Chaka Khan

Music legend Chaka Khan is best known for her timely hit songs such as "Tell Me Something Good" (1975) and "I'm every Woman" (1978), but she is concerned about today's women's obsession with Trans Glam makeup.

At 64, Chaka is wary of today's makeup artists -- mostly feminine men who are heavy handed with their makeup brushes, so she chooses to apply her own makeup these days.

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Bobby Brown makeup contouring

Makeup maven Bobby Brown is tired of some celebrities abusing clown makeup contouring -- and she says it has to stop. Some artists wear so much contouring makeup that it looks like they underwent extensive plastic surgery.

"When I see contouring on people’s faces, it looks like dirt,” Brown tells The NY Post. “As a beauty expert, I believe in individual beauty, and it’s just not my aesthetic. We don’t need to be contouring like the Kardashians.”

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Tamera Mowry Shares Her Curly Hair Secrets

Don't you hate it when highly favored LSLH women pretend that their good hair isn't one of the benefits of their biracial heritage?

Let's face it, nappy hair is called nappy for a reason. It takes a good deal of effort (and strong chemicals) to tame our tight African curls.

For women like Tamera Mowry and her twin sister, Tia, half the battle is won because they inherited their soft, easy to manage curls from their white ancestors.

On her blog, Tamera suggests that everyone (even those of us with tight, hard to manage curls) can achieve her soft bouncy curls by simply drying our hair with a cotton tee instead of a towel which causes split ends.

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A movement back to natural hair is underway in the U.S., and Beyonce's sister, Solange Knowles is at the forefront of that movement.

Solange and the "Transitioning Movement" wants to help black women to return to their roots and embrace their natural hair. So Solange created a video to promote a new website started by Carol's Daughter called

In a chat with Lisa Price, Solange, who usually wears afro wigs, talked about her decision to go natural. “To me, [it's] just another outlet of expression,” she explained. “It’s funny to see the social response, their interpretations of what a haircut, what a hair change means.”

The Transitioning Movement website -- which launches this spring -- will offer tips, product recommendations, photos, expert Q&A sessions and more for women transitioning from relaxers and weaves back to their natural wavy or curly hair.

This is good news for women like Kiyah S., who has already started the transitioning process on her own. Kiyah grew out her perm this year after wearing weaves for most of her adult life. This past weekend, she wore her soft, tight curls in an afro style to a lunch date. She grinned from ear-to-ear when a man complimented her on her afro. It isn't often that women get compliments from men on their hair weaves.

According to a loyal reader, rapper 50 Cent will be named the spokesman for Luster's new line of Lustrious S-Curl products. She says she's sending me the official press release as soon as possible.

I'm a little skeptical. I'm not sure if this is legit. So, until I get confirmation, I beg of you: please don't quote me on this one.

Just days after announcing a separation from her serial cheater husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a proud Maria Shriver appeared as a special guest on Oprah's Final show taping yesterday in Chicago.

Shriver, 55, moved out of her Brentwood mansion in January after finding out about her husband's affair and love child with the household maid. According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, Shriver miserable in her marriage to the 63-year-old sperminator, but she stayed in the marriage for the sake of her children.

Shriver displayed the same lionhearted strength and courage as her mother's generation of submissive women who stood by their man and put their own needs on hold in order to further his career.

She bravely supported Schwarzenegger, even in the face of damning evidence of his rampant cheating. Little did Shriver know that her husband, whom she gave up a promising TV journalism career for, was pursuing and humping his homely maid in every room of the house that they shared with their children.

Shriver and Schwarzenegger have four children together, Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 13.

Both Shriver and the maid, 50-year-old Mildred "Patti" Baena, were reportedly pregnant around the same time with their sons. Shriver was led to believe that Baena's son was the spawn of her then-husband, who later filed for divorce from Baena.

Two of Shriver's children, Katherine and Patrick, changed their screen names from Schwarzenegger to Shriver in support of their mother yesterday.

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Rihanna's LOUD red hair has tongues wagging everywhere. That neon red lacefront wig perched on top of her head has RiRi's fans all atwitter. People either love it or hate it. We hate it! But we also realize Rihanna has an album to promote. And what better way to promote an album titled LOUD? reached out to Rihanna's stylist Ursula Stephens to explain why she's ruining RiRi's iconic status with that awful red wig.

HL: How was the decision to go red made? Was it yours or Rihanna’s?
Ursula Stephen: It was actually a mutual decision we made together. We had just wanted to do it at different times, but, as it happened in the end, the timing was perfect and we decided to go for it!

HL: Are these extensions? If so, are they real or synthetic?
Ursula Stephen: We’re using real human hair extensions, which are colored. The process to install them is simple: they’re bonded onto her actual hair.

HL: How does she like them. Does she love the new look?
Ursula Stephen: She loves the whole new look, especially the color! It’s her new favorite thing.

HL: Will she have to have relaxers in the meantime? What products will you use to maintain her look?
Ursula Stephen: Rihanna will definitely get relaxers in the meantime. I use Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System to keep it sleek, shiny, and conditioned.

HL: What would you suggest to women who would like to copy her look? Any advice they can take to their stylist?
Ursula Stephen: My advice when copying someone’s look is always to make it your own! Work with your stylist to create a look that suits you and your personality. If you think this is a look that will suit you and your personality, then work with your stylist to create it!

Great info! But I wish HL had asked Ursula if Rihanna realizes she looks like a clown?

Alicia Keys and her sperm donor Swizz Beaks were spotted in London's Heathrow airport this morning.

You can tell Swizz really loves her because this is what she looks like in the morning when she wakes up. Those die hard pimples are still hanging in there years after being hit with the best pimple medicine on the market.

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A few years ago I discovered that a long lost friend was the tour director for singer Beyonce.

Knowing that she checks in regularly, I'm posting this tutorial hoping that she will see it and pass it on to Beyonce, who seems to have trouble finding good stylists who are proficient at applying wig glue.

Beyonce's hairlines are always a tragic mess, and even I feel sorry for her when I see her struggling with her lacefront wigs.

Again, I am in no way hating on Beyonce. But we should never see hairlines looking a nappy mess like Beyonce's in this day and age with so much technology (and such quality wig glue) available to us.

Source: eHow

Just when we thought Ashton Kutcher, Oprah and Sean Combs were the biggest narcissists with accounts on, along comes Kimora Lee Simmons to claim her place amongst them.

We're not surprised: narcissists like Kimora hate to feel left out when there are so many willing codependents in one place to fawn over them. I tried to see when KLS joined Twitter, but she tweets obsessively like 60 times a minute and I got tired of scrolling down the page.

Peep the video below to copy Kimora's Fab look. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane airs on Sundays at 9pm et/pt on Style Network.

Singer/songwriter and RHOA member Kandi Burruss, left, posed with reality TV personality Antonia "Toya" Carter at Tiny's skate party. Both Kandi and Toya have emerged as Atlanta's most eligible bachelorettes! You should see the emails I receive from their devoted fans -- mostly men looking for the hook up. I don't play matchmaker for celebs so I'm not posting those emails. But the emails are interesting.

L to R: Tiny, Tiny's manager Lisa McCall (Boss chick in the red!), Toya (in pink with shades) and Tip's daughter Deyjah watch the OMG Girlz perform.

Hip Hop's cutest couple Diamond and her fiance rapper Lil Scrappy at Skatetown for Tiny's Halloween skate party for the kids on Saturday.

Rappers Diamond, left, and Rasheeda

Rasheeda, left, and Toya

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Before we get to the email, let's make it clear that Oprah asked Solange Knowles to be on the show because of her sister Beyonce. She probably asked Beyonce first but Bey declined because she didn't want to get clowned for wearing all that weave. Despite what comes out of her mouth, Solange wanted all this attention from shaving her head.

Still, I am proud of her for taking this drastic step (she can't help if her head is shaped like a coconut). I wish ALL black woman, LSLH women and sisters of color would throw down their weaves and go natural. I really do hate to see our women wearing weave. Especially those ghetto braid extensions.

Loyal reader N.D. writes:

Did you catch Oprah today? Solange just made herself look like a fool by saying that she got her first perm when she was 4 years old, only to later say that her mom forbid perms in their household. What sense does that make? I've been trying to find the video, because I just can't believe she would tell a lie just like that on national TV. However, I can't find the footage anywhere.

I LOVE me some Fresh who runs roughshod all over Miami rapper Trina on her blog My post title is a take off on one of Fresh's many original, yet comical euphemisms: "why won't you let ______ be great?"

Here's what Fresh wrote about Trina today:

My how times have changed. New wig, new look, new attitude! Girl, you so editorial.

Probably not but Katrina Laverne is still trying to make us all believers. Of what, I am not sure of but she isn’t going to give up until she is at the same star status as a certain spicy creole goddess who shall remain nameless. Good luck with that.

Trina opens up about her relationship with Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin, her collard green funk image, and the direction of her upcoming album with Blue magazine editor Lenox Magee. Get your daily dose of the ‘glamorest’ life [HER WORDS, NOT MINE] by following her at TWITTER.COM/TRINAROCKSTARR.


Here's part 3 in the popular YouTube series, How To Style Your Own Hair. This video is for those of you who, like me, have no clue what the term "quick weave" means.

Dade County Florida's Geisha breaks the process down for us in simple layman's terms so we can all understand -- and maybe make a little fast cash on the side by quick weaving our friend's hair.

In addition to being a kitchen quick weave specialist, Geisha is also a female emcee which kind of goes hand in hand with each other, doesn't it?

I shouldn't be laughing so hard, but some of you ladies take the rainbow Skittles quick weaves to whole new heights, lol! I can't believe this woman sat still and allowed someone to do this injustice to her head!

Only a flaming queen hairdresser could have done this to her head because if a female did this she was straight up hating on homegirl!

Thanks to Freshalina of C&D for all the laughs today!

I honestly don't know why people are making such a big deal out of British singer Susan Boyle's singing voice. Any opera singer can do cartwheels around her. I'm getting tired of seeing this lady on my favorite right wing conservative shows like The O'Reilly Factor. Anyway, the 48-year-old British school teacher caved in to the pressure from Simon Cowell and 'em and got herself a stylish makeover with a new blunt haircut and brand name clothes. Too bad she didn't tell Simon to kiss her arse and accept her the way she is.

We love Taraji Henson because, among other things, she's not afraid to wear her real hair and go without makeup every once in a while.

New York-based celebrity hair stylist, Dante Blandshaw shares expert tips on how he used Aveda products to achieve Taraji P. Henson's look for the Oscar Awards:

    • “I started with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Aveda Brilliant Conditioner to soften Taraji’s textured hair,” said Blandshaw. “I love the Aveda Brilliant line because it provides a smooth shine to textured hair and reduces blow dry time.”

    • Prep hair with Aveda Brilliant Damage Control to protect from heat styling.

    • Blow dry hair straight using a paddle brush.

    • After blow drying, add a dime-sized amount of Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme to add additional shine without weighing hair down.

    • Flat-iron hair to create the foundation for a smooth, sleek red carpet look.

    • Using 1.5” and 2” barrel curling irons, curl hair throughout to give bend and movement, accenting the layers in the cut.

    • Slightly curl the front to create a soft, side-swept bang for added height and fullness.

    • Comb hair through with a wide-tooth comb.

    • Spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray for a light finish. “Aveda Air Control Hair Spray is a perfect complement to this look because its lightweight formula provides lasting hold and shine without weighing hair down,” said Blandshaw. [LINK]

I know I said I wouldn't post any more pics from the Oscars last night, but I had to post this one of Taraji Henson and her beautiful mother and grandmother. I'm not mad at grandma for showing a little cleavage. If I still have cleavage when I'm her age I'm showing mines off too!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Apparently everyone but me.

Tyler Perry's "date" for the Grand Opening of his Atlanta studio was Gelila Bekele, a Ford model who sometimes accompanies Tyler to his movie premieres.

Actually the last time we saw Gelila was, ironically, one year ago to the day of the Grand Opening. We certainly didn't see her with Tyler when he accompanied his BFF Oprah on vacation in Spain earlier this year.

In fact, a friend who attended Tyler's Gala said Tyler appeared "uncomfortable" holding hands with Gelila on the red carpet.

Queen Latifah probably had Alicia Keys on her mind today at the Toronto Premiere of "The Secret Life of Bees" (wasn't that a Stevie Wonder song?). Anyway, I don't have any insider tips on what went down between them on the set. So please don't say you heard anything from me because I will strenuously deny the allegations.

LL Cool J performed live on the CBS Early Show yesterday. I guess they told him to keep his shirt on for safety reasons.

Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent looked dapper on the red carpet at the Righteous Kill Premiere in NY yesterday. We're surprised he showed up considering how the producers dissed his ass.

By the way, I had a conversation with a CiCi insider yesterday and it seems that 50 may - I said may - have been the one who convinced Ciara to take it all off for her Vibe shoot. I'm told Ciara's whole personality changed after she met 50 Cent, who clearly has zero respect for her. When you think about the fact that he refuses to be seen in public with his boo while creeping with untold numbers of other women, you can see why Ciara is slipping.

We still love you CiCi! And we miss you in the comment section but we know you're busy :)

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama visited the Dave Letterman show yesterday. LeBron James needed a little assistance with his 6 ft. long jacket as he entered the studio where the Letterman show is filmed.

The shameless slut Rocsi Diaz who is the subject of an International scandal involving another celebrity's husband, attended the Target Bullseye Bodegas Opening Night party last night in NYC.

Actress Sanaa Lathan who presently has no scandals attached to her name, also attended the Target Bullseye Bodegas Opening Night party in NYC last night.

Watch that trick, Joy! She'll take your man!

Photos: Wireimage/Getty