Puerto Rico

President Donald Trump is anything but presidential these days. After Hurricane Maria left death and destruction in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, the embattled president reminded Puerto Ricans of "billions of dollars owed to Wall Street and the banks" which must be paid back.

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Fashion icon Rihanna celebrated her publicist's birthday at Club Greenhouse in Manhattan last night. The fashion forward diva wore a swanky black strapless dress that left the men in attendance breathless!
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Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez took a break from work to vacation with hubby Marc Anthony and their cuddly twins Max and Emme on a yacht near the island of Lerins in France yesterday.

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Jennfer Lopez joins the long list of celebrities whose clothing lines have flopped due to apathy among their fans. It seems the business managers for these celebs are running out of get rich quick schemes, aka investments, to sink their client's cash into.

Remember when J-Lo was the ish? When her photos sold for thousands of dollars a pop and you couldn't tell her anything? Well, those days are long gone.

In 2006, J-Lo's clothing line, Sweetface, took in over $200 million in profits. But that was back then when she was the ish.

Lopez's clothing lines seem just as volatile as her image. One day she's Selena, then she's Jenny From the Block, then she's J. Lo, then you're on a red carpet circa 2007 and all the photographers are saying you'd better not dare call her J. Lo or she won't pose for pictures. And then she's having Marc Anthony's babies and getting bangs, all the while not wearing any of the clothes or shoes or jewelry she purportedly designs. READ MORE...


Sean Combs is sending baby gifts to new mother of twins, Jennifer Lopez. We know this because Combs can't simply do something nice without sending out a press release to announce it.

Combs, who drew raves for his terrible acting in the television remake of Broadway's A Raisin in the Sun which aired last night on ABC, told People magazine, "I'm going to send Jennifer and Marc some Sean John baby clothes. I'm so happy for her, it's such a blessing, and she will make a great mother."

Lopez bypassed the waiting hordes of paparazzi to take her twins home form the hospital yesterday. Combs, who is the father of twins himself said, "It's double the love, and it's also double the crying and the screaming, so it's a unique blessing." (Source)

Combs' long time girlfriend Kim Porter probably shares the same fertility doctor as J-Lo, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and everyone else in Hollywood. Don't you know having twins is the new fad in Hollywood?

According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is in a NY hospital about to pop. The Latin diva joins other Hollywood actresses who seek the services of fertility doctors specializing in multiple births.

Hospital officials denied that the Bronx-born superstar who is expecting twins was at the medical center. Two hospital sources, however, said she was "in the house" and had checked in under a false name. (Source)

Marc Anthony's rep insists J-Lo is not in labor. Yesterday, rumors were rampant that J-Lo had given birth to her twins.