Muslim NFL Player Penalized for Praying After a Touchdown

Muslim player Husain Abdullah

Husain Abdullah

The beleaguered National Football League can’t seem to get anything right. The NFL was once again targeted by the liberal media and football fans when an official flagged Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah for praying in the end zone after a touchdown during ABC’s Monday Night Football telecast between the New England Patriots and the Chiefs.

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Omari Hardwick Lashes Back At Black Twitter for Calling His Wife ‘Ugly’

Celebrities seen in New York City on September 20, 2014

Actor Omari Hardwick was not happy when Black Twitter disparaged his masculine wife and called her “ugly” after photos of his interracial family surfaced online over the weekend.

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Jesse Williams and Queen Latifah Discuss Shonda Rhimes and That NY Times Article

Jesse Williams and Queen Latifah

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams and Queen Latifah lend their voices to the chorus of Shonda Rhimes supporters who object to a recent NY Times article that labeled Rhimes an “angry black woman.”

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Shameful: President Obama Salutes Marines While Holding a Styrofoam Cup in His Hand

President Obama salute

Marines and other military servicemen are outraged over the disrespectful way President Obama saluted two Marines as he disembarked from Chopper One in New York City on Tuesday.

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Hannity guest calls Ray Rice a “victim,” says Janay Rice “knocked herself out”

Ray Rice

A. J. Delgado, a National Review columnist, says former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is “a victim,” and the shocking elevator video footage actually helped his case.

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Twitter Drags Janay Rice for Staying With Her Abuser

Janay Rice tweets

Ray Rice’s long-suffering wife Janay Rice is a trending topic on social media giant Janay posted a response on her private Instagram page blaming the media and public opinion for her husband’s indefinite suspension from the NFL on Monday.

Typical of most women who suffer from battered women syndrome, Janay wrote: “No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted [opinions] has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing.”

Janay’s statement didn’t go over so well with women on social media, who criticized her harshly for staying and defending her abuser.

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TBS Cancels Cee Lo’s Reality Show After ‘Rape Tweets’

Cee Lo Green

Former rapper Cee Lo Green apologized profusely for Tweets he sent into the universe implying that an unconscious woman can’t be raped. The 39-year-old musician reacted angrily on social media after pleading guilty last week to spiking the drink of a well-known Atlanta groupie at a party on the west coast.

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