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On the eve of Valentine's day, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo hosted the official launch of R & B Live at Justin's Restaurant in Atlanta. From the Big Apple to the music mecca, a musical phenomenon makes its way down south to resurrect the supper club atmosphere. Hennessey Cognac presented the official launch of R & B Live, headlined by the smooth, silky hit-maker Ne-Yo and friends on Wednesday, February 13th, at Justin's Restaurant.

Originating in New York, R & B Live has generated a cult following of real music lovers and pure sound enthusiast, with A-list celebrity talent, music's next biggest names, and an acclaimed house band. Re-creating hits in an acoustic manner, R & B Live ushers Atlanta's music scene into the world of unplugged.

Celebrity guests included Sammie, Bobby Valentino, Cheri Dennis and D. Woods of Danity Kane. This premiere event was brought to you by Compound Entertainment, J Erving Group, Mute, and First Class Entertainment.

Source: The Garner Circle PR

Special thanks to Nicole Garner for the personal invite!

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  • meme

    Why does Cherrie Dennis' hair always look that way?

  • prettybrwngrl

    cherrie is not bad looking she just needs a hella make over.


    Why does Cheri Dennis ALWAYS look a MESS? Poor thing! Maybe she has low self-esteem.. She sure dresses like it

  • tbrown

    Poor Cheri Dennis. :( Looks tired. Worn the f8ck out.


    Neyo is a mess.. Is he half Asian?

  • Bubbles

    cool event

  • AreUForReal

    That Sammie is growing up to be quite scrumptous. If only he was a little taller.............

  • kat

    i like cheri dennis' song and video. ya'll act like can't nobody ever have a bad day! i bet ya'll ain't dimes every day either!

  • meme

    Cherrie has stylist,and she's representing herself on bad boy at an event. There is no excuse. You never see Cassie looking "tierd".

  • Dt2

    Is it me or does the girls from Crime Mob always look rough...And Cheri Dennis just needs to stick with writing Portrait of Love is the worst...and Diddy be on the Band for a hit that must of flew past him...Poor Cheri go sit down and write for someone other than you, its been years and your album hasnt come out yet...

  • candy

    I like Cherrie she looks regular in a good way, she may have just been having a bad hair day

  • milly

    Neeyo looks good in these pics

  • selly

    This was a wonderful event! Neyo did great & he also performed his single off his next album and I must say the song is hot!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    If it came out Cherie was a lesbian, I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Mia

    I'm glad to see Cheri actually showered and cleaned herself up a little bit for this event.

  • AaronMichael

    LoL...Cheri gets no love in this blog. Is it just me or does Sammie look a little weathered in the face for his age?

  • karaz

    all the good looking people in atlanta were busy last night huh?

  • Hotstuff

    Cheri's dress is cute...I respect her game for keeping it natural but she can use a umph in the hair dept.

    And London i love him...I hope he gets the break he needs out there in the A...he has a sound that'll bless your ears


    headlined by the smooth, silky hit-maker Ne-Yo, lol thats a fucking joke, neyo is so damn corny. now give me Sammie singing ne day over neyo wack ass.Sammie is short but hes taller than me so its all good and hes very handsome.
    Sammies short, dark and handsome, lol


    damn didnt neyo just come out with a cd, i see hes not into taking breaks, ppl are gonna get tired of him, hes coming back to back with too many albums.

  • ms.peaches

    Well looks like another drab party but hey it was at Justins

  • T.Michelle

    Sammie is looking quite sexy, wait! How old is he now, I think it may be against the law to say that about a minor.


    sammie is SHORT...yes! one day he walked close by me and i honestly had to look down...and i am only 5'4. dag! just like bobby v, oh well...
    i like cheri. she had an intimate gathering today at atlantic in midtown. it was a sort of album listening, learn more about her, ask questions, do interviews type of gig. i'll have it up on my site tommorow. anyway what i like about her is she has a very strong personality. she's confident, funny, and keeps it real. she aint letting nobody run her...nobody. she told us today that she is happy to be wit bad boy but it aint her life. she is not into all that flash junk which i LOVE and in person she is super cute yall! some folk just aint photogenic is all. too many women in the biz fall into that too much make-up crap...not cheri. she aight wit me.


    i heard this gig last night was very nice but lawd tables for dang $500. c'mon ne-yo maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! then he got up and performed late...10-ish??!! naw. anyway i still wish i woulda got myself together to go...long story. oh well, next time.

  • AreUForReal

    Hey Sandra!!

    I know this is old ass hell, but what happened to that exclusive you promised us about Diamond leaving Crime Mob and how princess felt about it. I know it's crazy, but I actually want to know.

  • Levar Thomas

    Is this going to be a once a month event?