Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert

Tamar Braxton and her loving husband Vince Herbert appeared on BET's 106 & Park Wednesday, where she performed her hit single "Love and War". Terrell Mullin did Tamar's hair and makeup, and Deandre Tristan styled her to perfection. What do you think of Tamar's look?
Photos: Stefan Jeremiah/WENN.com

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  • President Barack Obama hugs girl

    President Obama arrived at Dobbins Air Force base to very little fanfare earlier today. According to the president's itinerary published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he will be in town until 2:40 p.m. today.

    The president greeted children at the College Heights preschool in Decatur, where the toddlers had no idea who he was. The children knew that he was someone important, so they welcomed him warmly, according to the AJC.

    The AJC notes that the school "is currently on winter break, so the children were brought in under special circumstances for the presidential visit."

    In plain English, that means another staged photo op.

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    Clayton teen prostitution

    A Jonesboro woman is being held in the Clayton County jail without bond for prostituting 2 teenage girls, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

    Police say the Jessica M. Washington, 27, gave two teenage runaways free room and board in her apartment on Upper Riverdale Road, in exchange for letting her pimp them out on Craigslist.com.

    Washington is being charged with "prostitution, keeping a place of prostitution, trafficking persons for labor or servitude, pandering and enticing minors for indecent purposes, according to Clayton County court records," obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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    Oscar Pistorius guns down model girlfriend

    The South African sprinter known as 'Blade Runner' for his prosthetic legs has been arrested for killing his model girlfriend, the MailOnline reports.

    Paralympics star Oscar Pistorius was taken into custody and charged with murder after he allegedly shot his girlfriend, former FHM model Reeva Steenkamp, several times in the head, chest and arm. Paramedics treated Steenkamp, 30, but she died at the scene.

    Pistorius told police he shot Steenkamp after mistaking her for a burglar at his luxury South Africa mansion in Pretoria. Police found no signs of forced entry.

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    Christopher Dorner mother

    A reporter for a CBS news affiliate station in Los Angeles claims she spoke with Christopher Dorner's mother as the woman watched her son's saga unfold on live TV in a restaurant.

    CBS2/KCAL9’s Michele Gile said a woman matching Dorner's mother's description dined with a female friend at La Capilla Mexican Restaurant in La Palma around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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    Erica Mena Hosts Shoe Party

    Every man knows that the quickest way to a woman's heart is through gifts. And the quickest way to a groupie's heart is through designer shoes and handbags -- the pricier the better! Reality TV star Erica Mena knows all too well what gifts groupies like. The Love & Hip Hop NY cast member hosted a JeTaime shoes Sip & Shop party in NYC over the weekend, and lifestyle blogger Talkingwithtami.com has all the pics.

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    three arrested in belt-beating

    Police in Newark, NJ have arrested three people they say are responsible for the horrific belt beating of a man that was caught on tape. Police announced the arrests on Tuesday (Feb. 12) after a viral video showed the suspects forcing the victim to strip naked, then beating him with a belt.

    A 19-year-old man has been charged in connection with the beating. The cameraman and another person was also charged, WTVR.com reports.

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    Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz and son Egypt

    For some reason Alicia Keys did not announce her pregnancy at the Grammys as expected. The noticeably pregnant Keys, 32, is reportedly "ecstatic" that she and husband, music producer Swizz Beatz are expecting another baby. Beatz, real name Kasseem David Dean, 34, has 3 other children from previous relationships.

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    Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith

    If Jada Pinkett-Smith is upset about her husband "vacationing" with his rumored lover, actor Duane Martin, you couldn't tell by the look on her face. But that could be because her milk isn't clean either. If you recall I told you that Jada once sent a jet for a female friend of mine to join her in Aspen, CO. But my friend politely declined her invitation. Apparently Jada has a type. My friend (who is as straight as an arrow) and Jada look like they could be siblings. The 41-year-old actress and part-time rock singer attended the Michael Kors fashion show with her daughter Willow Smith, 12, today. The Kors show is part of Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.
    Photos: Ouzounova/Splash News

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    La La Vazquez and Vanessa Williams

    Socialite La La Vazquez did not attend NY Fashion Week events. But maybe she should have? I'm not sure what to make of her pleather outfit and loud red NIKEs. The former DJ, who is married to NY Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, dined with her lesbian friends before bumping into actress and former Miss America Vanessa Williams.
    Photo: Wenn.com

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    Solange Knowles

    Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles, arrives to the NY premiere of Beyonce's 'Life Is But A Dream' HBO documentary at the Ziegfield Theater. Solo was dressed casually in a white super long shirt and matching jacket. Who knew Solange was bow-legged?
    Photo: INFphoto.com

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    Christopher Dorner cabin fire

    The raging fire that tore through the log cabin in Big Bear Lake, CA, where cop killer Christopher Dorner died Tuesday night was no accident.

    The national news media is silent on the cause of the blaze. But raw audio from police radio transmissions makes the cause of the blaze very clear.

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    Viola Davis Says Prayer Works

    Oscar nominee Viola Davis has the secret for lonely women who are looking for a husband to complete them: Prayer.

    Page Six reports that Davis, 47, revealed her secret at the premiere for her latest movie, “Beautiful Creatures.”

    “The Help” star told Page Six, “I was the loneliest woman in the world, and someone said, ‘You should just pray for a husband.'" So Davis got down on her knees and prayed.

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    Beyonce and Jay Z

    Beyonce and Jay Z attended a glittering Hollywood-style premiere for her upcoming HBO TV special, Life is But a Dream. Yes, you read that right. Beyonce threw herself a splashy movie premiere -- complete with red carpet and paparazzi -- for a TV special!
    Photos: Splash News Online

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    Christopher Dorner confirmed dead

    The biggest manhunt in Southern California history ended in a blaze of glory Tuesday night -- just as Christopher Dorner had predicted in his online manifesto.

    Dorner, 33, went on a shooting rampage to seek revenge for what he believed was his wrongful termination from the LAPD in 2008. On Monday Dorner was officially charged (in absentia) with the deaths of 2 LAPD officers and the attempted murders of 2 other officers.

    After eluding a joint task force of law enforcement officers across California for a week, Dorner was spotted by a state Fish and Wildlife officer as he drove a stolen truck near Big Bear, California Tuesday. Dorner and the officer exchanged gunfire and Dorner crashed the pickup truck.

    The former Navy veteran then abandoned the stolen truck and ran into the nearby woods. He took refuge in an empty rental cabin which was quickly surrounded by San Bernardino officers. A fierce gun battle erupted and two San Bernardino County officers were hit as Dorner attempted to escape out of the back of the cabin.

    One officer later died of his injuries and a 2nd officer was in surgery but expected to survive. SWAT officers returned fire and lobbed tear gas canisters into the wooden structure, pushing Dorner back inside.

    According to a law enforcement source, police had broken down windows, fired tear gas into the cabin and blasted over a loud speaker urging Dorner to surrender. When they got no response, police deployed a vehicle to rip down the walls of the cabin "one by one, like peeling an onion," a law enforcement official said.

    By the time they got to the last wall, authorities heard a single gunshot, the source said. Then flames began to spread through the structure, and gunshots, probably set off by the fire, were heard. Source

    LAPD officials confirmed Dorner's charred body was pulled out of the burned cabin tonight, a source told the LA Times.

    Police suspect Dorner shot himself when he was cornered and trapped inside the cabin. It isn't clear if the tear gas canisters ignited the flames that totally consumed the cabin, or if Dorner set the fire himself.

    Dorner was fired from the LAPD in 2008 for making false statements about another LAPD officer.

    In his angry 11-page manifesto posted to Facebook, Dorner named targets within the LAPD and he promised to use "every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordnance and survival training I've been given" to bring "warfare" to LAPD officers and their families.

    At the peak of the intense manhunt for Dorner, officials had placed 50 LAPD officers and their families under police protection.

    Among Dorner's first victims were the daughter of a former LAPD captain and her fiance, who were shot to death as they sat in their car near their home Sunday night.

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  • “No Warning” as LAPD Shoot 2 Women in Manhunt for Cop Killer
  • 3 women arrested for throwing hot grease

    Three Smyrna women were arrested after an online feud escalated offline and sparked a hot grease fight, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

    Smyrna police say Ashley Hardy, Jasmine Ragland, Shatericka Barrino and Stori Brown went to the Cumberland Glen Apartments to confront 3 women who said something they didn't like on Instagram.com, a popular photo sharing website.

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    Married to Medicine

    Bravo, the cable network that started it all with their Real Housewives reality series, is preparing a new docu-series (formerly called reality series) to keep you locked to your TVs.

    According to The Hollywood reporter, the docu-series titled Married to Medicine will introduce viewers to "the fast-paced and drama-filled social scene of Atlanta's exclusive medical inner circle."

    In English, that means a ratched new reality TV series featuring staged fights and lots of fake Visine tears. You know how Bravo does it.

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    Coca Cola addiction killed woman

    A coroner has ruled the death of a 30-year-old mother of 8 was caused by her raging addiction to Coca Cola. The coroner reports that Natasha Harris drank up to 10 litres of Coca Cola every day -- that's almost 2 pounds of sugar consumed in one day.

    The shocking coroner's report comes on the heels of Coca Cola's new anti-obesity advertising campaign, which critics are calling damage control.

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    Hadiya Pendleton charges

    Two men have been charged in the shooting death of a 15-year-old honors student who danced for President Obama during his Inauguration last month.

    The two men in custody, Michael Ward, 18, and Kenneth Williams, 20, are violent gang members who mistook Hadiya Pendleton's group of friends for members of a rival gang, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Police took Ward and Williams into custody just a day after First Lady Michelle Obama attended Hadiya's funeral in Chicago.

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    Chris Brown Rihanna Melissa and Bu at the Grammys

    Someone just sent me this cute pic of friend to the blog Bu Thiam (Def Jam VP of A&R), far right, with his clients, Chris Brown, left, and Rihanna, 2nd from left, at the Grammys last night. Rihanna's bestie, Melissa Forde, is sitting next to Bu. No, Mel and Bu are not dating (I asked).

    Tocarra Louis Vuitton Bag

    If you recall, Sandrarose.com broke the exclusive about Louis Vuitton going after pop singer Justin Bieber for devaluing the LV brand with his counterfeit Louis Vuitton jacket.

    Over the weekend, my Louis Vuitton source pointed out another celebrity who may have been wearing a cheap Louis Vuitton knock off during Grammy weekend. According to him, the bag that America's Next Top Model contestant Tocarra is seen carrying in the photo above is a cheap knockoff of the LV Sunshine Express North-South handbag which retails for $5,050.

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    Hadiya Pendleton funeral

    Just a day after First Lady Michelle Obama attended the funeral of 15-year-old shooting victim Hadiya Pendleton, police took two suspects into custody, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    Murder charges are pending against the two men, and the charges could come as early as this evening, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said.

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    Bonnie Maccammon Kynon Johnson

    A group of Indiana students are rallying for a separate prom that excludes homosexual students, WTWO reports.

    The students, their parents, teachers, and others believe gays should be banned from the Sullivan High School prom next Sunday at the Sullivan First Christian Church.

    "We don't agree with [homosexuality] and it's offensive to us," said Diana Medley, a special education teacher at another school in town.

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    Chris Brown dissed Frank Ocean at the Grammys

    If you were sitting in the nosebleed section at the 55th Annual Gramnmys when a buzz went through the crowd last night, here's what happened: troubled singer Chris Brown refused to stand and give singer Frank Ocean his props when Ocean won a Grammy for something or other.

    Can you blame Brown? The two men recently went toe-to-toe in a recording studio parking lot in LA. So they have no love for each other.

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    Beyonce covers Vogue

    Oops, my bad. It isn't Vogue's world domination issue, it's their "Power 2013' issue. But they might as well have named it World Domination, because that's what Beyonce is struggling to accomplish. If you're like me and you prayed that there would no more sightings of Beyonce after the Super Bowl, you will be sadly disappointed. Mrs. Carter simply will not sit her azz down somewhere.

    The video of Beyonce's behind-the-scenes Power shoot is posted after the break.

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    Kimberly Chandler

    Is it any wonder NY Knicks' troubled center Tyson Chandler has a chip on his shoulder? Chandler is one of the most penalized basketball players in the NBA. And now we see why. What man wouldn't have problems on the job if he had a cheating wife?

    According to Bossip.com, Chandler's wife, Kimberly Chandler, was seen in the arms of another man outside Milk Studios -- while her husband is out of town traveling with the Knicks.

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