Not So Blind Item

tipsy in the club

This B-list singer who is not from here was reportedly so drunk in the club that her breasts kept falling out of her top. A friend finally gathered the sloppy drunkard and pushed her out the front door. This Blind Item shouldn’t be hard to guess.

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Amanda Davis Arrested for Drunk Driving Again; ‘I Need Your Prayers’

Amanda Davis arrested for DUI

Veteran Atlanta news anchor Amanda Davis identifies as an alcoholic. She doesn’t deny her propensity to drink like a sailor. She knows getting behind the wheel of a car is wrong, but she does it anyway. That’s why she needs your prayers.

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Scottie Pippen’s Daughter Arrested for Public Drunkenness (Again)

Sierra Pippen mugshot

Scottie Pippen’s alcoholic daughter is back in the news. The NBA Hall of Famer’s 20-year-old daughter, Sierra, was arrested for urinating on a hotel lobby floor Sunday morning.

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Boxing Champ Fires Gun, ‘Threatens to Kill 3 Kids’ at MLK Parade

Jermain Taylor

A Little Rock, Arkansas woman says her Martin Luther King holiday was marred by a drunken champion boxer who threatened to kill her entire family.

The NY Post reports middleweight boxing champion Jermain Taylor threatened to shoot Toya Smith’s husband and their 5-, 3-, and 1-year-old children at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade on Monday.

Smith, 40, said she was watching the MLK parade with her family when Taylor stepped out of the crowd, showed her his championship belt and offered to take a picture with her son.

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Fashion Sense: Wine Bags

Fashion-conscious wine drinkers can keep their favourite tipple close by at all times with this stylish handbag.

Fashionable alcoholics like Bajan singer Rihanna can now keep their favorite alcoholic beverage close at hand with these high end wine bags. The bags come in several colors and styled to look like the familiar Louis Vuitton Damier monogram. The wine bags will make it easier for on-the-go boozers (like Rihanna) who are too busy to stop at the nearest bar for a drink.

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Video: Judge Joe Brown: ‘I Do Not Do That Bullsh*t Court TV Show Anymore’

Judge Joe Brown

Someone sent video footage of stumbling drunk former TV judge Joe Brown to The 66-year-old judge was plastered after drinking a double Bombay Sapphire and tonic water. In the video, Judge Joe Brown poses for photos with a bevy of beautiful women. When asked if he was a playa, the judge pulled out his cell phone and showed the videographer a photo of his “50-year-old” wife, Deborah Herron. The couple have been married for 12 years.

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Photo of the Day

Disruptive airline passenger

The skies weren’t so friendly for a drunken passenger on board a New York-bound intercontinental flight who was set upon by the other passengers for attacking a woman and ranting that the plane was going to crash.

The unidentified passenger became disruptive after “drinking all of his duty free liquor on the flight from Iceland to JFK yesterday,” wrote passenger Andy Ellwood, who took the above photo.

But the other passengers got him together by duct taping him to a seat and babysitting him for the rest of the flight.

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