Amber Rose Hosts Compound Saturdays

Socialite Amber Rose hosted Compound Saturdays in Atlanta last night. Other celebs in the house included Nigerian superstar Davido (in red ball cap) and up-and-coming artist Veronica Vega (white tee and garter belts. Veronica is Polow Da Don's new artist.
Photos by Prince Williams/

Amber Rose Hosts Compound Saturdays

Amber's jeans were so tight she could hardly walk. She needed assistance just to stay upright.

Davido and Alex Gidewon

Nigerian star Davido, left, and club owner Alex Gidewon.

Veronica Vega

Polow Da Don's star Veronica Vega.

  • AQueen

    :newbie: Hello I'm new here!!!!????????????????????????

  • Unshakable

    Hola Rose Garden and hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!! For those of you in flooding/tornado/weather prone areas, please stay safe and dry!! Prayers to you :pray:

    Now... *cracks knuckles and clears throak*

    Amber: Looking like a can of biscuits. If she has an upper or lower belch, she may explode. She has a cute shape though.

    Ladies, beware of such ill/tight fitting jeans. If the jeans make you look like you have two kitties instead of one, they are probably also conducive to yeast infections.

    Veronica: Loving the eyebrowns :nun:

    Davido: Looking somewhat like a Nigerian Omar Epps. :think:

    Alex: Looking like Donnie McClurkin's older and "prodigal" brother... Like he waiting to cheat in a spades or tonk game :rofl:

    Seaux that I end things on a happy note:

    1. Veronica's garter stockings are looking quite it
    2. Love Am's earrings/glasses and her breasts don't look depressed.

    Will check back in periodically. Love to all and please be safe! :hug:

  • LSLH

    Hey Auntie, hey Shake, hey Roses!
    Have a safe holiday!
    Thanks for the Sunday post too.

  • MisUnderstood

    I've got nathan for above post. But this here day, beeeuTiful! Today's theme was Haitian & African food. Maaaannn *smacks lips* my ass can't move. Tomorrow is Spanish & Black food. Yesterday was white. I'm gonna gain 20lbs after this weekend...

  • Simple person

    it used to count for something if you had brains, were educated, contributed something to society. now all you seem to need is a fake butt and boobs and you are "important"?? foh with THAT nonsense!

    don't nobody care what a door knob does (everybody has gotten a turn)

    rip to all the fallen military!

  • FuturedocDonte

    All she wore was a t-shirt :huh:

  • MisUnderstood

    Donte, same thing I thought & it's not even a nice one.

  • MisUnderstood

    Did someone give Jenie a Prozac? The Hawks are playing

  • sassyshe

    Happy memorial day all. I'm waiting to discuss the fcukery that is Chris Brown. Tyson need to put a grown man azz shopping on that azz

  • Unshakable


    You know when you in "that life," anything goes. That and factor in whet AJ said a coupla posts ago....we in the last days. This is the new normal. :yes: :rofl:


    Guhl, guhl, guhl,......whet I say about coming roundst bout the garten and you ain't eem sharing all that good food with the fellow roses. I told you I need to live vicariously through you when you go to these feasts. I bet the dining room table even had a patriot cornucopia on it, didn't it? :think: Complete with a decal of the American flag on it. :rofl: :hug:


    Hiya babes!!! Seaux good to see your font! It's been a long time. How have you been? :kiss:

  • FuturedocDonte

    Tyson need to put a grown man azz shopping on that azz
    :stop: Tyson called that man "papa" :homo:
    I am interested to see why Chris is popping off considering he had a whole baby on that girl

  • iWasteTime

    Roses :wave:

    CB a fool. he arguing with a homo over a woman he cheated on and made a whole new life while with her and his baby muva on twitter calling him a dead beat :no:

  • Simple person

    chris aint shhhhhh!

  • JerseyMom

    Z-List celebs...

  • JerseyMom

    In Isntagram news, Chris Breezy and Tyson acting like the are about that life when they are just fake IG thugs. :rofl:

    Now then again, Chris will lay hands on ya tho...

  • #missyJSays

    The whole CB thang is T.I. Tiny May weather 2.0 :eyeroll: just LESS exciting :tea: if that's possible

    Kae got the reaction she wanted, CB still paying her bills and she'll be back.. Just a matter of when.. Chrissy just thought it was sooner rather than later :haha: Kae not through it you yet :lol:

  • Meme81

    :welcome: AQueen

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

    Amber lookin' like she belongs in one of JJ's paintings from Good Times.

    IDK who that Veronica chick is, but if ur showing up to an event wearing a t-shirt and stockings, dirty-lookin' stockings at that, people will assume u charge by the hour for your 'services'.

  • MisUnderstood

    Unshake, my multicultural family is keeping me fat! :wail: as I stuff my face with a chicken & veggie patty. :D

    Tyson is sponsoring Kantugo & Chris is mad? Really? Fawk em all. Goes back to my plantains. *burp*

  • AprilRain

    Hi Roses, happy hoiday!!! Amber looks good.... She ain't wearin as much makeup as sh norm does.... I wonder if she has to bleach her hair everyday? #things to ponder.

  • Audacious2

    She got that 'old white woman' wrinkled cleavage. Did anyone see her new movie where she is cast as a black woman? I think the movie is titled "Sister Code".