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A group of women from Texas assaulted a NYC restaurant hostess after she asked them to provide proof of Covid-19 before eating there.

The incident occurred at Carmine's on the Upper West Side when the hostess asked to see their vaccine cards. The brawl was captured on cellphone video and uploaded to

Proof of vaccination is required to dine at any New York City restaurant, per mayor Bill de Blasio.

The women took offense when the hostess asked them for proof of vaccines to eat inside.

The unidentified hostess was repeatedly punched by the three women, ages 21, 44 and 49. Bystanders broke up the brawl just as police arrived.

The three women were taken into custody and transported to NYPD's 24th precinct station, according to NBC News.

It is not clear if they were charged. The women are reportedly tourists visiting from Texas.

New York City is the first major U.S. city to ask residents to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and gyms. Any business that fails to comply could face a fine up $1,000 per violation.

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A viral video shows a Black mom going off on her son for not voting for Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Nov. 3.

"I told you to do Biden! Now we done lost the vote... that's gon' go to Trump!" the woman screamed as she struggled to keep her car on the road. A woman in the car is heard giggling hysterically as mother and argue over his right to vote for the candidate of his choice.

"Stop worshiping these people like they're a f***ing god," said the son.

"Ain't nobody worshipping them. But gotdammit Chris, we need somebody in there with some mf sense!"

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A phone repair technician found himself caught in the crosshairs between a cheating man and his partner who suspected him of cheating on her.

The couple left his cell phone at the repair shop. When the repair tech opened the back of the phone he found a note and a crisp one hundred bill from the desperate man begging him not to fix the phone.

The woman returned to the shop by herself a day early to pick up the phone, but the tech told her he didn't repair the phone because he didn't want to be involved in their drama.

He handed her the phone, the note and the one hundred dollar bill.

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An emotional video that shows a boy giving his girlfriend a promise ring before she heads off to college has gone viral for the wrong reasons.

Social media mocked the young man, calling him "soft" and a "simp" for showing his emotions in the tearjerker video.

It's obvious that Tae was raised in a 2-parent home. Both his parents were there giving him encouragement as he slipped the ring on his girl's finger.

But Tae's followers were unimpressed by his tears or the girlfriend's lack of interest in the traditional ceremony. She seemed impatient and annoyed.

Normally, the female is the one breaking down in tears and smearing her mascara -- not the guy.

One Instagram user wrote: "She belongs to the streets guys LIME green booty shorts? Like guys need a bright color to notice some nice booty."

Another user wrote: "She gon take that ring off as soon as she get there."

But Tae had the perfect comeback for the haters:

"Ion even post sh-t like this but this morning I gave my shorty a promise ring because she leave tomorrow for school and I wouldn't be there tomorrow. I just want to let Mfs know who my shorty frfr I love this girl since day one she been there for me , we locked in quick and never lost it I never knew I would find love like this. Y'all might say this nigga soft but shidd y'all ain't experience this shit ... and I made I promise before the ring that we gone be together and nun gone break us up. And for all the mfs in the back hating saying we ain't gone last and she gone cheat y'all just miserable and hurt bums... and it just make me laugh but this for y'all TL."



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Jamal Bryant

Pastor Jamal Bryant raised eyebrows when he inserted a popular hip hop catchphrase into his fiery sermon at the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, on Sunday.

Bryant recited the title of a popular Chris Brown song when he told his flock "These hoes ain't loyal!" Surprisingly his congregation cheered and stomped their feet as if in agreement with the pastor's description of young women who may have lost their way in life.

Watch the video after the break.

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Jay Z and Solange Knowles

Gossip tabloid TMZ has released the full video showing Beyonce's little sister, Solange Knowles, violently punching and kicking Bey's husband Jay Z in an elevator last week. The incident took place at a Met Gala after party at the Boom Boom Room in NYC.

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Carmelo Anthony

We already knew NY Knicks star Carmelo Anthony had a certain type (Light Skin Long Hair), but we didn't know he was this dumb to ogle a groupie's ASSets in full view of the cameras and 18,000 witnesses. The Knicks lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in Tennessee Tuesday night. But you couldn't tell by the happiness registered on 'Melo's face when he saw a younger version of his wife, La La Anthony, in the stands.

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Beat down

A predator who visited the home of a 13-year-old girl found her brother and 2 of his homies waiting for him instead. If not for the vicious beating that ensued, the man might have believed he was caught in a Dateline NBC-type sting. At one point during the beat down, one of the attackers asks: "You ever heard of Dateline NBC, n*gga?"

You may want to turn your computer volume down as the video contains profanity and other adult situational language.

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