Debris from Malaysia MH370 Found

Debris from missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jetliner MH370 may have washed ashore on the eastern coast of Africa, the BBC reports.

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Law & Order Director Arrested On Child P0rn Charges

Jace Alexander

Jason “Jace” Alexander, who directed 32 episodes of Law & Order, was arrested on child p0rn charges on Wednesday.

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Instagram’s Gay Dads Break Up

gay das break up

You remember the Atlanta gay couple whose Instagram photo combing their daughter’s hair went viral? Well they are back on the market after breaking up recently.

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Cop Charged with Murder in Shooting Death of Unarmed Black Man During Traffic Stop (Video)

Ray Tensing

A Cincinnati cop will be charged with murder in the shooting death of Samuel Dubose, 43. Officer Ray Tensing shot and killed Dubose during an altercation following a traffic stop earlier this month.

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Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Gave Escapee Hand Jobs Under Large Jacket

Joyce Mitchell and Richard Matt

Former prison worker Joyce Mitchell pleaded guilty Tuesday to helping inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat escape from the Clinton Correctional facility in Dannemora, NY on June 6. Mitchell pleaded guilty to bringing contraband into a prison, a felony, and facilitation the escape.

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News Reporter Confronts Woman Who Stole His Identity

Steve Noviello ID theft

Fox4 reporter Steve Noviello did everything right to protect himself from identity theft: he always chose credit instead of debit at the checkout register, and he signed up for fraud alerts on his credit account.

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Lion Killing Dentist Goes into Hiding, Hires PR Firm After Receiving Death Threats

Walter James Palmer

Walter James Palmer, the wealthy American dentist who illegally poached Africa’s most beloved lion, is in fear for his life.

Palmer, of Minnesota, has gone into hiding and hired a PR firm to contain the damage after he was identified as the heartless big-game hunter who killed Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion.

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