Tip Harris, Anthony Hamilton

Burberry apologized profusely for sending a model down the runway at London Fashion Week, wearing a hoodie that featured a drawstring fashioned into a noose. The model, Liz Kennedy, objected to wearing "suicide fashion" backstage before the show. According to Fortune.com, her objections were ignored.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr

50 Cent responded to champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr saying he would continue to shop at Gucci despite the uproar in the Black community over blackface allegations.

Outraged Twitter users retweeted images of the $900 black balaclava sweater from Gucci's 2018 Fall/Winter collection.

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Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez sparked an uproar on social media when she claimed actor Liam Neeson is not racist because he kissed actress Viola Davis in the movie Widows.

The 40-year-old Texas native said Neeson kissing Davis, who is Black, is proof that he is not a racist.

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