Remember back in the days when singer Trey Songz was 3X harder than he is now -- or at least he pretended to be. I dug deep into the SR archives for this video jewel.

Back in 2007, Trey was performing in a hole in the wall club on the chitlin' circuit when a hater tossed a couple of ice cubes his way.

"Who throwin' ice?" Trey demanded to know. When a chick raised her hand, Trey and his bodyguard leaped off the stage and beat ol' girl beat down! Trey would probably look back on that azz whippin' as the highlight of his career.

I bet some of you ladies yearn for the good ol' days when Trey at least pretended to hard as a rock.

From loyal reader Dana L:

Bobby Brown was in Jacksonville, Florida performing with Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill when he called his lady and baby out on the stage, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He said this time he will work harder on this one than he did on the last one. This happened Friday Night, May 7th.

Photo: Splash News Online

Former Blaque member Natina Reed, 29, was arrested in DeKalb County on April 13 and charged with violating the open container laws and disorderly conduct. She was released the next day (April 14) on a $420 bond which she paid in cash.

But there is a bigger story here: it's a story about how low gossip blogs are willing to sink to drive traffic to their pages.

A gossip blog, which shall remain nameless, decided to use this former celebrity's unfortunate situation to gain a few hits by doctoring the original arrest report to show that Reed had been arrested for drug possession and prostitution.

Those charges are patently false.

When Reed's former band member Brandy Harris was reached for a comment, she expressed surprise at the fake charges.

Harris said she was "shocked" to hear that a blog Photoshopped Reed's police report to include charges that were not on the original arrest report. She said her thoughts and Prayers go out to Natina because "now [the false charges are] out there on the Internet."

Is this how low blogs are willing to sink for a few blog hits?

There's another gossip blog that notoriously and routinely twists the facts to mislead their readers. But I doubt even that blog would stoop this low.

Obviously Reed has deep, personal issues that stems from her substance abuse in the past. But to say she was arrested for cocaine possession and prostitution when clearly she wasn't, is appalling -- even for a gossip blog.

Reed, who has a son with rapper Kurupt, is also the cousin of former TLC member Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

The group Blaque when they were at their peak. That's Natina Reed in the center, Shamari Fears on the right and Brandy Harris on the far left.

Mother Nature finally caught up to Lauren Hill. For years we envied Lauren's timeless beauty and wondered when she would ever age. Well, yesterday Lauren was snapped at an event in New York, and she looked like a grandmother.

Lauren posed with singer Anthony Hamilton at the Tanzania Education Trust New York Gala hosted by President Jakaya Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania at Plaza Athenee. She looked healthy and off the pipe, which is welcome news to her hard core fans who hope for new music from the celebrated vocalist one day.

Photos: Getty Images

Guess which rapper made a fool out of himself by pushing up on one of the Playboy twins, Kristina Shannon, at club Bliss in Clifton, NJ last night? Also at the club was Kristina's twin sister Karissa Shannon, Snoop Dogg, and Juelz Santana.

Click on the link to see who it is!

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R&B legend Stacey Lattisaw spoke out yesterday on Erykah Badu's controversial PR stunt, street strip tease video for which she was charged with indecent exposure.

Somebody on Erykah's level needed to talk some sense to her since she is surrounded by nothing but yes men (and women) who allow her to continuously make a fool out of herself!

For you young heads who aren't familiar with Stacey, click here (she was only 13).

Loyal reader Music Lover writes:

From loyal reader MUSIC LOVER ;-)

Anywhoo...Stacy posted this on her Facebook...who else could she be speaking of except Badu who's been charged with exposing herself? Below is her post and her post in her comments.

Stacy Lattisaw: Just watching the news.....whats going on with some of our female recording artist? Not mentioning her name but you don't have to take your top off.....DON'T SELL YOUR SOULS. Do they even think about the kids watching them? Your talent should speak for itself. They said the police are getting involved. Its very disturbing! We gotta take a stand for whats right! Come on lets do better...........

2 hours ago 64 Comments - Like 29 people like this

Stacy Lattisaw: i'm not mentioning her name, ya 'll probabl know who i'm talking about if you ve seen the news. but what s on her mind? What kind of example is she setting for her kids? oh... it just breaks my heart

Stacy Lattisaw @ Michael, i believe it was a video but still....come on!

Stacy Lattisaw: yes, it is impacting some children. My kids are not allowed to watch or listen to much of the R&B mucsic today. There are spirits behind the music that get into these kids and then you wonder why they act the way they do, its because of what they re listening to and what they re watching!

Stacy Lattisaw@ Carrolyn, with all due respect, no one is assasinating her, that is not cool and ANYONE WHO THINKS WHAT SHE DID IS COOL....LORD HAVE MERCY...ALL I CAN SAY!

Stacy Lattisaw @ re right right! We all pray for her. We love her. We are NOT assasinating her.

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I saw this pic on a message board and I cracked up laughing! Rapper Jay Z, who still wears his pants on the ground at age 41, is never going to retire. As this hilarious pic suggests, Jigga will still be making records when he's 90 and hobbling around on an iced out cane.

This is very sad.


Miss Info (Bless her heart) took the time to transcribe every word this young man says, for the benefit of those who can't see the video:

Guru’s nephew, Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff, makes an impassioned statement on behalf of his family. He claims that Guru’s producer/partner Solar has gained power of attorney for his uncle and is denying his family any access to him. He says that Guru actually fell ill in early February, and since then they have been shut out by Solar.

“..Solar has totally cut us off….the doctors and the staff at the hospital will not discuss any information with Guru’s family….in order for the family to change the situation, we have to hire a lawyer…unfortunately we don’t have a couple of weeks, my uncle Guru is in a serious….I know that Solar has been his right hand man, day in and day out, for the last 6 years, but does that not give him the right to make decidsion whether of not his own family gets to see Guru or learn about his status. The fact that he’s acting like this lets me know he does not have Guru’s best interest in mind. It is a control thing with Solar.

On Tues, I send Solar a text message [checking to see if I could get an update on Guru's status]. Solar sent me a response that said: “Trish [Guru's sister, ] started this!!! And guru would never have told her he was in the hospital, this is horrible what she did!! Now I need to care for Guru. Peace….”

This comes just hours after Team Solar released an odd statement on behalf of Guru: I’ll post the full statement ater the jump, but drives home the point that Solar is the only source for Guru information…read that full statement after the jump.

There are a lot of rumors and wrong information circulating around about Guru’s current situation and health status. Hit producer and Guru’s longtime partner Solar wants to make clear that only he has access to Guru and his doctors.

“Guru is resting and doing well. The doctors say that he will fully recover from his illness. We thank everyone who send prayers our way and we appreciate the outpouring of love from around the world!”

Guru, the sole founder* of the world famous Hip-Hop group GangStarr, who is currently recovering from his surgery, issued an official statement about his health status and addressed people who are spreading wrong information.

“I am doing fine and I am recovering! I’m weak though. Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!” says the legendary MC.

Guru has suffered a heart attack over the weekend in New York City and Hip-Hop fans around the world have shown massive love and support to one of the greatest rappers of all time.

During what must be an incredibly hard and stressful period in life, keep sending your prayers, thoughts, and wishes to Guru and his loved ones.

One other thing, a few days ago I was asked by Solar’s team for a quote. I didn’t quite understand what they meant, but I was told that they were gathering wellwishes to add to their press release. While I have been very public with my hopes for Guru’s full recovery, I thought that was an odd request. So I declined and opted to wait for the prepared statement.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a pic of music mogul Devyne Stephens with a young man who I misidentified as his son. While looking through my old archives, I found this pic of Devyne from the 90s when he was a rapper. His young son was in on his act also. He was just as good as his dad! He's got to be in his 20s by now. Y'all didn't realize Devyne was that old, huh?

Devyne with Antwan “Twan” Watson-Robinson at his Xmas Gala

Remember Robin Givens, Mike Tyson's ex-wife who made his life a living hail because she was gorgeous and therefore she could?

Well, nature and old age has finally caught up with her. The paparazzi caught up with her too outside her NYC gym where she had a quick workout. At least she's staying in shape.

Now that I've seen this pic of singer Sean Kingston with his butch queen friend, I have no doubts in my mind that Sean is how U doin. Not that any of you ladies care. I'm sure none of you want him. The duo were spotted arriving at Miami's airport for Super Bowl week festivities. I LOVE Sean's Damier graphite Michael backpack. I wish it was available in a smaller version for women.

Photos: Splash News Online and INF Photo

I'll be dining out tonight, so, unfortunately, I will miss the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast (as I always do every year). You can use this open thread to jot down your thoughts and opinions on tonight's show, or whatever else is on your mind.

Don't forget, tomorrow I'm posting my revealing videotaped interview with actress and former First Lady LisaRaye, who co-hosted the Trumpet Awards over the weekend!

Below and after the break are photos from last night's Clive Davis pre-GRAMMY party.

Doesn't Rihanna look fabulous in her Viktor and Rolf 2010 Spring Collection tulle corset dress?

Psuedo-singer Ciara wore Big Bird Couture last night on the red carpet. Actually, she was wearing Givenchy from the Spring 2010 Couture Collection, according to the Fashion Critic.

Remember when Usher was king of R&B? It's a shame what Tameka Foster did to his career.

Keri Hilson looks like the statue of liberty in this gold chainlink dress with shimmering gold powder dust all over her body. Too much?

Taylor Swift should win an award just for killing Kanye West's career

MORE pics after the break!

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According to singer Etta James' son, the Diva was hospitalized about a week ago with sepsis (a serious blood infection) caused by a urinary tract infection.

Donto James said his mother entered a drug rehab facility on the west coast to shake her dependency on prescription drugs. She was transferred to another facility then to the hospital when her condition worsened.

James is best known for her timeless classic "At Last" which was the subject of a full length movie starring burlesque singer Beyonce. Speaking of Beyonce, her perfume ad debuted this morning all over the Internet.

Rapper Ludacris cut a dashing figure at the at the ESSENCE Black Women in Music event in West Hollywood last nght.

Actress Gabrielle Union showed off her small curves at the ESSENCE Black Women in Music event at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood yesterday.

Actress Taraji P. Henson (L) and recording artist/actress Mary J. Blige attended the ESSENCE Black Women in Music event at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood last night.

MORE pics after the break!

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Old school legends SWV hosted a party and performed at ESSO nightclub on Saturday (Jan. 22) and they look great!

On Saturday, I was in the Louis Vuitton store in Lenox mall trying to find a new bag to swap out for one of my backpacks. Normally, I would have my friend with me and she makes my decisions for me. But since she wasn't with me, it took a lot longer (about an hour and 20 minutes) for me to make up my mind.

In walks Shawty Lo's baby mama, E'Creia, who has a daughter with the rapper. After introducing herself, E'Creia proceeded to help me pick out a bag and a pair of shades. It took her less than two minutes to make the selections and I was very happy with her choices. I told her I wished she had come into the store about an hour and 20 minutes earlier.

We've all seen the pictures of E'Creia on the blogs. I told her that her pictures don't do her any justice at all. She is so petite and adorable in person! So we looked through the pics on her cell phone and found this picture to post on my blog so my readers could see how pretty she was.

Like Tiny, E'Creia is a ride or die chick who stands by her man and is loyal to him despite being harassed night and day by groupies trying to get with him.

Resident Beyonce Stan and groupie Munchosgirl sent in this throwback video of Beyonce's old group Girls Tyme performing on Star Search back in 1993. You've probably already seen this video, but this is my first time viewing it.

I had a little trouble spotting Beyonce without the skin bleaching, dime store weaves, butt pads and ton of makeup on. In fact, I still don't know which girl she is. Can you spot her dancing in the background?

Rapper-turned-Pastor Mason Betha, aka Ma$e, is still preaching from the pulpit despite reports of him returning to the sinful temptations of Hip Hop. Amen?

Ma$e's website is still online and still requesting donations for his church which boasts a congregation of 40,000. Amen? Ma$e says God is able to use him to do something big -- we don't think he means winning a Grammy.

Ma$e still has a speech impediment that makes it difficult for him to pronounce such big words as "receptacle", but it doesn't matter because Pastor Ma$e is on a mission to save souls. Amen?

Sade surprised about a hundred industry elite gathered last night when she showed up at her album listening party in NYC. Doesn't she look great! And why wasn't I invited?

Singer/Songwriter SADE makes a surprise appearance at the New York listening party for her first studio album in 10 years, "Soldier Of Love", due in stores February 8, 2010.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

B-list music mogul Sean Combs joined C-list celebs Polow Da Don, Rich Boy and Chris Brown at a party in midtown Atlanta last night. I don't even know what the party was for.

My boy Kevin Wales was there (in the black jacket on left). Me and him go way back to my humble beginnings as an industry photographer. He always kept me in the loop when Puffy came to town. He also managed Another Bad Creation boy group back in the day. Remember them?

This beauty had Chris Brown cheesing and grinning like a fool. I thought he didn't like brown skin honeys, only LSLH chicks?

Photos courtesy of Prince Williams/

Probably the track off The Black Album that started all the Jay Z devil worshiping rumors -- and for good reason.

On this track, Jay Z seems preoccupied with other worldly powers as he descends into darkness (or madness). The more I study his lyrics, the more Hova begins to sound like a deranged narcissist, comparing himself both to God ["And when I perish, the meek shall inherit the earth"], and to the fallen angel, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness.

The charges of devil worship against Jay Z and his artists have reached such a fever pitch that the mogul has been forced to defend his music and his religion. In addition to glorifying guns and violence while mourning the loss of a friend on this track, Jay Z claims to be a Christian. Yet, in this video he clearly says, "That's my word, I ain't never read the Bible in my life."

So which is it?

    Lucifer, Dawn of the mourning
    I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
    Lucifer, Lucifer, Dawn of the mourning...
    (I'm from the murder Capital, where we murder for capital)
    Lucifer, Lucifer, Dawn of the mourning
    I'm gonna chase you out of Earth

    [Kanyeeze you did it again, you a genius nigga!]
    Lucifer, Lucifer, Dawn of the mourning...
    So you niggas change your attitude
    For they asking what happened to you

    [Verse One]
    Lord forgive him
    He got them dark forces in him
    But he also got a righteous cause for sinning
    Them a murder me so I gotta murder them first
    Emergency doctors performing procedures

    I ain't trying to be facetious
    But "Vengance is mine" said the Lord
    You said it better than all
    Leave niggas on death's door
    Breathing off res-pir-ra-tors
    for killing my best boy

    On permanent hiatus as I skate
    In the Maybach Benz
    Flyer than Sanaa Lathan
    Pumping "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo
    In Los Angeles
    Like an Evangelist
    I can introduce you to your maker
    Bring you closer to nature
    Ashes after they cremate you bastards
    Hope you've been reading your psalms and chapters
    Paying your tithes, being good Catholics
    I'm coming


    [Verse Two]

    This is Holy war
    I wet y'all all with the Holy water
    Spray from the Heckler Koch auto-matic
    All the static shall cease to exist
    Like a sabbatical, I throw a couple at you
    Take six

    Spread love to all of my dead thugs
    I'll pour out a little Louie 'til I head above
    Yes Sir
    And when I perish
    The meek shall inherit the earth

    Until that time it's on and poppin'

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Little Bobbi Kristina, daughter of legendary Whitney Houston, right, and singer Bobby Brown, has blossomed into a fully grown woman. She lost weight and got a little shape to her and everything. While I still think she wears too much makeup for a young lady, it's tasteful and she looks strikingly beautiful. I'm going to go ahead and guess that Bobbi Kristina will turn up pregnant real soon.

Photos: Splash News Online

Many former fans seem to think rap mogul Jay Z and his former protégé Rihanna made a pact with the devil to give them an unfair advantage over their competition during these lean times of declining record sales.

They point to the fact that Jigga is a 40-year-old millionaire and former drug dealer, still spitting rhymes that signal he is woefully out of touch with his demographic -- the young kids.

Now Jay Z is scrambling to do damage control after some of his peers (including Birdman and Beanie Sigel) openly attacked his credibility and fans have uncovered his alleged membership within the Illuminati -- a secret organization whose members wield unyielding power over the music industry.

While they also say Jigga's protégé Rihanna, although stunningly beautiful, can't sing a lick without studio trickery.

Loyal reader Nicki writes:

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for exposing that Rihanna and Jay-Z are involved with the dark world of the Illuminati. It has been a real "eye" opener literally. We have to be careful what we take in through our ears and eyes, that is something that I don't want to be influenced by at all. I don't know if you noticed that Rihanna's album cover looks like she's depicting "The eye of Horus" (Her god's eye and logo for her occult), as she covered her right eye, and by the way she is wearing her mascara on her left one. I attached images of her album cover and the eye of Horus for you. "The eye of Horus" is also depicted in the "R" in Rocafella clothing when looked at through the mirror. It is also on the back of the $1 bill in a pyramid (just like when you make the Dynasty sign; Rocafella diamond while looking through your left eye).


Good morning y'all. I hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween, if you celebrate the occasion. I'm about to attend 10 a.m. service at The Ray. Then I'm heading to brunch.

Fading rap mogul Jay Z is feeling the heat from the recent devil worship allegations as well as the brutal Beanie Sigel diss that's all over the urban bogs.

Normally, Jigga doesn't respond this quickly to a diss record. The last time Jay was ethered (by Nas), it took him months to respond. But this time Jay had to come back quickly if he had any hopes of saving his rep.

By the way, the new Wale CD -- Attention Deficit -- leaked all over the Internets this weekend. I love, LOVE his single "Pretty Girls", but the rest of the CD sounds like a Kanye West ripoff. That's too bad.

Anyway, please go out and cop Wale's album on Nov. 10!

Aging rap star Jay Z should have just stayed retired. Even his former protégé Beanie Sigel is dissing him in this audio courtesy of 2 Dope Boyz.

Jay Z has come under fire recently for his anti-Christian lyrics on his track "Empire State of Mind." Rumors that he is a devil worshiper continue to plague the 40-year-old rapper.

On this track, Beanie accuses Jay Z of being a snitch, among other cred damaging allegations. It does make you wonder how a former drug dealer (Jigga) remains unscathed while everyone else around him is getting popped on drug charges.

It might be time for Jay Z to step aside to preserve his legacy and to give Hip Hop a fighting chance to survive.

I love old school rappers who put these wack young'ns back in their lane. Most of you might be too young to remember Nikki D, the first female rapper signed to Def Jam. But in an interview with XXL magazine, she's speaking out on a disturbing new trend of females with artificially enhanced body parts being labeled MCs.

Nicki Minaj is a lame Lil Wayne wannabe who sounds like a fool. The idiots who co-sign this tramp have no concept of what real hip hop is or they would stop looking at her fake azz long enough to actually hear her wack delivery.

No wonder hip hop is dead. So what do you think about some of the new female MCs that are out now?

Nikki D: There aren’t any out! Who’s out? You mean, Nicki Minaj? That’s not a rapper. That’s a girl with her ass on the screen. Nice hairdo and she’s saying some things but she’s not a rapper. She’s not an MC. She’s an artist. She’s an entertainer. There’s a difference. She can go out there and open her mouth and say whatever but people ain’t listening to her. They looking at her. And rapping is about the skill. It ain’t about your fat ass. It ain’t about your set of titties. It ain’t about that long-ass weave.


Lady Scoop at Project Scoop says the cypher freestyles were the best part of the 2009 Hip Hop Awards. Yeah, they were nice but the freestyle is the raw essence of Hip Hop and these kids don't know what a freestyle is.

Especially that Hydrogel injected fraud Nicki Minaj. I know her rhymes were pre-written. Who is she fooling? KRS and Joe Budden were the best in my opinion.

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