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Pop Diva Whitney Houston died in a bathtub drowning accident in 2012. But her sister-in-law and president of her estate, Pat Houston, is keeping her memory alive.

Pat Houston is planning a blockbuster tour featuring Whitney's hologram. Many think it is an ingenious idea considering the poor quality of music these days.

But others say a hologram tour featuring Whitney is in extremely poor taste. Whitney's only child Bobbi Kristina Brown died after she was taken off life support earlier this year.

Still others are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be the first in line to scalp tickets to Whitney's Born Again tour. Scalpers say why should Pat and Bobby Brown be the only ones profiting off of Whitney's death.

Who would you rather see on tour? Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara or Whitney Houston? The answer should be a no-brainer.

From The Guardian UK:

The show will reportedly open next year in the US before it tours around the world.

For those unable to make the gigs themselves, the shows will stream live on , a free online and live TV app founded by Alki David, who is also the CEO of Hologram USA.

“The opportunity to help share her spectacular gifts with the world again is exactly what I hoped for when I built the hologram business,” said David.

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    • my view

      one day someone is going to see Pat in these streets alone

    • my view

      I did not know Moses Malone im sad

    • Dee

      This is wrong. Let her rest in peace.

    • OpinionHated

      Somewhere an angel is crying.... Pat Houston must be on bath salts... this is blasphemous - what next the dead tour featuring Elvis, Mike J, Marvin Gaye, and Nat King Cole.... if the proceeds were going to drug programs I'd say kudos but to take her gift to line their pockets is the epitome of greed and its disgusting... especially so soon after her daughter died....

    • Torae

      Pat still trying to make money. It's all hers now she don't have to share it with BK...

    • iWasteTime

      smh . . smdh . . smmfh . . .

      I'll wait . . .

    • ATL White Guy

      This just seems wrong on multiple levels to me. Part of memorializing a person, especially an artist, is to cherish the music and think about the person oneself - having a travelling hologram and people buying tickets seems so circus side-show freakishness about it.

    • lil goodie

      Sandra...please don't ban me....
      Dear Pat...... there is a special place in HELL for a bish like you.... you don't have enough money yet??? May Whitney and Bobbi Kristina hunt you all the rest of your days...

    • Mel

      No thanks if I can't touch your hand from the crowd it's not worth the money I'm not paying so see a ghost in concert ?

    • jeniefrumdabloc™

      Again I say... But Bobby was the problem (sarcasm) I'll wait

    • L.T.L. Since 2007

      I REALLY can't stand Pat's ol' funky a$$.
      Hey Pie Face.....

    • Use_Coasters_aka_Sol_88

      Seems highly unnecessary & this is making me uncomfortable Pat.

    • Angela

      Pat Houston is a money grubbing monster. May Whitney's face be permanently etched on the inside of your left eyelid and Bobbi Kris's face on the inside of the right, and every time you close your eyes to rest you are haunted by the terrible things you've done. She'll get hers.

    • Petty Rubble

      I prefer my performers to be alive. thanks


      Pat...just go ahead and do this....I know thats what you really want to do.

    • Bird

      I had been seeing the hologram headlines, but had not read any of the stories. Going on tour you say? I'm very interested to see how that works out. Pat say she gone get her cot damn money.

    • Lolalao

      She sure will.

    • L.T.L. Since 2007

      This pic tickles and scares the hell outta me everytime I see it.
      She muhhfukking tied and done tried to go on home to glory but they won't let her get up from the card table.
      Talking about "One more hand, and stop babysitting that likka."

    • Just Keya

      See...Pat has a very special seat waiting in hell for her. Nobody should want money this damn bad. Done killed two people and now want to take the woman's face and voice on tour. Bish BYE! I hope you get tiny paper cuts all over your body and someone throws you into a vat of bleach. I can't STAND her!

    • Lolalao

      I can't believe she's this greedy.


      I find these Furn...incredibly uncomfortable and creepy....if I was to ever come upon one I would promptly walk the hell out and go pray to get myself together...nightmares...and I don't need that in my life. lol

    • Lolalao

      I'm thinking if she didn't axe Whitney.. did she kill her daughter?

    • iWasteTime

      is "put it all in a plastic bag" real?
      I'm gonna need help translating Future's lyrics though.
      Where is @VDot?


      this is another one..I mean ya'll have a right to grieve but I can't be that close to a deadT body...RIP tho

    • mzwhang90210

      Something tells me Whitney would not be pleased!

    • Lolalao

      Or Lemon juice

    • iWasteTime

      people are cray. Let them people rest!

    • JoyMalone

      So she waited for her grand daughter to pass away for this brilliant stupid idea??? Holograms are fawkin creepy...its like watching a ghost and to me disrespectful to death. Thats not how artist should be honored in death by pretending theyre still alive and able. So sickening. So rude. R.i.p Whitney and Bobbi.

    • harley_quinn2.0

      I guess she realized trying to hustle black candles wasn't the move. Now she's moved on to a bigger scheme. Ever since they did that ONE show with the Pac hologram, everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon. I guess the Houston family is Ray Charles to the b.s. Not much they can do as she's president of the estate

    • Queen Negus

      Sorry I am too scary to watch a Ghost perform. I would have nightmares for days. Plus I hate to see deceased people in the memo that people post?

    • You Aint Shyt-LuhYou, B.Sweet

      Who here is planning to buy THESE tickets? I have an island off the coast of Oklahoma that I would like to sell you. It's summer/fall there year round with no hurricanes or tornadoes. Bargain basement price and I'm willing to divide it.

    • Jen_n_juice

      If Pat don't sit her greedy a$$ down and let her rest!

      Murning Roses!

    • mzwhang90210

      I can't stand Pat Houston.

      And before somebody comes in & says "folks only hate her cuz other folks hate her..they can't think for themselves..blah blah"...
      PLS STOP!!!

      My disdain for her (not all of it...but a giant chunk of it) comes from that Oprah special that I saw...where she admitted that Whitney kept calling her that last day of her life...but she didn't answer the phone!!!

      She was a leeching opportunist who...if she didn't have a personal hand in the deaths of Whitney/Krissy....she definitely enabled it!



    • L.T.L. Since 2007

      The chill done left the building.
      Why did I go looking for this shyt.....

    • Lolalao

      INSIDIOUS---Pat Houston: preceding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.

    • mzwhang90210

      Chile you know she does!
      And will have Bobbi K cocked up in a Sweet 16 themed bedroom.

    • mzwhang90210

      Hey bew *kiss*

      ITA. Folks are still blaming Bobby Brown.

    • harley_quinn2.0

      New post


      smh idk why we do it....


      NANNA BOO!!!!

    • RoyalBeauty

      Pat, Crissy and Whitney's brother (Pat's Husband)....May your a$$ fit well in the pits of h3ll. Regardless what Whitney had going on in her personal life, when it came to that stage....CLASS and GREATNESS is what Whitney delivered and this mess right here.....just a low to get money. The lady and her daughter haven't rest for that long and Pat making a fool of Whitney's legacy! Pat, if you read this...ENJOY SWEETIE....KARMA IS GOING TO DANCE ALL OVER YOUR GREEDY A55! SMDH!

    • Queen Negus

      Payne?. How are you?? I am so pissed my internet is down and tech won't be here till Wed! Well when they come they will take their equipment bc I called another company to install on Wed!! ?
      I have to use my hotspot on my phone to work!!

    • Michelle Peele

      Really Pat? Dayum!!!

    • Michelle Peele

      Is she touring alone cause this could get weird.

    • Winner

      True colors showing...

    • Michelle Peele

      I'm just tryna figure out if shes going to be on the stage aline. Didnt all of the other hologram folk have people on stage wit them? Is she doing a full concert? So many questions...


      Lol,I KNOW THE FEELING!!!I phone text.but when my memory get full I have issues with my LOG-IN.shyt comes to a screeching halt till I can get back in the GARDEN!:')))))))

    • mzwhang90210

      Is Pat still making those witchy-poo candles? Because if so..she'll no doubt be trying to hawk them during this tour.

      I'm also convinced that Pat was in with Raffles Van Exel..on that Whitney Houston coffin photo. She shared some of that $$$, I'd bet on it.

      And now this...makes me angry.
      Hasn't this Globe headed heffa profited enough off of Whitney? Now you want to leech off her corpse????
      Burn bish...burnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

    • mzwhang90210

      LOL I just asked about those crusty candles.
      Ion trust Pat. She strikes me as the kind of heffa that would sell her own mother's last heartbeat.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      Bobbi Kristina loos like "Niecy," the niece on Being Mary Jane.

    • hotcocoa2


    • JerseyMom

      Let the dead rest in peace. It's over.

    • mzwhang90210


      What else is the show gonna be? Just folks watching ghost images of Nippy???

      Knowing Pats greedy arse..she'll probably be seated on the dark stage in a yoga pose/eyes closed..surrounded by her home-made candles.

      There is something about that woman's spirit that makes the fur on my back stand up.

    • Phillybruh

      I don't see an issue with this, the estate has to generate money someway, she didn't write her songs, they can and should make money off of her likeness she has been dead long enough. I have in my lap a likeness worth millions but I'm a just do noting with it. Who does that and why would you!

    • harley_quinn2.0

      She's a shepherd for the devil ?

    • JerseyMom

      This bish's real name is Marion Patricia Watson Garland, not Pat Houston.

    • Phillybruh

      She didn't need Bobbi Kris to pass way, Pat is the executor, she could have done this while Bobbi Kris was alive.

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      It already is.

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      Chile...that one I remember as a toddler from Jet magazine.

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      That's what Youtube is for.

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      I thought the same thing about Zimmerman. We see how that turned out.

    • Readytochokemothernatureonout

      I won't be in attendance I will play her videos and music should I want to hear or see Nippy.

    • mzwhang90210

      Hey Luce..I said the same. And he is bragging...has been quoted on social media saying (sarcastically) "Im still waiting on karma to get me."
      And saying "We see what happend to the last person that ran up on me."

      Or something to that effect.

      I can't really say what I feel about Zimmybish. And how I feel he should be somewhere sucking sustenance out of a straw...I can't say it. ( They might be watching.)

    • Petty_boots

      There's dead people in the attached pics? ?

    • Prettyreddbone?

      Agreed. Its sick!! Money hungry vultures at their worst.

    • 1/8

      I adore Whitney Houston the singer. She was my pop princess and my idol. In the beginning stages of her career, she was the epitome of beauty, style, and talent. To this day, I am deeply saddened by the tarnishing of her legacy.

      I am over Pat and Bobby Brown. Pat wants to keep her cash cow alive. Now that she has inherited her portion of Whitney's estate, she is actively looking for ways to generate revenue.

      In other news, Bobby Brown reportedly told the ladies on The Real that Whitney Houston's ghost killed Bobbi Kristina. No. That is not a typo.

      Like I said before, I am done with that family.

    • Sexy CJ


    • Queen Negus

      Aint it a mess! you never know how much you use internet for Everything until its gone. I love phone posting, but my data plan is running up so I will be a Ghost till Wed???

    • peanutbutterandshoes



      Yes baby...they gone home

    • Loyal Lifestyle

      Pat may be one of the shadiest but she didn't kill Whitney or Bobbi K. I'm sure many have seen her alone and choose to keep talking behind her back instead of actually doing what they say they would do when they see her. Why? Because most of the people that were close to Whitney and Bobbi were just as untrustworthy as Pat is. Whitney didn't leave not ONE of them in control of her estate except Pat, so as much as we may not like her actions, Whitney knew something we didn't and trusted her more than the other snakes.

    • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

      I'm waiting to see if TLC tries it! Seriously that's who I thought would bring back Left Eye..,,

    • Loyal Lifestyle


    • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

      By the way this is the tacky .... What are they going to have backup singers and a band? Dancers ? An opening act? Too much!

    • 88

      Whitney and Kristina was murdered and this bish Pat aka Nikki Marron had a hand in it right along with bloated bobby and that demon clive.

    • Ms. Moore

      I agree!! I'll just stick to listening to her music in the comfort of my own home and car!

    • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

      Ohhhhh oh okay... -__-

    • Sincerity7

      That family pic is a mess!

    • Sexy CJ

      Much Love 2 "The Voice".........

    • JerseyMom

      Gary Garland better watch his food and drinks. JS

    • Applebootay

      YAAAAAAS,hi Bobby let them catch him looking like EDDIE CANE!!!!:'))))


      MP,they doing waaaaaay to much with so very little.let anyone I know who didn't pay to see her while she was ALIVE.tell me sum sha-coonery bout they going to see her as a damn HOLOGRAM! imma talk about em til (in my young thug lil girl vc)IM MUTHAFUCKIN TIED!!!!!:'))))))


      Hey shuga!!!!

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


    • Michelle Peele

      That little girl tho! She sounded like she done been through it. And she had an attitude...while she picked her nose. Lolol


      (wall slides,in TRICK DADDY vc)THEY DONE SHOWED OUT....IF IT WAS MY HOUSE.THEY'D AH BEEN THOWED OUT!!!!her hair (did she have any)was in bad shape.and the BIH who kept asking her WHAT irked me to no DAMN end.but YOUNG THUG mad at PLIES...HI THE HAYLE!!!!!

    • Molly

      Dammmmm?. Pat still don't have enough "Blood Money?. She just will not go away?. How does she sleep at night.
      Guess that's the problem?
      she up 24/7 on the Grind for
      "Dollar Dollar Bills?
      Guess the Candle Collection didn't fair 2 well?

    • Michelle Peele

      She and the instigator on the background needed their assets whooped behind that foolishness. But it was funny tho.


      Bwahahahaha *snorts* Bwahahahaha!!!! yes lawd....she had to REALLY "tied" az well!!!!:'))))

    • Monday

      Bring Tina Turner or Janet Jackson on Tour. I would go

      Let Whitney Houston REST IN PEACE!!

      Clive Davis must really be Satan as they call him on Youtube. I have seen some videos... He is still mad at Whitney

    • Enoughsaid2020

      People are just so money hungry. Let her rest in Peace. I have not seen no Elvis Hologram, or Marvin Gaye, etc, give it a rest. SMH!

    • barbeez

      Please let her and her death rest in peace.

    • T3


    • Nala Shakur

      Smh. They murder these celebs then continue to exploit and capitalize off of it

    • Michelle Peele

      but what was up with them teef tho! She had on baby dentures! Dat ain't right! LOL

    • ???

      You hit the nail on the head!

    • ???

      BOL @ globe headed

    • ???

      Her name ugly as she is..ugh!


      (lock arms so we can skip to the 7th circle of Hell together)BOL ,I THOUGHT THAT WAS A GOLD GRILL IN LIL MAMA MOUTH!!!!!

    • Michelle Peele

      ROTFL!!! But why we gotta go to the 7th circle of Hell tho. Can't we get a pass for the 5th? #Hollering Them things looked like caps over rotted out teeth. What kind of baby crack she on that got her teeth rotted out at the age of 2! LMAO!!! Lawd forgive me...for real. LOL


      You ain't repented cuz you keep finding mo shyt and causing me to sin by laffing wit chooooo!!!!!(tears)nih this lil girl gone always be trying to live down a moment she had absolutely no control over!(wall slides,shaking my head)but I also watched how whoever let her pick in nose....clearly ain't nobody WATCHING her....even when they LOOKING AT HERE!

    • LordeAmbler

      Yeah pat want that front seat.

    • Shaylove1975

      Now why they trying to mess with Bobby Brown head like that...

    • ShameTheDevil

      There's a special place in hell... that's all i got

    • Fendi

      I feel like I owe it to Pat, because Whitney and I share our birthday (same month and day). I would love to drag her by the last of her edges and her poorly attached extensions. All I need is a $5 box from Popeyes and a pack of cigarettes. P.S. I don't even smoke.

    • Michelle Peele

      Rotfl...I kind of repented...then i remembered something else that was funny. I had no choice but to share and laugh. Lolol

      Morning Sunshine


      (waking up,opening morning Mella Yella) I see you UP and ready for the phuckery...well let it commence...GOOD MORNING MP!!!!

    • Michelle Peele

      Done been to the gym now at work tryna look busy as i blog...tweet...look for a new day

    • Sherri

      I guess a all Hologram Superbowl for the the 50th Whitney Michael and Tupac and the Ravens im there

    • Divame

      Ciara! Ciara is an entertainer and great dancer. I don't wanna see holo-Whitney walking side to side on stage raising her arms and 2 stepping. No thanks

    • Blaisefiyah

      I never got a chance to see Whitney "The Voice" Houston in concert and I would love to. However, to hell with Pat and anyone else eager to profit from such a misfortune. I'd love for Pat to just get sucker punched at Grand Central Station during rush hour.