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As some of you know, I have NO love for the groupies on Lipstick Alley. I think the majority of them need psychological help and the rest of them are like the gawkers who can't drive by a auto wreck without slowing down and causing major traffic jams. I left that board years ago because I am not attracted to the ghetto mentality that the board attracts.

This video is an answer to the Alexyss Tylor video that I posted yesterday. It's a very sad commentary on the status of groupies and jump offs in our community. We have to do better than this.

  • 2thick4u

    Why is this relevant?!!!

  • suga

    this started because the Alexyss friend (which is a LSA member) got her involved in some bullshit. basically Alexyss is fighting this girls battle for her and it spiraled out of control. So aleyss takes it upon herself to make FOUR youtube videos calling out this young lady (with the video above) . all because of what her internet friend on LSA told her. so ALEXYSS GOT HERSELF into this bullshit. shes so damn stupid its not even funny. you can believe im not watching anymore of her lame ass 'vagina power' videos, since she conducts herself as a damn child. i cant believe people let INTERNET BEEF get them to this point. ALEXYSS- if you are reading: B*TCH YOU ARE SO STUPID. I thought you were amusing a first with your misguided vagina videos, but now I see that you are truly insane. Get a REAL life slut. *end rant*

  • namaste

    It is fascinating that these grown women have time for this mess. However, I must admit it has become my Thursday guilty pleasure.

  • Necole Bitchie

    lawd..i can't believe i just listened to the whole thing. I feel ashamed of myself. Knowing goodness well i don't know who these people are

  • wonder_woman


    You left the board years ago, yet you are posting information that has played out over the last few days? Is that correct? You aren't attracted to LSA, yet for some reason you can't stay from over there. **insert eye roll here** Girl, Bye!

  • TT

    I guess this is what street arguing as become in the day of YouTube......

  • carliss

    AND THESE ARE GROWN WOMEN? I REALLY CAN"T TELL...and that earlier post was so very horrible!!! LAWD knows I gotta stop cursing cause it sounds terrible coming out of a woman's mouth. She sounded like a real alley bat...and whomever this is on audio is dead wrong for mentioning the disabled child...BOTH YALL GROW THE FUDGE UP...see I said fudge.

  • shhhh

    I am mad as hell at both the Steves over at Mac and Bill Gates for creating a new outlet for the ghetto to be ghetto. This is REALLY sad. Now, I can see people going back and forth with text, okay I get it. But when it gets to a point where people are creating videos to talk sh*t to one another, now that's something all together different. Ha!

    Anyway, if I had to be a judge in the situation I would have to side with the lady on this video from from Lipstick Alley. She sounds rational, honest, and like she has common sense. Alexxys sounds like a recovering crack addict nut job. Once a person smokes crack they will never be quite the same, and that is exactly what happen to Alexys.

    Well, I need to go over to this Lipstick place, because I love to sit on the sideline of drama. I think it's funny. I'm not even go front and act like "I'm better than drama" if its some good sh*t I want to see it. So what I'm in college! I'm still human and black.

  • mo-stan

    Is it more or are 85% of the women in ATL a hot mess?

  • plushlush

    to mo-stan: its about 95% honest.

  • milly

    mo-stan Says:

    Is it more or are 85% of the women in ATL a hot mess?

    I dont know about that playa, I live in Atlanta and I have my ish together, now I cant speak for anyone else.

  • mo-stan

    I have never known grown women to meet and hang out with women they meet from a website that caters to groupies. It sounds like highschool madness. Read a B-O-OK book!

  • kenyanhottie

    And here I am planning that ATL is on my must visit places when I finally come the the Satates!

  • Poetry777

    I live in Atlanta as well and honestly in my opinion it was very cool and laid back here until we got the influx of implants over the last few years. Now the quality of "social" life has gone straight to HELL....I have to keep to myself bcuz the women here are sooooo dramatic. I have two girlfriends both born and raised here...Everyone else I meet....Golddigers and opportunists Coming to the A for the quick come up only to get thier feelings hurt... If this doesn't apply to you then don't get mad....Thanks!

  • Dizz


    I feel what you're saying but coming from an 'implant', the tricks...I mean dudes here make it very easy for these golddiggers and opportunists. I know in California (where I'm from), the A is known for having hella dudes that trick of course they'd migrate here. You can't blame it all on the females, the dudes make it real easy. No where else do you see grown men bragging about throwing money at women for nothing.

  • aqtpie

    If 85% or more women here in the ATL are a mess, it's because they brought their a$$es from elsewhere. This video while entertaining is a hot mess!!!

  • vuittonchick

    As a proud member of LSA *snicker* I'm glad you posted both sides.

    The Resident Retard of LSA *cough* Probowl should feel like an idiot.

    They posted all that girls business, from criminal records, etc.

    ATL peeps when you see her in the club throw the LSA gang signs up. LOL

    And sandra please contact Stanley Princhett for us and post your findings. Thank you in advance.

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    I live in Atl and I have my ish together also. Please don't generalize.

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    And I am originally from California. I stay to myself. But not all women here are gold diggers, wanna-be's etc. Yes there are some nuts here but I damn sure aren't one of them.

  • sexycandipop

    damn im tryin to navigate lipstick alley how do i find this ghetto ass thread. help....................................................

  • Poetry777

    Dizz, I know what you are saying....But if a woman is willing to migrate across the country just to get money from a man that's sad.... If you are willing to trick off with a trick then you don't have very much respect for yourself.....Yes I have been approached with offers of money, cars, a condo, etc. But I'm not gona be anyones paid for piece....If it's not my man doin the spendin I don't need or want it.......I wouldn't want that label on my head.... They probably moved here because they all tricked out wherever they came from and Atlanta is just the next stop on the hoe train....And like I said before if it doesn't apply to you it don't matter.....W/Luv...

  • Poetry777

    I guess I should have said "garden tool train" lol...sorry Sandra....

  • ontheotherboard

    vuittonchick, you need to sit your ass down and go back over to that site full of tricks. why you wanna start bashing probowl over here? get a life will you? don't bring that mess over here.

  • ontheotherboard

    and it's sad that you feel pride being on lipstickalley.

  • ontheotherboard

    sandra, you have a whole lot of people hating but they love coming to your board from over at ghetto alley.