I must admit that the story of American Idol winner Ruben Studdard taking a bride didn’t peak my interest at all when I first heard it. Despite the fact that my loyal readers sent me pics and info on the couple (Hi Style Razzi), I still had no interest.

I yawned when another of my loyal readers told me she was a friend of the bride and she had the wedding pics to prove it.

It wasn’t until a male industry insider called me yesterday with inside info on Ruben’s new wife that I sat up and took notice. You see, I hate gossip — and men rarely gossip. I’ll wait while you laugh…

If I may continue, the difference between men and gossip mongers (females) is that gossip mongers sit around yakking all day about information that they got from a third party. While men tend to talk about what they know to be fact.

I’m not saying that my readers or Style Razzi are gossip mongers. But my best inside sources tend to be male industry execs. The scoops I get from them always turn out to be rock solid.

So my friend, who in the past hired Zuri to do promotional work for him, called me yesterday because he was shocked that he knew Studdard’s new bride personally. It was a surprise to him that she ended up with Studdard of all people. Apparently she is the talk of the Atlanta industry because she built herself quite a reputation as a loose woman with an agenda.

“Everybody in the industry had her,” said my friend who was quick to point out that he never sampled her goodies. “We worked together,” he reminded me – as if that’s ever stopped him in the past. “She’s beautiful, cute face, tall and thick, but she’s been with every football player,” he continued. “I can’t believe Ruben Studdard married her. Ruben doesn’t even have any money,” he said, implying that Zuri married Studdard for his perceived wealth.

But another friend of Zuri’s assured me that the former flight attendant and music video extra, married Studdard for love. When they wed in front of family and friends in Alabama this past weekend, Studdard became an instant stepfather to Zuri’s daughter from a previous relationship.

All of this loose talk hasn’t escaped Zuri’s attention. She posted this message on her private Myspace page: “Wow…the devil is really at work, but with God first you’ll always come out on top.”

Amen to that.

Shout out to Blackbarbie404 for the pics!