By Sandra Rose  | 

In what will surely be a major coup for Atlanta, Island president of Urban music Jermaine Dupri plans to bring the newly reunited Jackson 5 (Michael, Marlon, Jermaine, Tito and Jackie) to Atlanta for his big New Year's bash at Studio 72. This means nothing to anyone under the age of 35 who don't have a clue how huge the Jackson were to young black kids growing up in the 70s. If Jermaine can make it happen he will be the king - bigger than Jay Z, bigger than Kanye West, bigger than God.

Jermaine made the surprise announcement on his radio show on V-103 over the weekend. He plans to empty out the club as the Jackson 5 descend from the sky in a helicopter. The Jackson 5 will then join sister Janet Jackson and Jermaine as they enter the club. Of course pandemonium will ensue as everyone attempts to get back inside. But it will be a night to remember!

LISTEN: JD Jackson 5 announcement

  • Bird

    Oh my damn!!!! I want to go by any means necessary. I think Jermaine should sell tickets so that there is no pandemonium. I would forfeit paying all my bills for the month just to get a ticket. You hear me Jermaine?

  • candy

    Sandra I love your site keep doing what you doin. And yeah is JD pulls this off it's going to be crazy hott

  • licia

    bird i agree with you . lol i would really enjoy seeing this.

    sandra i am under 35 and i know how huge the jackson were .dust make me go and dust off all the jackson lps. lol

  • WeezysBaby

    UMmmm ok I am well under 35 and still know how hot the Jackson 5 WAS but no way in this world or any other do I think that if Jermaine D pulls this off he will be bigger than GOD.. sometimes you take things too far Sandy!

  • tbrown

    Very cool! This would be awesome!

  • milly

    OK...I hope I can get tickets

  • aqtpie

    Hey now Sandra you don't have to be 35+ to know how great the Jackson 5 were./are? Oooh this sounds like it will def be a night to remember. =)

  • kia

    Man that will be a coo for ya boy now that we put jay on spotlight.On how to handle business


    That would get me to come to Atlanta , and that's hard to do! lol

  • truthhurts717

    This sounds like it's gonna be crazy! I definitely won't be there because I hate crowds but I'm gonna love hearing about it.

    I'm humming "I Want You Back" in my head right now while I'm typing this.

  • blackgyrl

    Sandra Im under 35 also but I know the Jacksons were the sh*t in the 70's....

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