SF 49ers Lineman Knocks Out Versace Shoplifter

Jonathan Martin

San Francisco 49ers star Jonathan Martin is being hailed as a Hero. The 6-5, 300 lb. offensive lineman did his part to stop shoplifting when he waylaid a thief who tried to rob the Versace store.

Jonathan Martin


Chris Christie Doesn’t Care What You Think

Chris Christie hugs Jerry Jones

Imagine if President Obama passionately embraced Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, during a NFL game? The backlash to Obama’s hug would register a 10 on the Richter scale.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was caught hugging Jones in his luxury skybox after a Cowboys win in the 1st round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday. The online backlash was swift.

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AP Reports Cam Newton Fractures Lower Back in Car Crash in NC

Cam Newton injures himself in car accident

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was injured when his truck flipped and rolled over in a suburb of Charlotte, NC, Tuesday. The Charlotte Observer reports that Newton was able to communicate with paramedics at the scene.

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports Newton fractured bones in his lower back during the rollover.

Update II: NBC Sports reports Newton suffered two transverse process fractures in his back. Transverse processes are the small bones that protrude from either side of the vertebrae. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered the same injury this season. He was out one game.

Newton will be hospitalized overnight for observation.

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NFL Won’t Discipline Refs for Fist-Bump After Touchdown

NFL refs

The NFL refuses to discipline or fine 2 refs who fist-bumped each other on the goal line following a Denver Bronco’s touchdown in Sunday’s 24-17 win over the Buffalo Bills.

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Brennan Clay Accused DeMarco Murray of Cheating with His Wife

Brennan Clay and Gina D'Agostini

The wife of former Oklahoma Sooners running back Brennan Clay couldn’t wait until he signed a NFL contract, so she cheated on him with a current NFL player.

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Daughter of Former NFL Player Found Shot to Death

Sharneen Norman

The daughter of famed Dallas Cowboy Pettis Norman was found shot to death inside her downtown Dallas apartment, according to a report on NBC 5.

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NFL Star Andre Johnson Buys Truckload of Toys for Kids

Andre Johnson

This story will bring tears to your eyes.

For the 8th straight year, NFL star Andre Johnson spent thousands of dollars of his own money on toys and video games for at-risk kids in protective services.

And as he always does every year, the 33-year-old Houston Texans wide receiver took pictures with the loooong receipts.

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