EDITED: I just heard from Oowee’s girlfriend Porsche who says Oowee, or Walter as she calls him, is not jailed on murder charges. His victim did not die. We regret those errors and have removed them.

We lost another one to the system. I don’t think I’ve ever pulled for anyone harder than I did for Oowee. I met the Atlanta rapper back in 2004 when he hung out in the clubs with the BMF crew.

I don’t think the young’un was old enough to drink then, but my camera loved him. He was so polite and sweet. Imagine my shock when I heard Oowee is in a Florida jail awaiting trial?

The story goes: Oowee got into an altercation with a thug down in Florida this past March. Somehow the thug was knifed and left on the ground bleeding from multiple stab wounds. Oowee was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Earlier I wrote “Hopefully one of his friends will put up the bail to get him out,” but Oowee is in jail without bond. It’s always sad when young cats get swallowed up by the system, but Oowee has a great attorney working on his case. Hopefully he will be exonerated and he can turn his life around.