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Men who have fathers in their homes are taught important life lessons, such as never flirt with another man's girl right in front of him. Two men learned that lesson the hard way when they flirted with a man's girlfriend outside Church's Chicken at a Houston gas station last week.

The incident happened on Wednesday, Aug. 14, outside the Church's fried chicken and convenience store off N. Sam Houston Parkway around lunchtime.

Surveillance video shows two men talking to a man wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts standing beside a black Dodge Charger. Two more men approach and one of them appears to say something to the female passenger in the Dodge Charger.

The man in black retrieved a handgun from the driver's side of the car and sprayed the parking lot with six bullets, hitting two of the men in the buttocks and legs.

Both victims were transported to a hospital where one victim is recovering after surgery and is listed in stable condition. The other man was treated and released from the hospital.

Police are still searching for the gunman and his girlfriend.