An irate loyal reader sent this email to me yesterday:

This is "Cutty" Chad Coleman from the HBO Show "The Wire" hanging out in Atlanta with some bust down. While his wife is in New York sick. This nigga gets on my last nerves... He is a total GHETTO a** Nigga who's money done ran out. Hanging all up in the club, being in other people's VIP trying to get a drink then doesn't even offer to help pay the bill... FAKE dude needs to be put on blast. And that chick he with jumps from one mans arm to a next so whatever about her. While his wife is Sick in New York I'm glad he can party hard in Atlanta... Don't worry ladies he will be free loading in a city near you.

Signing Out!
Fake Nigga Spottah

Now Chad, aka Cutty, claims to be such a good Christian, well good Christian men don't take pictures hugged up in nightclubs with busty women who are not their wives.

It wasn't that long ago that Cutty spoke about changing his ways and honoring his marriage vows in accordance with God's will. (LINK)

Now all of this is a moot point if the woman in the photos is Cutty's wife. But I don't think she is. I could be wrong though -- Lawd knows I often am.