Shernita Jefferson Ben Carson

Loyal reader Christy wrote in to correct my post about Dr. Ben Carson‘s HUD seminar to announce the opening of Envision Centers in D.C. and around the country.

While the Democrats are protesting at the Mexican border, the Trump administration is opening Envision Centers around the country to help Americans become self-sufficient and escape poverty.

Christy writes:

Good morning,

I just saw your article regarding the EnVision Center in Washington, D.C. It is incorrect. The EnVision Center just opened. Shernita Jefferson’s success is due to her perseverance and programs at the D.C. Housing Authority. Ms. Jefferson states this in the video that is attached to the article. She says that there were no EnVision Centers around when she was making her way through the system, but she thinks they will be helpful to others. Also, the EnVision Centers are being [placed] in communities throughout the United States and are not just for black Americans, but all Americans.

Please correct the article.

Thank you,

Christy Goodman
Public Affairs and Communications
D.C. Housing Authority