Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Okay, the founder of Sugarhill Records, Sylvia Robinson, was the first female music mogul. But R&B chanteuse Keyshia Cole is the new female mogul doing big things in the 08!

According to a source close to Keyshia’s camp, Keyco is in the process of gearing up for The Movie of Her Life which is scheduled for a Christmas ’09 release. Keyshia will be a producer on the film along with Jimmy Iovine, boss of Interscope Records.

Iovine also produced 50 Cents‘ “Get rich or die Trying” and Eminem‘s critically acclaimed movie “8 Miles”. Iovine and others involved with the film project believe KC’s movie will definitely make History!

Keyshia also formed an additional company under her already existing umbrella of companies. The new company will focus on publishing books, TV shows, and managing writers and producers.

KC is currently in a West Coast studio working on her 3rd album which is slated for a Dec/Christmas ’08 Release. Watch out people, the new Young Female Mogul is Running her OWN empire!