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It looks like Lil' Mama snuck into Rihanna's dressing room, stole her beautiful dress and totally destroyed it by pasting rhinestones all over it! Jaws dropped as the rapper sashayed down the red carpet at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards wearing Rihanna's dress. She looked a flaming Bar-B-Que ribs with hot sauce mess!

Thanks to loyal reader LiL.MiSS.EBONi for the tip! :)

  • miguellopez

    yes sandra, rihanna's dress was stolen, but she didnt put out an alert fuh the thief which showed up at kids choice awards.
    when i saw lil mama on kids choice, my jaws dropped cause rihanna wore the same dress the thursday nite. rihanna has stepped her fashion game up and all the other females are tryin to do the same thing.

    rihrih is a true trendsetter.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    IDK, I like Lil Mama's spin on it. Call me tacky lmao.

  • pyt_504

    good lookin out EBONI hahahaha

    that is too funny!

  • brwnsugga4you

    is lil mama in her 20's or 40's??? goodness.

  • bloggergirlz

    i wish KC's stylist or even rhianna's would help this poor child out...LIL mama always looks a BIG hot mess.

  • Sister Toldja

    Calm down SR! I know no-singing, no-dancing Rihanna is your girl, but she didn't design the dress! They both look cute! I don't like the writing on Lil Mama's, but I see how it fits her age appropriate young girl look.

    LMAO@ at this pic of Rihanna! It looks like she is really sanging and we KNOW she isn't!

  • pinky2083

    i think this is the cutest i've seen lil mama look..

  • dj_dceezy


    BTW, Lil Mama looks flyer than Rih Rih... Hahaha

  • gemini83 Lil Mama really 17, 18 yrs. old or whateva? She looks so much older than that! A lot of celebrities have the same designer clothing. I don't think she stole it. She probably didn't know Rihanna had that dress and she could have had it before Rihanna and opted to wear it at the awards. You never know.

  • Maxdan

    I like how Lil Mama made it her own flashy style. I'm sick of seeing celebs bite each other. I think someone needs to make their own clothes or ask KELIS about who hooks her up.


    i don't think lil mama knew that rihanna was wearing this. c'mon...
    same dress but different style. rihanna was soft and lil mama was rocker with it. and lots of girls seem to be doing that these days. taking a short glam dress and adding some sneakers to it with funky accessories. i do agree tho about lil mama's face...she looks 27 not 19 at all. it think it's her nose and her makeup.

  • gemini83

    Like I said: YOU NEVER KNOW.

  • milly


  • Hotstuff

    Ya'll need to stop it really didnt' look that bad. Take into consideration that she is still a lil' girl, she does bedazzle everything she wears already...

    All she did was take a grown woman's dress and make it for the kids... What is wrong with that I think she looks cute...

    Nobody said anything when Teyana Taylor wore a similar dress with sneakers and rhinestones all over it...Sometimes I'm convinced ppl just like to hate...

  • sali

    I don't like the dress on either one of them.

  • Mia

    Lil Mama looks cute. I like her swagger when it comes to her clothes. She knows she looks a hot mess most of the time, but she has the attitude to carry it off.

  • claire


  • kat

    celebs rock the same outfits all the time....CL always have a "WHO ROCKED IT BETTER" post.