By Sandra Rose  | 

A loyal reader alerted me to this story last week but I held off on posting it because I needed more to go on. Now that one of the principals in this story has been busted for soliciting sex from a minor, I have decided to run this story.

According to my loyal reader, former rapper-turned preacher Mason "Ma$e" Betha was recently spotted in his hometown of Jacksonville where he is allegedly being courted to head a megachurch called Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church. The church boasts 7,000 members and until recently, was run by a man named Darrell Gilyard.

For the past 15 years, Pastor Gilyard served his congregation well - until a 16-year-old told her momma about the inappropriate text messages he had been sending her. Mr. Gilyard was subsequently arrested on Jan. 14 and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct involving a minor. This was not the first such charge leveled at Gilyard who stepped down as pastor once the allegations came to light.

According to my loyal reader, Pastor Gilyard may be coming to Atlanta to take the helm of pastor Betha's S.A.N.E. Ministries if Ma$e gets his old job. The irony in all of this is no one wins in either congregation. You have Pastor Betha who is rumored to curry the sexual favors of transvestite hookers over his lovely wife Twyla Betha. And now his church may be losing him and gaining a pedophile.

Is God paying attention to any of this?


    God sees it and even if people feel they are getting away with something right the end they will pay. On earth you may think you are cool but you know God doesn't play. He isn't ignoring us. :D

  • ReadTheBlog

    You should leave God out of this equation - I'm so tired of these defunct peopel hiding in the church and still carrying on like they are in the streets! What is the pastor doing with the little 16 year olds cell phone # in the first place? How'd he get it - off the church roster? And why would Mase leave his ministry to head someone elses? Especially one in scandal? If that's the case, he should go back to the rap game (tee-hee). These people confuse me...

  • katgirl33

    You didn't know that God sees EVERYTHING?!?!? They will have to answer to him soon enough......

  • 4evajulie

    These Mega churches are nothing but big businesses, all about the bottom dollar. So Sad

  • Bird

    Hometown of Jacksonville? I thought Mase was from Harlem.

  • DMNB

    Instead of him trying to sleep with the little girl he should be encouraging her to save herself until marriage.

  • hellava10

    I am starting the feel the need for another prayer circle.

  • Flawless One

    I doubt this. I know memebers of this church and nothing has been said about it. Pastor Betha is really an open book and nothing escapes his congregation. Please don't pass judgement on either of these men. You can't call a smoker a smoker unless you SEE him do it. You can smell the smoke all you want, but until you actually see them doing it, you're only passing jusgement. Stop all the madness. it's fun reading about the positive things celebrities do, but al lthe negative, I can really do without. I know this is a person's job to blog and I applaud that, however, don't demote someone else, only to have yourself promoted. Ms. Rose, whoever gave you this info, you need to cross them off your list, because it's false.

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    Pastor Gilyard is my sister's cousin. This is a trip.

  • Tmekio

    !!!!!!!AREA SNITCH******

    U know I like in Jacksonville and YES! Mase is from HERE!
    Mase and his family moved to NY when they were young.

    I live across the street from Shiloh and I'm so sick of the News people in front of my house I don't know what to do!

    Sandra- In any event, I agree with you. Nobodys going to win in this situation.

    But if pastor Gilyard was sending this "little" girl EXPLICIT text messages, i just wonder HOW DID HE GET THE CELL PHONE NUMBER????

  • Tmekio

    I'm so busy trying to TELL something..

    I ment to say I LIVE in Jacksonville....

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    I can't say too much because I know the inside scoop but read this and this

  • tdl74767

    Sandra........GOD knows ALL and sees ALL everything happens for a reason. IF all of this is true, GOD will get the glory in the end.....GODs plan is perfect!

  • milly

    WOW another win win situation huh...

  • dequartez

    Have we forgotten that Paul was a murderer of Christians at one point in his life , but later went on to author some of the greatest books in the Bible... Rom 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, -this applies to us all.Remember we all think that it(meaning anything out the norm) cant happen to us until it does.I dont think he should Pastor anyones church until he gets his mind and soul right...never write a person off...God doesnt ,so why should we.

  • stefany

    Neither one of these men should be running a church...Trying to replace a child molester with an undercover homosexual is no better...Don't forget Paster Mase got caught in a scandle last year trying to pick up a prostitute and wouldn't get out of the car, they had to tow the car with him in still inside...And Loon who was also on Bad Boy lable said that incident last year was not the first time that Mase has been pulled over for trying to pick up prostitutes.

    I for one don't like Mega Churches, just like Juanita Bynum and others they're nothing but gold digging hypercrits taking advantage of the weak minded and emotionally needy.


    You know what really tick me off about people, they have got so jaded that they don't give a damn what people do. If someone take time to post a warning about a creep, you ought to listen! R. Kelly was in my hometown a couple of weeks ago, I didn't waste my time to go to see the pervert. When will we learn that "OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE?"

  • colleen

    God does have to pay attention to anything...He was aware that it was going to happen before it happened.'s all about the choices we make in life. Society has accepted all this perversion, being so accepting of anything.

    Instead of getting second-hand info, many of these sites need to go the person direct and get the truth

  • dawnea

    God is paying attention because nothing happens without him knowing that is what makes him God.You see this is for us to see and pay attention .These men are innocent until proven guilty but discernment will give us all the answers we need. It is us as a people that needs to pay attention.