Not so blind item

This NBA star can't seem to keep it in his pants. They say he loves his wife, but he's a man who is having difficulty ignoring his primal urges. This NBA star is allegedly linked to a reality TV star who shall remain nameless. The following Blind Item was snatched from a message board that is overrun by bitter jump offs with axes to grind. So take this tea with a grain of salt.

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Guess who

All of these women are high maintenance beauties who go to great lengths to make sure their hair and nails are always on point when they step out in public. The last time I made a post like this some of you had problems guessing the names. This time I will try to make the descriptions a little easier.

1. Let's begin with this reality TV star and mother of one who is struggling to repair her marriage to an NBA superstar (at least publicly). She writes on her Instagram page: "Bob Marley Nail Art hand painted by @naominailsnyc...SICK!!!!!"

What's her name?

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Law and Order SVU Chris Brown and Rihanna

In another case of art imitating life, NBC is set to air a controversial episode of Law & Order: SVU titled "My Funny Valentine", about an abusive celebrity who beats his girlfriend to death.

It's not a stretch to figure out who the characters are portraying in real life. It's just a matter of when will Rihanna end up like the character in the SVU episode.

Law and Order SVU

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Oscar Pistorius freed by court

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius is a free man after being freed on bail by Magistrate Desmond Nair following a four day bail hearing. Pistorius was arrested on charges of murdering his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 29, who he mistook for a burglar.

Nair said Pistorius was not a flight risk and that his prosthetic legs would make a "commotion" if he tried to get through airport security.

"I come to the conclusion that the accused has made a case to be released on bail," said Nair, who added "the state only has circumstantial evidence but that 'does not prevent it being [premeditated murder].

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Osi Umenyiora and Miss Universe engaged

Sorry ladies, if you thought you had a chance to get with NY Giants hunk Osi Umenyiora, you're too late. Osi has been taken off the market for good (or at least until the dopamine wears off).

The handsome New York Giants defensive end and the beautiful Leila Lopes, 26, have only been dating a year before Osi popped the question. And Lopes, Miss Universe 2011, quickly said "yes!"

For those of you who are thinking it's too soon, the couple don't have plans to tie the knot until next year.

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Jesse Jackson Jr Michael Jackson

When bidding on autographs of dead celebrities such as Michael Jackson, the bidder should beware of the massive number of Michael Jackson forgeries being sold or auctioned every day around the world.

Due to the volatility of the stock market, many investors are putting their money into so-called "hard assets" like celebrity autographs that only increase in value over time.

But the increased demand for Michael Jackson autographs has spawned an entire industry of scam artists who seek to benefit from the lucrative sales of fake Jackson memorabilia.

Disgraced former Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has apparently fallen victim to one auction house in Nevada that deals in fake Michael Jackson memorabilia.

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Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

Today, Volkswagen revealed the production version of the new VW Beetle, called the XL1, and it's attracting a lot of attention. The new electric and diesel gas-powered hybrid isn't exactly ready to roll down the assembly line (and into your garage) just yet. There are still some details left for VW to work out -- such as the sticker price for this beauty.

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Ja Rule and wife Aisha

Rapper Ja Rule was released from prison today, but he's not exactly a free man. MyFox NY reports that "Ja Rule left an upstate New York prison Thursday morning after serving most of his two-year sentence for illegal gun possession and headed straight into federal custody in a tax case."

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Ron Kronenberger A landlord in Southwest Ohio is under arrest for spanking a tenant on his bare butt with a belt after the tenant fell behind on his rent, reports.

The 29-year-old tenant, who isn't named for obvious reasons, says he fell behind (no pun intended) a few months on his rent, and agreed to be spanked by 53-year-old Ron Kronenberger.

Police in the tiny village of Waynesville say Kronenberger was charged with assault for the Jan. 22 incident which occurred in his office.

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Fantasia Barrino

These people are going learn to stop messing with Fantasia Barrino. All she needs is one top 10 hit and everyone will be kissing her rear end. But until then, Fantasia can only take to her social networking accounts to blast Haters such as JET magazine for publishing a recent cover using an old photo of her.

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Chris Brown and Rihanna vacation in Hawaii

Troubled singers Chris Brown and Rihanna frolicked on the sandy beaches in Hawaii not far from President Obama's home. Rihanna, who turned 25, wore a red bikini under her fishnet stockings to celebrate her birthday. The couple made sure the paparazzi got all the photos they needed as they jet skied and took romantic walks on the beach. But is it just me, or does Brown, 23, wish he were somewhere else (perhaps with the real love of his life, Karrueche Tran)?

According to sources, Brown partied with Tran in Houston during the NBA All-Star weekend while Rihanna debuted her trashy clothing line in London.

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Hilton Botha dropped from Oscar Pistorius case

The lead detective in the murder case against Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius is facing 7 charges of attempted murder himself, the BBC reports.

Police confirmed that South African detective Hilton Botha was allegedly involved in a shooting two years ago. He was dropped from the sensational murder case that has generated headlines around the world.

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