Man Arrested for Murdering His Transgender Roommate

Rahaem Felton and Londyn KiKi Chanel

A 31-year-old Philadelphia man is under arrest for killing his cross-dressing roommate on Monday.

Raheam Felton, left, faces murder charges in the stabbing death of a 21-year-old man who went by the name Londyn Kiki Chanel (pictured above).

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Black Retired Detective Among 170 Bikers Arrested After Shootout in Texas

Martin Lewis

If you thought you spotted a black face amongst the nearly 200 Caucasian bikers who were arrested following that Waco, Texas, shootout on Sunday, you were right.

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Mysterious Voicemail May Hold Clue in D.C. Quadruple Murders

Savvos family murders arson

A mysterious voicemail sent to a housekeeper by a Washington, D.C. businessman may hold a clue into who murdered him, his wife, their 10-year-old son, and another family housekeeper.

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WNBA Suspends Griner and Johnson Record 7 Games Each

Brittney Griner Glory Johnson

WNBA stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson were each suspended a record 7 games for a fistfight that landed them in jail last month.

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Woman Who Desecrated Corpse of Husband’s Ex Also Sliced Off Both Breasts and a Toe

Shaynna Montie

The psycho who mutilated the corpse of her husband’s ex as she lay in a casket, also cut off both of the woman’s breasts and one of her toes.

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Gay Wrestler Convicted of Infecting Sex Partners With HIV

Michael Johnson convicted

Former Lindenwood University wrestler Michael L. Johnson was found guilty Thursday of knowingly infecting sex partners with the virus that causes AIDS. One of Johnson’s partners tested positive for HIV.

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Doctor Left Cell Phone In Woman’s Abdomen After C-Section

operating room nurse

A Jordanian doctor is under investigation for dropping his cell phone inside a woman’s abdomen during a C-section.

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