaks, to come home to cook a full meal for my sisters and to help with homework. Sandra I cant think of a time where I even thought she was thinking of complaining, even when she work so many hours and dont have enough financially to do what she wants. My mother would be the ideal winner for this contest because she such a strong individual that needs a boost of confidence, and she absolutely adores Shekinah! Thanks sandra for even taking the time to read my response. Goodluck to everyone

  • Tabitha_27

    Hi Sandra, My name Is Tabitha and I am 27 years of age with two beautiful children. Yes I am young however I do what is needed for my kids. I have worked hard since highschool up until now. Just this past year I made the decision to move to atlanta ga and finally go back to school and pursue a degree in nursing and yes it can be very overwhelming at times but I DO WHAT I GOT TO DO.... Winning this contest would be absoulutley refreshing being that I never have time for myself. But this too shall pass!:)


  • kitabug123

    I would love to win this contest. I am a single mother who is currently active duty military, and I work hard to make ends meet. It would be nice to just feel beautiful once in a while because in this uniform there are so many restrictions and things that u can't do so needless to say my hair is forever pulled back into a ponytail and I have on this big uniform and steel toe boots. It would be a blessing to jus have something for me and a picture to say you can look like this not just pretending like I don't care how I look.

  • MsGorgeous

    Good Evening Everyone!!!!!!

    I would really love to be considered as a contestant for this contest. I am a hard working, 26year old single mom. Not only do I work my normal 9-5 I am also a part time student, and attend classes 4 days a week. During my free time I am attending basketball practice and basketball games with my son as well as spending QT. I am not asking for pity, but I hope that you will consider me.
    P.S. Thanks for the Opportunity

    BTW Love your Site

  • anmallory

    Hey Sandra,

    I am currenty a 24 year old law student, full time employee, AND a single mom of a two year old! I pay for school out of pocket (receive no financial aid due to being a private school so that students can attend classes at night/weekends) and rarely spend money/time on myself. I would love to get a free makeover for the holidays as that would be my only gift for the holidays...

  • missj324

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to be considered for this contest because I'm a working single mother of two who never finds time to glam herself up. I'm also caring for my eldery father who lives with me and my man also lives with me and I never have time for just me. I weight alot of my shoulders and this year hasn't been a great yer for me and I need something that would start my new yer off right. Your probably saying how many time shaev we heard storeis like this before, but when you have gone through so much in one year you don't feel pretty and sexy. I would love to be made over, my kids are always saying mommy when are you going to get back to the mom we use to know, I got lost someone in worrying about others I left myself out. So please consider me for this contest please!!!!

  • luvbugg1973

    I will like to win this contest because I try to maintain my diva status on a low budget.I am a single parent of three kids and I am a caregiver to four of the most wonderful men! I work a twelve hour nightshift and I absolutely love it! I do find the time to keep myself together but on a low budget.My hair is low brand hair,i have been wearing weave since a teenager because I have thyroid problems and it takes out my hair,I just know its a MUST I get my hairdone so I do the best with what my money can afford.I love Shekinah Jo styles and of course her Southern Hospitality.I haven't received a Christmas gift in years from friends,so called boyfriends,etc..and I will shut my city down with Shekinah Jo hairdo! Please choose meeeeee......Its all LOVE even if you don't I just am so proud of you! God Bless

  • Kaayla

    I would love to be considered for your makeover contest. I've been a single mother for 21 yrs to a strong, beautiful african american woman who just went off to college in August. I've dedicated my life to taking care of her and making sure that she does not become a statistic. I've focused so much on her that I've at time neglected myself. I've been on my job 10 yrs (Dec. 2nd) and I love to be involved in something that shines light on myself and get a 'great job' for being a hard working single mother. Thank you all for the opportunity.

  • 100% usa made!

    Hi I would like for my Sis-In-Law to win this makeove. She is now a single mother as my brother - her husband passed away this April from a sudden heart attack. They've been married since 1990. They have three kids together - so now she is a single Mom. I believe this will really lift her spirts. She is such a beautful person and always thinks about others before she thinks about herself. She volunteers a lot of her time after work to help the students at the Elementary School she works for part time. Due to school cut backs, she helps financially and with her time to go that extra step for her students. She is truly a loving spirit and a giving person. Money can be tight, but she does what she can. I would love for her to be pampered with a makeover as she truly does deserve it. Thank you for your consideration. Much gratitude with peace and blessings!

  • Bedazzled His Razzle


    Let me start by saying I believe I should be considered the winner for the prize of the working mom because I'm both a hard working mommy and a hard working Airman. Like every other woman, I like to be pampered but do not get to, due to my job. I've been in the Air Force for almost five years now and shortly after I arrived to my first base, I became pregnant with my now three year old. I am married, but since the day my baby's gotten here I've been the sole provider. My husband and I are not currently stationed together. :( I do believe a working mommy getting a break is like gold and it would be awesome if I won.

    Since I've been stationed in Key West, it has been EXTREMELY hard to find someone to put/add/take away anything to my hair because majority of the stylists cater to "fine" hair. Would you allow a stranger who isn’t familiar with ethnic hair style you? :no: Especially when I have a goal of growing nice, healthy hair. I hope that the competition is not limited to just Atlanta. In fact, it would be nice for you all to take a break after working with me if I were to win, right? :D Again, thanks for the opportunity.

    Best wishes!

  • Petitelilmiss

    My name is Faith White. I am a married, black business owner. I own Above the Mundane Events out of Miami, Fl. After being laid off 3.5 yrs ago from a fortune 500 company, after 4 faithful yrs, I took a leap of faith and decided to start a small business with my husband. We specialize in custom art, which includes murals, face/body painting, stage/event props, custom art decor, etc. While building my client base and brand, I managed to have 2 additional children and complete my 4 yr degree in Psychology at Barry University. I keep my family together as I juggle being a mother FIRST, a wife, a business owner and partner, a sister, a friend and anything else God needs me to be. I would love to be pampered and take some time for me when I pride/sacrifice myself for so many others.

  • msjazzo

    I am recentley married but my journey as a single working mother has been a long hard road. I believe i should be considered because I work hard for my kids and i have sacraficed alot. I am a mother of 4 kids since i was 19 years old , I have worked from sears to nursing homes to take care of my kids. i have gone without for most of my life so my kids wouldnt feel less than any other kid and they can have the best. now that my kids are teenagers times are harder to obtain there stuff and my stuff and maintain a roof over my head .My new husband is a great help but with 4 teenage kids its still a struggle to maintain there needs and wants with mine, so mine fall to the wasteside everytime.
    Whomever you chose whether its me or another hardworking single mother WE ALL DESERVE IT, cause being a mother is and has always been a thankless job but a wonderful job!

  • Aspiring Model aka Sugar Foot

    Let’s see, I should win because I wear many hats in the workplace and home (financial advisor/bill payer, maid, personal assistant and chef to my kids, private tutor, referee, spiritual advisor, etc.).

    I am an assistant controller at a Fortune 500 company (the youngest to hold this position in the company's history), a mother of 4, a devoted spouse, and a full time student (working towards my Masters). As parents, we are sometimes adamant about giving our children things that we didn't have. So we lose sight of the things "we" never had or experienced. I initially bypassed this post in hopes of giving another person the opportunity to get their hair done and to experience a photo-shoot.

    After further consideration, I believe I deserve to be pampered for a change without coming out of my pocket. I've never considered or had the need for a photo-shoot so I'm really excited about that aspect of the contest. Plus I love Shekinah's down to Earth attitude.

    So yeah I work hard bytch :rofl:

  • maraia94

    I always feel like I can be a better mom. I always feel like there is something more I can do for my daughter Nicci, or maybe that there is something I am doing wrong. When I look back, I've done and continue to do, all I can to be the best mother I can be. I got pregnant at 17, and became another statistic. That is instantly what I was looked at as. A statistic. I was a high school drop out, party girl with no job. I was going absolutely no where. When my boyfriend, Joshua, got me pregnant. My entire life changed. When I thought it was over, it honestly had just gotten started, and for the better. I sheltered myself from everyone but my boyfriend, and I quit everything negative that was in my life including drinking and drugs. I ended up moving from Michigan to Arizona, and under harsh circumstances, I ended up in a shelter for pregnant women. Being there, I learned to appreciate my daughter more and more. Beating the heavy suggestions of abortion and adoption, I took up parenting classes and learned to be a better person and mother. There were times I felt completely alone and scared that I wouldn't be able to give my daughter the life she deserved to have, but my motivation was the ultrasounds I was getting every month, and the longing to beat the statistics. I wasn't going to be typical irresponsible girl that everyone associated teen mothers as. I started going to math classes and took my GED which I received a few days before moving back to Michigan. I came back and found a job, and enrolled in college. I now have a part time job and am working towards my associates in Business Administration. I just recently placed second in a competition for Michigan entrepreneurs and am receiving help in the creation of my own restaurant in which I named after the person who saved my life. My daughter. Maybe I don't receive a make-over, that's just fine. There are millions of mothers who deserve to be pampered. All I can is that I matured in a way that some teen mothers never do, or eventually do years from when I did. At 18 years old, I am on a completely different path than I was 10 months ago. I am doing everything I can to make a bright future for my daughter, her father who is going to be my husband, and myself. And I am doing it all while still waking up to feed and change diapers in the middle of the night.

  • kayjoi

    First off I would like to say Thank you to Sandra Rose and Shekinah for giving ALL of us mothers the opportunity to be pampered and have our self-esteem boosted if even for a lil while....
    I am a 27 yr old single mother of a very handsome 5 week old baby boy, who requires ALL of my attention. I am not employed, due to my leave, so I am now a full-time mother. I barely have time to sit in eat, or take a shower lasting longer than 5 mins, so I definitely don't have time to do my hair. I've been rocking my big Celie (from The Color Purple) braids for the past month and a half. Lol. I would love to get back some of my confidence! I'm planning on taking my son to get his first pics done in 3 weeks and would love to have the look to go with it! Lol. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU MOTHERS. MAY THE ODD BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!



    Hi Sandra

    I am all in one I am a working single mom of three lil Wuts. 13, 16,19. I work hard to provide the necessities in life they need.I am not complaining, I enjoy being a mother. The dedication to them is showing in how well they are doing in school. Did I mention that I am back in school as well?

    In the past year I worked hard to lose weight and all my clothes are too big now. With a daughter in college, and two children in band, money for clothes and a new style is out of the question. I would love to be the one chosen for the opportunity to be pampered for a change.The last photo I had taken "professionally" was a Glamour Shot circa 1996(Big Boa and all :smack: )

    Thanks Shekina, Latasha, Drexina and Sandra for thinking of the single mom this holiday season!

  • mshdavis

    I would really like to win this contest! I am a 25 year old single mother of a 11 month old baby girl. I work 10-12 hours a day all while catching the bus and train to get back and forth to work. The reason why I wouldlove to win this is because It would really boost my confidence, in this last year I have managed to lose everything from my home, my car, to even the love of my life. Im still not at the point where I have fully pulled it all together yet, but I try my best I do everything I do for my little girl. Yes I had some hard trials but who doesn't! I have little to no self confidence because I am 4'11 and 250+ pounds now, no I have never been a small female but even as a plus size girl I at least had my swagg. In the process of losing my home, my apartment was broken into, all my clothes and my daughters clothes were taken and normally I would be fine but I dont have my love Bert here to help me. He is on probabtion and has went to jail to get that over with so thet he can better provide for his family. I simply just want to feel beautiful again, I want my daughter to look at me and be like " I want to be like mommy." I want to smile when I look at my self in the mirror and when I walk in to a room I want to be able to hold my head high. Winning this comopetition would not only make me feel beautiful, It would give me a boost to keep going, and keep pressing. Hopefully you will consider me.

  • MsChocoTe

    I am not a single/working mom but a single/working auntie. I am raising my sister's two kids as well as taking care of my elderly mother. I have been doing so since the youngest was 18 months and he is now 11. I work full time plus I am involved in all their activities. Everything I do is for my niece, nephew and mom. My nephew has autism and I was told all kinds of negative stuff about his development but that didn't stop me from getting him all the help he needed. He didn't talk until he was 5 but now at 11 he can read better than most kids his age. Before the kids came into my life, I was a different person, more selfish. They have taught me as well as I am teaching them. I never really even babysat a child before they came to live with me. But now I can do hair, throw baskets and what I don’t know I learn. I strive, everyday to make good decisions for them.

    Some of my other family are shocked that I took on the kids. But not I, I have always been considered the ‘strong one’ in my family - when you see someone needing help, you do it. I didn't even think about my actions (When my mom said she needed me, I just said yes) until like 5 years ago when I took the kids on vacation and I was looking at them and I smiled. Because I knew in my heart, I was doing the right thing. I always tell them that the people who are not there for them (their parents) are the one losing out.

    I deserve this make-over because I never really do much for myself. I feel guilty, even buying a new pair of shoes; I think about what shape the kid’s shoes are in, does my mom need shoes; then just the thought of, maybe the kids may need the money, I talk myself out of buying them. I don’t like to tout my own horn, but as a giver this makeover would be a great guilt-free gift for me.


  • LaceFace

    Hi Sandra,

    I am a working mother as well as a single mother to one. I feel as if I should be selected for this honor (“because I work hard, bitch!”). In addition to having a full time job, I serve in the North Carolina Army National Guard (10 years, SGT, 2 deployments), Beachbody Coach, blog owner (natural-fitness-diva.blogspot)and about to start my PhD program in Public Safety starting Jan 7, 2012 all while taking care of my 2 year old child. I'm a hustler and I work hard for my child and myself. I always keep God first, family second, career last (in that order). Thank you for holding this contest and I feel we are all worthy of this honor, but thank you and Shekinah for giving us this opportunity to be pampered and treated like queens, for just a day :-)

    Best Regards,


  • Lholmes48

    I would really like to win this contest, because I need a new start. 2012 has been a ruff year for me and my kids. I don't want this to be a pitty party so, I will keep it light. lol I have to wonderful kids 14, and 5 and they mean the world to me. My son, just the other day said, mom you really need some more clothes to wear when we go out, because you wear the same thing all the time. I didn't even realize that he watched little things like that. I go without so that my kids can have what they need. I look forward to the start of this new year, I know that God has great things in store for me and my kids, so I am excited!!! IF you choose me as the winner in this make over it would be more than a blessing. Thank you and GOD bless.

  • MrsRenitaPete

    Dear Shekinah,

    First all let me say girl I love you, your personality is just like mine. Let me be honest I didn't wanna do this, my first thought only because we all got some good sob storys lmao. But I started thinking and to me nobody works as hard as I do. I have 2 beautiful girls 6yrs and 10 months and expecting my 3rd child now. I am definetly wanting to qualify as a hard working mom. Unfortunatly im not in school I dont have enough time for myself goals ,busy caring for my growing family. I work 12hr shifts I leave my house at 8am and dont get home until 11pm all that dedication and still broke girl smh. I am constantly doing for everyone but me and getting ready to add a new baby means my money goes to bills, kids, food and rent. I have Never got my hair or makeup done professionally, girl not even unprofessionally lol. I just wanna feel like a queen for just one day in my life and especially being in the presence of someone as great as you b*#$* all respect.

    Thank you for your time

  • latia05

    Hey my name is LaTia im signing my Mom into this contest for a makeover for single Moms. My Mom is 32 years old with 4 children i feel that my Mom Should win this contest because my Mom never has time for herself to get pretty. She has been a single Mom for 17 yrs now. She has a 17 yr old which is me, a 14 yr old , a 8 yr old, and a 7 week old. She Should have the best mother of world award. We dislike when she stresses out because we are the only ones that can put a smile on her face. I feel like this makeover will make her feel really good about herself and time to herself. Especially now because she just had my little sister and she is having post pardom depression she need to get out and get beautified. I really hope she win because she would love this opportunity and me and my siblings would to so PLEASE pick my mommy!

  • shayfromla

    Hi Sandra,

    Thank yo for the opportunity! I am a hard working Mother and I have one son. I take care of My Husband, son, my husband's Brother and My father-In law (love). I am the only female in the house. I love taking care of everyone which means cooking every night making sure the house is in order and and reminding my father In Law to take his Medication every day at a certain time. I prepare his food and then I prepare everyone elses food. He is a Cancer survivor. He lives with us and I take care of all the men! It gets hard at times but I would not have it no other way. I would love the opportunity to be selected to let my hair down! I make sure everyone is taken care of and I would love an opportunity to allow something so wonderful such as this contest to happen to me. This would mean alot! Thank you for your consideration! :)

  • truthbtld

    Hi Sandra,

    I have been at my job for the past 7 years. I am married with two children. I would love to win this contest because I really havent been able to really take time out to do something nice for me. My husband and I work hard for the things that we have and take care of the children. And basically when it comes down to it there just isnt enough money to do the things that a woman would do to pamper herself like getting her hair and nails done!! And surely dont know anything about putting on makeup!! LOL I just dont thought I would honestly take a chance to see if I could win!! I read SandraRose blog everyday and I always see the contests but I never enter because I figured I wouldnt get it anyway. And especially since everything is really based in Atlanta and I am in a small town in Mississippi!!

    I love Shekinah on Family Hustle!! I think just like she says she is a real bitch!! LOL and it's really nice of her and all the other people who are offering their service to whoever the lucky winner is!!

    Best of of luck to whoever wins this contest!! I know that will look and feel great!! And was lucky enought to have someone catering to her and pamper her for a changed instead of the other way around!!


  • Demetria

    Hello Sandra! I want to first say that I love coming to your site! I would love to be considered for the single mother makeover. As a single mother and a full time career woman, it is so easy to put yourself last. I've been in the beverage industry 14 years, I'm a part time student at Oglethorpe, and I have two active daughters that keep me busy with coleading a Girl Scout Troop, Team Mom and I sit on a Non Profit Board, SSEF, that focuses on education and opportunities for children. My oldest just turned 18 the day after Thanksgiving, what a wonderful blessing and more than enough to be thankful for, but she is preparing to go to college. She will be the first in our generation to attend Traditional college and I'm so proud but between her and my 10 year old activities, school and church,...I rearely have time for myself. I would love to update my brand with fashionable pictures for my social media sites as I'm getting my degree in Communications and I dream of a career in Media. I know that it is important to have a great look as well as skill to land a job. I would love to have sometime to get pampered and for it to be all about me for once! Thanks in advance for your consideration and Happy Holidays!

  • Ms.Parker

    Hi Sandra, Shekinah and the Crew,

    I am a HARD working mother, working at a fulltime job and attending school fulltime to better my future for me and my family. I would love to be in your presence and recieve a makeover. As there is not a enough time in the day or the funds in pocket for me to enjoy the luxury of attending the salon on the regular, this would put a smile on my face. I grind SO SO HARD for my family so they can have better in life, I have yet had the time to stop and focus on me. Work,School Homework,Work, School, Homework is my daily routine. Its been very stressfull but I will not stop. I lookup to and thank people like you that take the time out there busy schedule to help others in need. I hope all the contestants the best in winning and the best in life caues "WE WORK HARD, BITCH". Thanks Again, April ;)

  • Urbanrose

    Can I pleeeeeassee win something, since I couldnt win the Basketball tickets. I am definitely a hardworker Ive actually been working since I was 18 non stop and I am 29 now. I always left one job on Friday and started another on Monday only to move on to bigger and better things but remaining in the same industry. I am not a single mother because my husband is great with our son but I do love weave since it is so hard to mantain natural hair and I absolutely love Shekinah and Tiny although others seem to always give them the blues. I didnt try to win Derek J because I am not a fan of his but Shekinah thats my girl well not literally but she acts just like my cousin Tyesha, so I know we would hit it off great! I know that I dont have three toes, or living in a card board box but it would again be nice to be on the receiving end for once!

  • kirkan2

    I dont know where to start. I am a single and working mom with an 11 year old son. I would like to be picked just to have myself pampered for a change. I have self esteem issues that I have been working on that come from always being called ugly and slow as a child. I know hair, makeup, clothes and shoes dont make the person but it can help! If only for one night I would like to look up and feel beautiful. I want my son to see his mom look like a superstar!!!

    Thanks to all who are giving to this contest. Whoever wins will be blessed!

  • butterfly heart


    I want to just start by saying thanks to all the people who are lending there services for this contest. Also, I hope that I’m the one you pick. I’m a 30 year old working mother and student. I have been a mother since the age of 15 and had my second child at 17. I have always had to work to support my kids as well as myself because I did not have much help from their fathers or family. Even still my kids never had to want for anything because all I know is momma have to supply! In 2008 I lost my eldest child to asthma and this started my new desire to become a respiratory therapist to help kids in his situation. So not only am I a full time employee but, I am also a student. I pay for classes out of pocket and because of my 40hour a week schedule and studying I don’t have extra time to devote to overtime to compensate for the additional expense. With that being said I never have the time or money to do anything special for myself anymore. And having a teenager, I devote everything to taking care of her instead of me. So please pick me to help me get my sexy back!!

  • kimhamsuperior

    Hello Glam Squad,

    I am a hard working Mother, I been working since I was 14 and I Had my daugther at 17 and my son at 20. I have been working tremedously hard so that me and my kids could live some what stress free and comfortable. With the lord blessing I have been able to provida a beautiful home purchased in 2009, food in me an my kids mouth, clothes on our back, reliable transportation an we have been blessed to not have to struggle like I used to when I was in my teens an early twenties. I just recently got divorced of 8 yrs to were my focus was on my kids an husband during that whole period to where I kinda let myself drift off a lil bit but I continue to work hard and strive for the best. But now I am confident as ever in my self and body, since I am transforming to who I really am an what I like an need in life. If I could be blessed with a Hard Working Mom Makeover, I would be highly grateful and thankful and well appreciated. Sincerely, Kim :bow:

  • LRMccree5

    I would like to first thank all those who acknowledge working moms and single moms. I am a single mom of 5 children. I have a full time job, and I am a full time student seeking a degree in Elementary Education. I give honor where honor is due. Anytime you have a mother whether single or married that is carrying out the daily tasks of taking care of home and work you have a wonderful woman. I know the struggles I have as a single mom and I do not take for granted or look down on anyone who is making it happen for their family. I would love to be one of the chosen for this make over. Yes, we all feel like we deserve it and we do. I just want to be able to look nice for myself. Most of the time we are so concerned about our children and family that we forget to take a minute out for ourselves. Between school, work, and children in extra curricular activities it is so hard sometimes to catch my breath. Everyone who knows me, know I am always on the move picking up or dropping off. It would be a blessing to have this opportunity. And even if I am not picked, I know the person who is will be just as deserving.

  • ElleDaPoet

    Hello Everyone! Hi Sandra Darling!

    After being an avid reader of your blog for YEARS, this happens to be the one post that made me stop and finally create a profile. Unlike most of the women on here, I am not a mother... but I DO know the trials and challenges you women face.
    You see, I've watched my mother struggle as a semi-single mother with a full on working career through some of the roughest tribulations a black woman can experience. I say semi-single b/c though my father has been in my life- and he has, financially my mom has carried the brunt of the burden. I watched her tearfully grow after divorcing my father. I watch her selflessly give her three children everything she had, just so we would never go without. My mother went from a six figure salary to jobless and homeless in a matter of 3 months. It was hard, watching her fight to keep all of us above the tumultuous waves of welfare.. harder still, to watch her go hungry so that myself and my two younger brothers ate... literally.
    But there is a phrase that she clung to, and passed on to me. "Though the sorrows may last for the night, joy comes in the morning". This past year my mother began working again in Dekalb County Government. She took up college courses again and is now a semester away from graduating! We've gone from no lights and no heat, to somewhat of a stable household, and happiness.
    She is my role model in every right, and after so many years of watching her selflessly provide for me, I want to give her the world. I am now In college and working hard, following the example she has given me. If anyone deserves this amazing gift, its my mommy. She is truly superwoman. I would have her tell you herself, but the crazy woman won't pat herself on the back for shit! Sandra, PLEASE grant this amazing gift to the ULTIMATE diva, a woman who has held her head high, NO MATTER THE COMPLICATIONS OF LIFE! If you ever met her, you'd know she deserves it too... her smiles says it all.



  • shay1

    Auntie, consider me as one of the winners.....plz! I am a single working mom of a six year old. This would be awesome for me, never able to do anything for myself. Main focus is making sure my little one is taken care of. Pick me! Pick me! Thank you for such great contest.

  • cowani

    I am a working single mom so I fit both categories lol! I have 2 amazing girls. I feel I deserve to finally look and feel beautiful because all my time goes into making sure my girls look and feel beautiful. I currently work for The Department of Family and Children services so I also work hard on making sure my clients feel beautiful and good about themselves. It breaks my heart when my own children wished they could make money just to get their mother a makeover so if chosen that would make my girls so happy.

  • MrsRenitaPete

    Hello Shekinah and Sandra,

    First let me say thank both of you for lighting the way for women like me. I know all of us lovely ladies have a good reason we should win, but I truely feel like I deserve this. I am 24yrs old I have a 6yr old, a 10 month old and currently expecting my 3rd now. I am a definition of a hard working mother, I work a 12 hr shift job( and still broke bi*^%)lmao. I leave my house at 8am and get home at 10pm, my children will always come before me and my needs thats why I am never able to do anything for myself, I have Never gotten my hair or makeup or nonna that done professionally It is one of my dreams. I have alot going on especially expecting again! I just one one day to feel like a Queen especially in the presence of greatness and plus girl we would have us a fun time Loves Shekinah!!!!

    Thank you for your consideration

    Renita Pete


    Hey Sandra and Shekinah. My name is Nicole and I am from Mississippi. I am a single mother of two boys Darius 2 and Damarious 6. And I Love my boys sooo much.. I always put God first.. and my boys always come next.. I always give them what they need and also try and give them what they want. I been doing this by myself since day one since they both were born. I work everyday come home help with homework and cook dinner. Barely have time to do anything for myself. But that all comes with being a good mother. After doing all my motherly duties and other household stuff and paying bills. I do not have time to get my hair done.. or anything... I wear my hair back in a ponytail everyday going to work.... So I would be very honored to win this contest to get made over.. Thanks for this opportunity.. :)

  • hotmom3b

    I've never entered a contest but when I read tho I had to. First I've seen your work so I know I will look fly. I'm a 41 yr old single mom of 3 boys 7,11 and 12 I work fulltime in a office and a part time at home and finishing my last yr in college. I want this because I've forgotten about me and have lost touch with whats hot. I use to be the ISH and still could but need a boost. I take excellent care of my boys and their sport activity to AAU basketball and football I need something for me, I need this. Pick me so I can shake my Toni Braxton/ Halle Berry look (I've worn it since 1991) and step into TODAY thanks to you and your team. Look forward to my turn in the chair


  • hisbrownsugar01

    Hello Sandra, I'm a hard working mother of 4 that recently lost her job but blessed that I'm still able to pay my bills. I would love to have this make over so I can look and feel good about myself. I'm a mother first and with that comes duties. Helping with homework, projects, cooking dinner and just making sure that they are loved and not slighted. I put my kids first then I come second, That's a rule I have lived by since I had my first born. I Also attend school so that I'm able to make a better life for me and my family. In the mist of all of this I lost myself. I wear a pony tail all the time and I never dress up. Its always a shirt and jeans especially on the weekends. My kids ask me all the time when will I get my hair done or just go out to get a break. This makeover and photo shoot would mean so much to me and my boys. Thanks so much

  • vanillahere

    I am a single mother of three terrific boys. I recently earned my college degree while working full-time and raising my three boys. Not too long ago because of stress, eczema, and hormonal changes after the birth of my third son my hair started to break off and eventually I had to get it all cut. I could really use the make-over.

  • mzlifelover

    I am sure that there is someone who may need this more than me. I consider myself and my two babies blessed beyond measure because even though we never have all that we want, God shows us that he provides all that we need. I think this contest has my name on it because it is time for a change in my life! I have always tried to do things the right way in life. I have had a job since I was thirteen. I did well in school got married, had kids all "In that order" lol. However at 26 years young almost exactly one year ago December 1st 2011 my husband and father of my then two year old daughter and three month old son UP AND LEFT!!! Just disappeared. All after he moved me away from my family to Atlanta, out of the apartment that I could afford and into a nice house that I was soon kicked out of. Two weeks later I buried my grandfather. A week after that I was homeless but my mom let me and my kids move in with her. One week after that a tornado came through my neighborhood and damaged my mom's home in Birmingham Alabama leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless and without power. Power was the big deal that day because with no power my pastor who was my Godfather lost his life that day due to his battle with Diabetes and complications with a dialysis machine. One year later I am a hard working single mother who recently lost 40 pounds (woohoo & Bye bye baby fat) and I desperately need a makeover. I used to get dolled up and pampered weekly before I became a single mother. Not complaining at all because I would not trade my kids for the whole world but even with a pretty good job, two kids in daycare with no child support and no government assistance, Check to Check is the best that I can do. I have not had my hair done in over a year! Yet I still look in the mirror and love who I am because I do not look like what I have been through. Even if I don’t win I am glad that yall are doing something for someone. Especially at Christmas. I know I won’t be the only hard working single mother with nothing under the tree lol. Thanks Sandra, Hannah, Latasha, Drexina and Ms Shekinah I hope yall have a Merry Christmas and thanks for letting me vent :)

    God Bless,

  • TruGemini

    I believe I deserve to win because I am a working mother as well as a single mother. My husband passed away a couple of years ago and I've been raising our kids (one teenager and one toddler) alone. I believe I am overdo for looking and feeling fabulous!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • KandaceRaye

    I am 25 years of age and I have two wonderful children. I work full time as a transportation manager for a local pre-school and I attend Nicholls State University during the evenings. I am currently in the Masters Program to become a School Counselor. I am a hard working mom because I take excellent care of my children. I strive to be a great example for them as they grow older and to show them that no matter what happens in life you can still succeed. I am committed to breaking all generational curses off of my life and my children's life which is the reason why I work so hard so that I can provide a life for them, that wasn't provided to me properly. With both of my parents deceased at a young age I learned how to take care of myself and lean on God for EVERYTHING. I am teaching my children to do the same. Not only do I care about my family but other families as well. Helping others is my passion and the reason behind my counseling degree. I see lots of children from all walks of life that need a positive role model in there life's especially the young girls. I may seem like the perfect image to some of the young girls I work with but I feel that sometimes my outside appearance doesn't match how I feel inside. I am a loving, trusting, happy, caring person, but I know my appearance can use a little boost. It would not only help my confidence but others as well. I work side by side with families on daily bases and my commitment to my kids and others is my driving force. So as you can see, I am a hardworking mom and community leader. I hope that I get the much needed makeover!

    Thank you in advance

  • tammy78

    Hi Ms. Sandra
    I am a 34 year Old Single Mother and A Cancer Survivor. I have two Boys 10 and 3. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent Chemo and Radiation and to that My hair has never really Grown Back. I work everyday and it's a struggle when there has been no raises for the last 6 years and living Check to Check to only make sure my boys has Food and we have Shelter.With No Government Assistance. I always take time out for my two boys and Never time for myself. Being off work weeks at times caring for my 3 year with Chronic asmtha has also been a Challenge.Seeing my son go through the Journeys of almost having his Lungs Collapse on a Numerous of times is just all out UNBEARABLE. My time consist of working Full Time and a working Full Time Mommy. After work I go straight to the after school to pick up my boys. Homewoek, Dinner, Bath and after all of that I am EXHAUSTED. I just want to regain myself back and no that I still can Look wonderful. Shekinah I pray it's in your Heart to see all the things I have gone through and I am still pressing by the Grace of God. Thank you in Advance,

  • Ms. Williams

    I agree with all of the women above that it is great to feel appreciated and acknowledged! It would be a blessing to have this once in a life time opportunity, I am a single working mother of a beautiful 6 year old girl who is sometimes so focused on the image of most women on television that I communicate alot with with her on how now matter what you look like or what you do you are beautiful. I have completed my Master's Degree, cleaned-up my credit and purchased our first home all within two years. Before that, I was in a physical, mental and abusive relationship with her father who drilled in me that I would not and could not be anything without him...which I have proved him WRONG! Also, it would be a blessing, if I was to win, I would appreciate the opportunity to include my daughter in the photo shoot for our memories. Thank you all for what you so! Have a blessed one!

  • jealousCNenvy

    I would love the opportunity for a total makeover. I am a hard working single mom of 2 who always dedicates myself to other people. I also take care of 2 sisters one of which who is in College & the other is a straight "A" senior in HS. I have been on my job for 5 years, and I am happy to be an employed African American. I to, have been struggling with many, many things and have been on my own since the age of 18. Throughout it all, maintained to raise my kids and sisters, made sure I always had employment to take care of them. I have lost a total of 80 pounds and I am just ready to move forward with a new look. Losing weight is not easy especially when you have been overweight for so long. I thank God for having my back and pushing me to focus on me. Thank you guys for this wonderful opportunity and I hope I amongst the winners chosen.
    Thank you Auntie Sandra,
    You are truly the greatest.

  • Kiyana1d

    I first want to say all single hard working mother's deserve something special. Iam a single mother of a 13 year old girl who I support alone financially.I have suffered many losses in life and the last 5 or 6 years have been a constant struggle to stay afloat. I recently relocated myself and my daughter to a new city leaving everything else behind in hopes this change will present a brighter future for us both. I believe my hard work and faith will get us where we need to be in time. Sometimes working overtime and on weekends still isn't enough but my faith and motivation help me through. I very rarely do anything special for myself and have a head full of thick long hair which I have been maintaining mysself to allow my extra money to be spent on my daughter and it makes me happy to do so. It would be a wonderful feeling to actually have a professional stylist do my hair and give me a well over due makeover ***Thankyou For Caring About Single Mother's***

  • brownelovely

    Hi, I am a single & working mother of three and one on the way.I go to school part time and will be back in classes starting January 2013. I believe I should win one of the makeovers because I know it would really be a boost to my self-esteem & a break away from my busy family life. I rarely get any "me" time and I don't really get much support outside from my dad. I rarely take off time from work and make sure everyone is taken care of before I take care of myself. It's part of the job we do as a mother!!! The one treat that I do partake is getting my hair done. Unfortunately, this year has been a hard year for me to maintain my one gift to myself. I had an ex leave me with almost $3000 in bills that had to be taken care of that directly affected my children and I. The toll on my finances has been hard this year but I continue to pray daily and work hard because I know it won't last forever. As I mentioned, I don't get much support from family (especially my mother) at times and this opportunity sounds too good to be true. I'd greatly appreciate it and would enjoy a new look that will pull me away from my traditional "pulled to the back" bun. Thanks for presenting the opportunity!! Good luck to all that enter!!

  • shortie240

    I would like to win this contest because I'm a working mom, and I seldom have time to be concerned about my looks. I'm mom to a 1 yr old, and I've recently taken in two of my nieces indefinitely. All of my free time and money goes to them. In short, I'd like to look a little different for my hubby and feel a little more confident in my looks. I wasn't raised with the generation of women who learned how to apply their own makeup, but I really need to learn so I'm not trekking to the mall every time a special occasion comes. Ps: I haven't worn makeup since my wedding 5 years ago. Sad, I know.

  • tchenel


    This entry is not for myself it is for my BEST Friend Demasha Patrice Hambrick of San Antonio, Texas. Demasha is a 28yr old single mom of a two. She is my inspiration as a single mother myself, to get things done and make things happen despite ALL u HAVE to do, and what you DONT HAVE do them. I love that about her. As a single mom myself, I know what it is to be overwhelmed. When it gets really tough though, I think about Demasha, and all she does DAILY to get to work and raise her kids. I know I can't complain becuz with all she dosent have (ie. a car, money, extra help) and breaks she wasn't given (that I've recieved) she keeps on and takes great care of her kids, goes to work on the bus, gets home somewhow and continues to do what she's gotta do. I lover her so much and that God for that strength! She deserves to be taken care of too and I want her to win this contest so she can see (and be reminded of) the joyous spirit God gave her and the beauty she is both OUTWARDLY and WITHIN. :heart:
    Thank you. Tasha

  • Meka2930

    Hello My name is Shamekia I'm 28years old, Single mother of 3.I think I should win this contest; because I've worked very hard to provide for my children with out their father's in their life. I'm going to school for BAT ,working part time, taking them to different sports practice and spending money on them making sure they have everything needed its tiredness and don't have time for myself but that's my job.I think My kids would be Happy for me to win something they can't do right now and I've always wanted to experience one. It will make me feel better and boost my self esteem higher and build confidence. This is why I should win #singlemom

  • Lee Lee

    I would like to nominate my mother, Lillie D. She too is a reader of Sandra Rose! I am a 21 year old college student who will graduating in May of 2013. If it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't have made it this far, she deserves so much more than what she has. Being a single mother, she would always give me her last. I owe everything to her, all of my future success to her. I would love to be able to supply this to my mom myself, but can't afford. My mom isn't just my mom but my best friend. I feel she is very deserving of this gift. Thank You for this opportunity!

  • Avanti

    Hi. I am a single, working mother of a great 12 year old daughter. I work a great deal in an effort to provide for my child as well as she deserves and needs. I am also responsible for student loans, a car note, a home, and other bills. I am responsible with my income as all financial responsibility falls on me, without assistance from her father or any other source. I accept that but responsibility tends to eliminate the opportunity to do nice things like pamper myself or even just visit a hair salon. Winning this contest would be a nice gift and I'd appreciate it. The photoshoot would afford the opportunity for a nice business headshot; one I would take pride in displaying in my employer's directory. Thank you to everyone involved in offering such an opportunity!

  • AirForceGirl

    Dear Sandra Rose and Friends,

    I am writing to enter my BFF in this contest because she is a hard working single mother of 3 beautiful and VERY intelligent children. At the tender age 28 years old, this girl has been through more trials and tribulations than women twice her age and through each storm she never loses focus and continues to give God the glory. By the grace of God, with each set back she always seems to bounce back and be better than she was before.

    She is currently a full-time student working towards a degree in Nursing, a full time employee at a call center, and did I mention a full-time single mother of 3 kids? Yes, this bitch definitely works hard! :yes:

    Even through it all she still finds time to see to it that her mother and sick grandfather back home in California are being taken care of properly, as well as making sure I have all the necessities to get me through my current Afghanistan deployment.

    There are no words that can describe how deserving of this my best friend is, and the words I have managed to font don’t do her any justice. As I mentioned before, this bitch works hard and definitely needs a break to take care of herself for once.

    Even if she doesn’t win the makeover, she is a winner in my book already! I would like to take this opportunity to tell her that I love her and that I have a ton of respect for everything that she has done and continues to do. Keep doing you girl! :clap:

    Thank you SR family for taking the time to consider by best friend!

  • Soci@l Missfit

    I must say that I would love to win this contest! I'm a 30 yr old single mom of an exceptionally amazing smart 9yr old! He's my everything, the past year has been the best financially but times are getting much better! I recently started working a 2nd job just to make ends meet or get as close as possible! :) I've had to move my son on 3 different occasions thru 3 different states and he has adjusted tremendously! My primary focus has been him and now I want to take some time for me! And even if I don't win I want to express my gratitude to you site for just the recognition of all these wonderful single mothers that have submitted comments! Thanks!

  • peebee2

    I would like to enter this contest for myself. I am a hardworking mother of 2 adult children, along with having 3 grandchildren. I work full-time, sometimes 12 hour days, in addition to attending graduate school 2 nights a week. I had a full hysterectomy 2 years ago and all of my hair fell out and I have been wearing wigs since. I would love to have a professional weave done. I am very self-conscious about my hair and would love to have a makeover and a confidence booster! Between work, school, family, church, and helping others, I really don't have time nor the extra finances. Thank you for considering my request and God bless you all! Pam Beck

  • Kiyamama81

    Ok this will be a first for me. I never enter these type of contest but I figured Hey why not. I am currently a 31yr old working, single mother of one 6yr old diva. She is my my world and therefore I give her my all. I work everyday (at one point 2 jobs) to make sure that she has everything she needs and wants. I don't have a lot of family and the ones I do have aren't that supportive so basically I do everything on my own. I get up at 5am everyday, get my baby & myself ready for school & work, and drop her off at before care. I then get on the bus and commute 1hr to work and 1 hr back at the end of the day. After I pick her up from after care I proceed home to complete homework (hers and mine <~~~full time student as well), cook dinner, and get my princess bathed and off to bed. Im probably up another couple hrs after that getting everything together for the next day. My days don't usually end until about midnight everyday. As you can see my schedule does not permit a lot of me time if any at all. I can't remember the last time I step in someone's salon or did anything for myself really. Winning something like this would be amazing. And after reading some of these stories Im sure whomever wins is overly deserving.

  • Pooski

    I would love to be the winner of this contest. I could definitely use a new look especially with the Christmas holiday fastly approaching. I am a single, hard working mother of two beautiful and smart children. I have, like many single mothers, overcome the guilt of sometimes not being readily available for your children when they want you to be there for things such as school plays or sports due to having to work to provide for them. EVERYTHING that I do is done for the love of and to better my children. It would be a nice little escape to have something glamorous done for me. Thank you for any consideration!

  • sparklesayz

    I would love to win first because I love the work of all the ladies involved. They are all very talented. Also, because I am a 34 year old single Mom who works full time, goes to school part time and raises my 11 year old son. I have been the sole provider for my son since day 1. My son's father has never been involved physically or financially really. I've done the best I've can to provide my son with a happy, healthy life. I currently live with my parents who also help me raise my son. It would be really nice to receive these prizes. I would be greatly appreciative of the opportunity and would not take it for granted. Thank you for your time.

  • zurishay

    Sandra, Id love to enter the contest, but I cannot bare to trype all of my personal business attached to my screen name. I truly feel Im deserving of this. OH WELL.

  • JazzyKey

    Hi Sandra & Shekinah. I love your website Sandra, I don't comment alot, because people bash others opinions, so I don't. I am a working, single mother of three. I went from just having a ten year old, to a 2 year old, and a 9 month old in two years. I went from earning my degree in Finance, and then found out I was pregnant, the happiest day for me. Then a couple months later found out I was pregnant again. My kids dad has not been there like he should for my girls, i.e. me. This year in February, my apartment caught fire we lost literally everything, I had my daughter a week later, the day before my birthday, just me and my mom in the delivery, no father crushed me. Then in April my car was totaled a week, after I started work. It was just like one thing after the next. Luckily my mother was there for me, and I was able to save up enough, and get my kids into a house. I try my hardest everyday, I go to work 40 hours a week, come home, and take care of my kids, but it is alot on me at times. I try to keep myself up, but sometimes, just really don't feel it. As long as my children are straight thats all I worry about. I'm up at 5:45 to get my daughter up, and in the bed by 11 to do it all over again. I always make everything about others, and never have I done anything like this, but this was something I wanted to do for myself. Hopefully you will consider me. BTW, I love you on family hustle you are too funny.

  • Popewife_28

    Hi Sandra,
    I would like to enter my cousin in the single mother makeover.We live in Birmngham Al and it is very hard to find a great stylist in which she could afford due to the price of her MS meds and bills.She is such an amazing woman that exemplifies grace,bueaty, and strength. She was diagnoised with MS back in 2005 and regardless of the everyday fight from not being able to walk some days to just being the a great mom and person. She has been through a lot from finding out her husband to be was a convicted rapist to having to cancel her wedding after carefully planning and spending money she didn't have. She motivates me to want to be just like her,she is cool and a godfearing woman that never says no. I recently had surgery , she was there everyday from my treatments to now having to have a second surgery. She has never complained even though she has been to work all night then comes home finishes her school work and then without even getting rest she then still find time to juggle taking her father to dialysis and go to doctors appointments with me. She is wonderful and a GOD send Lord knows there is no rest for the weary but she does it all with a smile and no complaints. She currently finished her degree and working on a 2nd, she is what a true friend is, even though she is my cousin, I love her.


    Hey Shekinah. And Sandra Rose.. My name is Nicole and I am from Mississippi...Thanks for this opportunity..I am a single mother of two boys Darius 2 and Damarious 6... I love my boys so much . I work everyday and still come home too my boys and cook dinner and clean and do my homework and help my oldest son with his work..I rarely have time to do anything for myself.. So will you please give me the honor of winning this contest.. So I can get a fabolous makeover... again Thanks....and May God continue you bless you both..

  • missmiami

    I should win because I haven't worn weave in 3years. Due to stress my hair is currently shedding and I am desperately in need of a makeover. I am a working mom and wife to 5kids(which includes my hubby) :rofl: . I would love a makeover because I rarely get to treat myself. My sister lives in Atlanta so I definately have a place to crash if I win :) so please please please please pick me AUNTIE AND SHEKINAH

  • sexywitwhatigot

    I would love to nominate my sister in law, Melissa. She just moved to Atlanta from New York. She's a single mom of two boys. She came down here to give her boys a better opportunity. She's an awesome person who gives so much yet asks for so little. I believe this will give her the boost of confidence she needs to start over.

  • Bella770

    At first I wasn't going to enter this contest but I really need this make over. I am a single and a very hardworking mother of two. I work a job that requires me to work a split shift. That means I am at work by 5am until 8am I go home then I'm back at work by 4pm until 8:30 at night. With my erratic schedule, I have to do the mommy thing, housekeeping and sleep and honestly, hitting a salon every week is the last thing on my mind. I am also in the process of developing my own side business and I really need to get my look together and I think this would help out a lot. If you saw me, you would agree that I need this :ashamed:

  • ncj413

    I would like to be considered for this contest because I am a 28 year old single mother to a little girl. I work two jobs right now but I am about to start working three jobs to make ends meet. I am also a full time student majoring in Special Education so that I can work with special needs children and adults. It would be nice if I could win because all of my income goes to bills and necessities for my daughter and now I really do not have money because it is Christmas time so I do not get to do anything nice for myself. It is really tough but we are making it! There are plenty of days that I look a mess because I am so busy with work, school, and being a mother so I am really tired!! This contest would help me become one hawt mommy!

  • ATLprincessa

    When I first saw this post. I wanted to scream, YES!! I need to nominate myself, I've been through hell and back, I had a difficult pregancy, after month three, between my lupus, 1st baby pregnancy issues, and (thankfully but expensive over analytical) doctors I was in a doctors office every 2 weeks from month 3 until birth of my daughter. At month 3 I lost my six figure job, had to fly around the country to ensure the bank didn't foreclose on my home due to lost paperwork between NACA and Wellsfargo and stressed myself out so much I had to be placed on bedrest for a month. I remained unemployed and lived purely off of savings for 9 months, which I drained EVERY account I had and ended up with a $20,000 medical bill to have my daughter. I stopped modeling (I was featured on the site here..THANK YOU SANDROSE) focused exclusively on exiting out of a nightmare of a mortgage, received a fulltime job this summer almost comprable to what I was making before being laid off, I have a healthy 20 month old daughter who just got picked up with an agency, I've sold my home and managed to sell it for less than it was worth and get money back on a shortsale and while there is no MR. Right..I think I have survied the worse and realize after reading some of these stories that my "hell" may not have been as bad as I thought..Iam truly blessed things have come together. As everyother mother on this timeline I put my daughter first so hair, nails, clothing for me--just don't happen because no matter how much I make, I can't help but want to give it to her or spend it on an activity. So the only way this "Mami" is getting her hair done or any other pampering treatment is probably through a contest or charity! If this contest is based soley on a raffle of those qualified please throw my hat in the bucket. I am a hardworking single model, who loves and adores her daughter! If it's based on the level of "deserving" -I honestly can pick a couple of names up above more "deserving" than me.

  • customdesigned_Kee

    Normally I don’t participate in contests like these because I do not feel that I am worthy of winning. And not because I feel I do not deserve it, simply because by winning I will get a luxury that I cannot afford to give my own children. I am a mother of 2 very active boys, ages 10 & 3. I work over 40 hours a week at the hospital. Then I work part time at a local baseball park. And when not there, I am also taking in clients at home, I am a licensed Barber and I DJ.

    I get up at 5am, work at the hospital, then to my part time at the ballpark, then go home and do hair. Tackle the kids (mom duties), plus household duties. I am also a DJ, so will DJ from 10pm until 2-3am. After the club my day is still not over because I may need to hit up the 24 Wal-Mart for groceries or household needs. I average 2-5 hours of sleep each night depending on what the day consists of. I am also in school, so because my week is so cramped with work, Sunday after church I have to cram in all my papers, test and schoolwork while trying to spend what little time I can with the kids so they don’t start to think my sitter is their mom, lol. No matter how busy I am I make it a point to attend church every Sunday. I have only missed church 3 Sundays out of the 2012 year! That truly gives me the strength to continue working hard!

    My birthday was December 8, and most people would be thinking about going out and partying, seeing friends and family, gifts, etc. The only thing I was doing is WORKING HARD! And I don’t complain about any of it because I will go whatever I have to do to for my children! I WORK HARD! So instead of going out and spoiling myself, I have to work pay keep these bills paid and make sure that I can supply my childrens needs.

    So bottom line is I Work Hard! 4 jobs, 2 kids, school & church! Yes… I work hard B#tch!

  • Sandra Rose

    Thank you to everyone who submitted and entry. Your entries are all touching and heartfelt. I wish you could all win! The contest ends tonight at 11:59. The (2) winners will be chosen tomorrow by Shekinah. So check back to see if you won! :hi:

  • EL

    Hard Working Single Mother that raised two dynamic girls (Well at least I think they are special)that are away in college. My outer appearance wasn't/couldn't be my number one priority, children were first. Now that they are off and about, I guess I need to start investing in moi.

    I would LOVE to be the recipient of this beautiful gift. I've always said that Atlanta has the most beautiful black women in the world. From their hair to their gear, they always look nice. I sure hope I'm the lucky winner of this fabulous gift.

  • dawn


    I am so excited to hear that this contest is being held! I sure hope I win this because the Lord know I REALLY need a make over. I am a single mom and haventt had my hair professionally done in a very long time. I am 35 years old and I have been sporting a ponytail for way too long, and its not even a fake ponytail. I know i still got the fabulous in me somewhere, I really need some serious help to bring it out again. with all these bills and Christmas right at the front door, I thought this was a great idea for you to hold this contest for single moms like myself.

  • Princess_Violette

    I know there are tons of hard working Women in the world, AND I CONSIDER MYSELF ONE OF THEM. Working hard is something I learned very early in life. I am the 2nd oldest of my mother's 4 children, but I definitely had the most responsibility being the first girl. I come from a single parent home and sinc the day I learned to do laundry (age 9), I've been working. My bestfriends grampa owned a barber shop where I washed towels, swept floors and took out trash. While most girls my age were playing with dolls I was helping my mother make ends meet and taking care of my younger siblings. I haven't gone a SINGLE DAY without a job, sometimes working two and 3. My senior year of HS I was working 11-6 at BK school from 9 to 1 and work from 6-10 at Toys r us. I want to make clear that I am in NO WAY complaining or inviting anyone to a pity party. :-} I owe my entire college education to my mother. I was able to work, go to school Nd raise a baby AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!! All while maintaining a perfect 4.0 gpa. And I can only hope that I raise my son to be/appreciate a hard working, dedicated, self motivatedPerson. (minus the struggle and hardships)