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Police body cam video shows the moment NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was removed from a plane at Miami International Airport in November.

Beckham’s actions on board the plane caused the pilot to return to the gate and call police to remove him from the plane.

The Delta Airlines crew said Beckham was belligerent and refused repeated requests to buckle his seat belt before the flight departed on Nov. 25.

Miami-Dade police soon arrived to escort him off the plane but he refused to get off the flight until every other passenger deplaned.

Body cam video shows Beckham downplaying the incident and pleading with the officers to let him stay on the flight.

At one point he told officers he wasn’t leaving unless every other passenger left the plane first. He stayed in his seat and talked on his phone while the passengers removed their bags from overhead bins and departed the plane.

When one passenger said something to Beckham, he said, “I would never ever in my life get off a plane for you… That sh*t don’t mean nothing to me… You gonna wait 40 minutes, and I’ma be on a private plane home. With your fat ass. Get your ass off the plane… Enjoy the cheese board on the way home with your ugly ass.”

Officers finally escorted Beckham off the flight. The plane finally departed 2 hours late.

Watch the video below.