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Cornell Haynes Jr aka Nelly is one of Hip Hop's most recognizable artists. Not for his lyrical prowess or his way with the ladies, but for his grill. Nelly was one of the first pretty boy rappers to sport gold teeth which paved the way for the "grill" phenomenon.

Nelly, 33, rode the success of his debut album, Country Grammar, to dizzying heights in 2000. Now Nelly spends most of his time trying to emulate his idol LL Cool J and sweeping up after strippers in strip clubs.

Nelly is today's Morning Wood by request.

Don't click the link if you're easily offended...

  • prynsexxx


    2thick is about to fall out in the floor.

    *sits back and waits - Nelly pass that popcorn*

  • SnootyPooty1

    Nice Body!!! However he is not my type at all. He is way too short.

  • milly

    LOL 2thick4u where you at boo, your request has been fufilled try not to lose your mind lmao.

    Now Sandra can I get some Morris Chesnut please???
    Pretty please???

  • SnootyPooty1

    @prynsexxx.... I have my seat awaiting her response!!!!

  • brwnsugga4you

    okay...2THICK probably drooling on her keyboard right now...i'm waiting for her

  • SimplyShavon

    I am waiting for 2thick4u to comment too. Oh Nelly does have a nice body!!!

  • JustSaying

    Damn Nelly is a fine brother. Now that he is 33 can we get him to remove the grill so he can really be pleasent to the eyes. I darn you Nelly remove the grills and see how much finer your ass looks.

  • cupcakes

    @2thick better hurry up and get on this!!!

    I wonder did she see him on BET AWARDS last night.....dayum he was doing the dayum thing!!! NOW, I see what she was talking about!!!

    He looked dayum good! I wanted to jump thru the TV!!!! MMMM MMMM GOOOD!!!!

  • Anna

    Did 2thick have a heart attack and can't respond? LOL

  • cupcakes

    @anna - LMAO!!!!

  • cupcakes

    She probably had a heart attack when she saw him on BET!!! When I saw him, she was the first person to come to mind!!

  • licia

    now that is what i am talking about !!!! CLAWD HAVE MERCCCCCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!! lmao

    now 2thick you are my h-town partner , but this time around i am gonna have to cut you for nelly .

  • keke72

    Don't be alarmed everyone 2thick is good.. she is just enjoying her much requested NELLY and I'm sure she will be gracing us with her response soon. But I have to say to 2Thick.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! for requesting this Fine specimen of a MAN.You get the gold star for today! Hell for the week! Who can top Nelly?? Any takers out there?

  • ms.peaches

    lol everyone knows 2thick4u is gonna fall out Im surprised she wasn't the first to post a comment, girl u missing out (lol) Nelly is looking good u hit that on the head sr an 08 LL for sure, did anyone catch the BET awards last night?


    the day Sandra finally puts Nelly up, 2thick is MIA.... I hope she's happy. Now can we get LaDainian? Since u're taking requests

  • karaz

    I could do without his snaggletooth behind... sorry 2thick, I know this is your man, but i'd take Reggie Bush and his used goods over this one any day.

  • cupcakes

    @ms. peaches - Did you see Nelly on the BET AWARDS!!!!!

    Talk about busting thru the tube!!!

  • j-lo843

    100% prime A grade Beef...and I love meat...LOL...Did anyone peep Ashanti's comment last night on the awards about Nelly? That's way too much meat for her.


    @ Ms Peaches, how pathetic am I? The whole time I was watchin the awards, I kept sayin I cant wait til Sandra says somethin about this or that... My boyfriend was like, "Is it that serious? Maybe I need to get on this blog to see what da hell yall talkin about!" LOL i tried to tell him that he wouldn't understand!! I even considered takin notes so I wouldnt miss a beat when I posted my comment. I already know my seat in timeout is waitin on me!!! LOL

  • licia

    can i request a little tyson beckford ? i am his biggest stalker . lol


    @ j-lo

    If she laughs for no reason one more time, I'm gonna scream!!! Did yall see T Pain's performance? I think his performance was the best... Usher left so much to be desired!!

  • cupcakes

    @j-lo - what did she say? I missed it...

  • cupcakes

    @j-lo - what did she say? I missed it...



  • browni007

    lawd....I just saw his BET performance..
    **** he still needs to pull up his pants

  • tkotuki

    2thick you shouldn't have requested Nelly for morning wood. After these pics, I now am a Nelly stan (stalker/fan).

    You might have to fight a few more people for your "man" now. I would give it to him even if his balls was musty. I would just have to hold my face in the pillow for more than one reason.

  • pinkvirgo

    Thank the Lord he is one fiiiiiine man!yummy in the tummy.

  • spraggaswifey

    nelly is a good look but yes indeed he is a little too short for my taste as it's time for some true ENy thuggery....maybe a little meth rza ghostface etc...a sexy ja dj....


    GOODNESS GRACIOUS. That's what I'm talking about. This right here is Morning Wood.

  • ms.kimba412

    Now that's a REAL man's body!

  • kitty4shigady

    MY boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yeah nelly is very short pics don't do him any justice he looks so much better in person and I swear he is one of the best smelling men I have ever met That man smells so good everytime, he got some soft lips. His lips have never touched mine only kisses on the cheecks but they are very soft and did I mention how good he always smell.

  • pinky2083

    I don't care how short he is he could def get it!!

  • tintin

    man, ashanti is definitley one lucky woman, this man is it.

  • Naturally_Sexy

    Ummmmm delicious!! That's what im talkin bout.

  • kay

    YES, YES, YES!!!!


    2thick where are you?
    I think we need to call all of the local hospitals in the Houston area to check to see if 2thick has been admitted.. She may have had an episode last night...

  • prynsexxx

    All that crying 2thick did and she isn't in here yet?!!!

  • cinnamonkisses97


  • SnootyPooty1

    Paging 2thick... Paging 2thick


    Seriously ladies, I think 2thick has literally passed out. All I have to say about this post is.....DAMN!

  • brinabelle

    that third pic of Nelly, the second one w/o his shirt on, has me creaming in my panties ::SWOON::..omg..that's my new wall paper

  • ckarinwhite

    2thick...where are you?!? got what you wanted!

  • angieb

    Thank You Sandra...I love the picture with the suit and of course every shirtless picture works for me! I know Ashanti keeps her side-eye game on lock because I've witnessed how women are around this man at a concert after-party and it's crazy! Nelly is sexy, but his swagger makes him even sexier!

  • prynsexxx

    I'm a bit concerned about 2thick right now (I don't get too concerned with much as it is), but something is wrong.

    She missed his performance last night. She went crazy yesterday and the day before about him not being featured. Now she hasn't even peeked in this B!tch!

    She better have a good explanation for this. LOL

  • pointhimout

    nothing special, no print, no nothing. YAAAAAAAAAAAWN.

  • ThatCarmen

    Sandra took care of the women and the men today with the wood and the glory!

    Imma have to slice Ms. Ashanti over this dude. OMG!!!!!! Imma bout to jam me some country grammar in the office today.

  • ThatCarmen

    2thick may have taken the day off or something...hope all is well with her. Thank goodness that these posts stay up so, she can peep it when she gets back.

  • ckarinwhite

    @#44 she commented earlier this morning that she saw his performance last night!...

    Hey Sandy, if you post Morris Chestnut 2morrow, I will definetly be here to comment!...

  • prynsexxx


    She said she missed it, but she watched it TiVo style. I was saying she missed the INITIAL concert. It's not the same the second time around. - LOL

  • prynsexxx

    *initial performance

    my bad....

  • miamore73

    Now that's what I'm talking about. I like a man that looks like A MAN!!!

    All that pretty ass femininity can go to hell.

    LMAO remember his band aid days.

  • mjoylaw

    COT DAYUM!!!

    @ kitty4shigady and my other homies sayin Nelly is short: says he is 6'3/4 inches...not true?

  • brwnsugga4you

    2thick hasn't responded yet to the morning wood???? WHERE ARE YOU 2THICK....???

  • pyt_504

    Oh lawd my girl never replied yet? what city that heffa live in so I can send the po-po's to check for a heart beat! hahahhaaha

  • pyt_504

    he is cute but short and what if he had a tooth pick too! ok I had to say it since 2 thick is MIA

  • kitty4shigady

    @mjoylaw naw he is not that tall i am like 5'3 nells might be 5'4 5'5 and that is pushing it.

  • candycane

    WOW, Nelly ummmmmm dayum!! Alrighty then Ms. Ashanti (giving a high five) Why I thought those big azz diamonds were pearls at first, and it looks like there's a tag attached to them in the back. But he sure does look good with his shirt off. I like the line in his song when he says keep the shirt, I'll rock the tats. Well goooo'n rock 'em boo.

  • 2bme

    Nelly is with everyone else..where the hell is 2thick??? she better not say NATHAN about nelly no damn more after this

  • 2bme

    Nelly is about 5/8-5/9 i've stood next to him before and i'm 5'7

  • candycane


    @ Ms Peaches, how pathetic am I? The whole time I was watchin the awards, I kept sayin I cant wait til Sandra says somethin about this or that… My boyfriend was like, “Is it that serious? Maybe I need to get on this blog to see what da hell yall talkin about!” LOL i tried to tell him that he wouldn’t understand!!

    Me too, especially when Ms. Hips came out, it reminded be of the hip pads Sandra swears Alicia wears. Also, when she accepted her award and lifted her dress to walk up the stairs, there was a brief glimpse of those slim fit undergarment things.

  • candycane

    whoops didnt mean to push submit just yet. I was thinking oh I KNOW Sandra is going to say something about those hips.

  • GAGIRL73


  • prynsexxx

    Yall it's already 3 pm and no 2thick I'm concerned. I know I've seen her over at M E D I A T A K E O U T before, but they don't get none of my time anymore. Can somebody go over there and give 2thick some kind of secret handshake signal to let her know we are a bit concerned about this crackhead disappearing act she done pulled on us!

  • bklynchick

    And more Nelly

    Love this morning wood post!! I couldn't sleep next to him every night with a body like that. I would stay preggers!! Thanks Sandra for this one!!! It is definitely a good look. Now has anybody seen J Hud new video "Spotlight" she has the guy who plays in the Tyler Perry plays with the dreads?

    ( AKA Kenti Oil)

    What is his name??? I need him to be the next morning wood for real!!


    Dang 2Thick really aint here yet. Dawg! oh well...anyway Nelly has a dope body but we all knew that.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Yes...Yes...and YES!!! Nelly is damn near perfect...God bless his Mama and Daddy for gettin busy that night!!!

  • kay kay

    Nelly is one of the finest celebrity men i have ever seen besides Boris who is just beautiful lol

  • kay kay

    I'm getting really worried where is 2thick??? she the only person who loves Nelly as much as I do maybe more lol !!!!

    Girl where you at?????

  • hellava10

    I haven't said a peep yet....waiting on 2thick. Someone know who she is for real, so we can send the paramedics? This isn't like her. I didn't grind on my t v last night, but I'm tempted by this screen.
    @64 - stay knocked up---hell naw, that's 6 weeks without it. Ashanti had better neva eva cut that man loose--2thick will be knocking down the back door.

  • Anna

    @ hellava10 Says:

    I haven’t said a peep yet….waiting on 2thick. Someone know who she is for real, so we can send the paramedics? This isn’t like her. I didn’t grind on my t v last night, but I’m tempted by this screen.
    @64 - stay knocked up—hell naw, that’s 6 weeks without it. Ashanti had better neva eva cut that man loose–2thick will be knocking down the back door.
    Because there are so few of us who comment in the room, we are a family and I only hope 2thick took the day off work because she is recouping from seeing Nelly last night.
    Sandra you have everyones log in info. Can you send her "a are you ok" alert? (email).

  • brwnsugga4you

    where in da h*ll is 2thick...i came back today and still no comment...girl did you faint and need a d*mn oxygen mask WHERE U AT???

  • hellava10

    I have my arms crossed and tapping my foot now. Where she at?

  • Tiffochris11

    For real she stay requesting Nelly and now she mia LOL I hope she didnt faint ! Well I wanna request MICHEAL JAI WHITE!!! NOw thats Some REAL morning WOOD!!!

  • 2thick4u

    Ladies...I am here.

    They have restricted my computer at work from visiting Sandra!!!

    Sandra...I LOVE U!!!

    Nelly...I LOVE U BABY!!!

    Your number 1 FAN!!!

  • hellava10

    Cancel the Amber Alerts and Mocha can stop calling the Houston area hospitals. Girl, we waited and waited. Damn the bastards @ your job.

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  • Mika

    he is pretty hot. we need a luda morning wood. he's gorgeous.