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A College Park man, who police say may have been despondent over the recent death of his mother, shot his girlfriend Monday at their home and then drove to a Jonesboro cemetery where he shot himself at his mother's grave site.

According to the AJC, David Wayne Price, 30, was found dead of a single self-inflicted gun shot wound at a Jonesboro cemetery where his mother is buried and he also has a plot.

When police went to his home to notify his next of kin, they found his girlfriend, 25-year-old Shawnte Wells, suffering from a gun shot wound to the head.

Wells is reportedly in very critical condition at Grady hospital and may not make it, according to friends.

Friends say Wells was a close friend of rapper Lil' Wayne's ex-wife and baby mama, Antonia "Toya" Carter. The friends pose together in numerous photos on Wells' private Myspace page.

More details as they develop.

  • mimimumbi

    My God Be with her and her family. So sad to read this, what is the world coming to. My God be with her.

  • mimi08



  • Sharonda

    :( I pray for the best.

  • Sharonda

    Why would he shoot his girlfriend though???I mean, nobody know, but the Lord.

  • Destiny

    WOW. R.I.P.

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    That is so sad! People are losing it!

    He prolly shot her because she was trying to stop him or she was gonna tell the police or something. Seems like an act of desperation...

  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    I pray the girl makes it. You know who this makes me think of. I wonder if that guy had initially planned to shoot her too. In any case, I'm glad he didn't.

  • Anna

    This is sad. It would be nice if ppl took the time to get a psych background on a potential, but in reality you only have one mom and you never know how someone is going to react to losing her with or with out a psych check. I was reading a comment earlier in another post and some ppl don't realize the suicide rate of blacks. It may not be as high as that of whites but it sure does exist, especially with are younger ppl.(teens).

  • Alana

    They were a nice looking couple. People have to be more aware of the warning signs of depression and get their family/friends help when they see the onset. This maybe could have been prevented. I hope if she makes it she won't suffer from any brain damage.

  • Candi Apple

    My prayers go out to her and her family. I pray that she pulls through.

    Sometimes they don't love women enough and others they love women too much.

  • candi21

    WOW so sad......

  • Lemondrop

    Fight as hard as you can girl.

    My prayers go out to her and her loved ones.

  • SlimA

    Why do crazy people always want to take other people out when they are on a suicide mission. He was just selfish and only thinking of himself and not her family. I pray she makes it with no brain damage.


    why bring her into his pain? he could have very well just left her alone and did the do to his damn self.

    crimes of the heart are growing at a alarming number.

  • msmika31

    My prayers go out to her and her family.

  • candycane

    It's horrible that he shot her and killed himself. But I'm glad to hear (well not really glad to hear) but I thought it was going to be becasue she wanted to leave him. Grief is a terrible thing, my prayers go out to both families

  • MzTee

    What a senseless tragedy. My prayers and thoughts to the young lady and her family.

  • dblaq

    There has to be some history of some kind. I personally belief that someone wouldn't go that far unless they are obsessed, possessive, jealous or unstable nature all those are dangerous traits. But you can tell a person personality. I normal man would understand that NO woman in the world is worth killing yourself over or commit some dumb ish like this. As a male I really don't know what goes on in these dudes head but it has to be desparation or some serious hurt.

    I remember in Atlanta Damien Turner an entertainment attorney did the same thing but people knew that he was off the chain.

  • missdisrection

    Huh? I know death is hard and I dread the day my mother passes (if she goes before me) but suicide? There has to be more to the story not that it even matters. I pray the young lady survives. Please LORD, if it is YOUR WILL, let her pull through so that she can live the life she was meant to live.

  • ckarinwhite

    My prayers are with both families... :(

  • http://myspace.com/sfh50millionpounds mj

    I contemplated suicide after the death of my mother. It is hard... very hard... And four years later I still have that thought every now and then. But I could never go through with it. Let alone take someone else’s life with me. That’s very selfish.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    omg thats horrible...I hope she makes it


    truly a selfish act ...speechless ..i pray for the family of this young lady

  • mimi08

    I do not believe this was a result of his mother's death, instead, i think this was a result of the girlfriend wanting to leave him or maybe he feels she's cheating...either way, i believe he felt as if losing her, his life was over, and to boot his mom was gone! I think this brother snapped, and was probably already depresed about his mom, and his girlfriend was probably the only valuable thing he had left in this life.

    Or he could have done this because he didn't want anyone else to have his girlfriend, and knew once he shot her his life was over, so why not kill yourself and go be with mom...

    I mean there's a lot of potential scenarios, we can only speculate, however, this happened in my family as well.

    A female family member of mine was shot to death by her boyfriend who had heard through the grapevine that she was planning to leave cause she wasn't happy with the relationship. He couldn't handle that, so he shot and killed her and killed himself immediately after. When some people do this, they believe in their mind they are taking you with them, to heaven, to hell, wherever, but they want you in the next world with them. He probably thought all of them (his girl, his mom, and himself) would all end up in the same space.


    please never contemplate suicide ever again in your life! I don't know you, but um willing to put money on it that your mom would be deeply saddened by your thoughts and wishes to take your life, and if she were here, would want you to live your life to the fullest. You cannot allow yourself to get wrapped up in the grief, cause it can make us do crazy things. You've mourned your mother, to a degree you always will, the degree of it will change, but in those deepest moments, please just remember your mother would hate it if you were sad all the time; you have to live your life as you know they would have wanted you to carry on. THink about if you had kids, you would want them to initially mourn you, but at some point, you'd want them to get on with their lives...Remember, we all must pass, we don't want our relatives to live in darkest and hate their lives because we are gone. I'll stop here, but please just remember on those hard days, remember what your mother would want for you...and keep in mind, she's no longer in pain, and she's no longer unhappy. I'll pray for you.




    http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/atlanta/stories/2008/09/15/fulton_shoot.html.....THE ARTICLE HER NAME WAS Shawnte Wells, 25..KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS

  • bklynchick

    Lord watch over her. What is the world coming to. She is a beautiful young lady who's whole life has been changed all due to one person. But I truly believe God don't make no mistakes, he does everything in our lives for a reason.

  • bloggergirlz

    may she rest in peace...

    @mimi: your message to MJ was very sincere adn well put...

  • spongebobfan

    are we supposed to care cause this happened in HOTlanta???

    just asking

  • tintin

    very sad.

  • Tasha

    I must say, she must be a strong lady to even survive as long as she did before they found her. Imagine how long it took for the officers to find him, identify him, get a detective on scene (btwn 20 min to an hour after he's notified), brief the detective and send someone to the home.

    Thats a long time to go without treatment. I pray that this is a sign of strength in her combined with the embrace of the most high. I pray she has a full recover. She's my age, we're still learning life.

  • fashionista

    my goodness...this is such tragic news.


    "are we supposed to care cause this happened in HOTlanta???"

    No. We're supposed to care because atrocities like this one happen in our community all the time and often times go unreported in the media. Mental illness is a real problem in the black community and it's thru postings like this one that hopefully people can start to take notice. I think Ms. Rose posted this news because it's truly saddening and disturbing. I think that if this story had come across her screen from Omaha, Nebraska she still would have posted it. Ms. Rose lives in ATL and therefore probably checks the ATL news outlets more so than any other city.

    And writing that 'just asking' is like writing 'lol' or 'just kidding' after someone said a mean joke...you meant what u said, no need to try and lessen the inconsiderateness (i kno i made it up)....

  • Mzsuave

    fashionista ... well put.

    @ Spongebob...it doesn't matter what city, it's the senseless matter that took place, period. Did you even take the time to read the post? It's such a sad and unfortunate event that took place, yet, what you read out of it was that it happened in ATL. Wow.

    Hang in there young lady. I pray she makes it.

  • starr

    stories like this are becomin all too prevalent. Its just an all around sad situtation. I hope she makes it..

    It doesn't happen where this partticular incident happen cuz stuff like this is happening all over. Its scary and and its truly sad. My response is short cuz truly.....what can you say....all you can do is keep this gurl in your thoughts and prayers. I could only imagine the pain for her family.

  • http://xscape2xscape.com crystal

    It was three stories like this last week here in NYC. All seemed to have happened a day apart in different boroughs. such a sad story. They all killed their girlfriends because the men did not want to break up. one of the men killed his girlfriend after she caught him cheating and she said she was leaving him and he killed her.
    i have a video link that was sent to me of a tragic situation that happened in brooklyn i think. the girl broke up with her boyfriend in the hall way of a project building.(that building was video monitored) she gave him a hug before she board the elevator when the door close home boy took a gun out of his coat pocket then cocked it and put it in his mouth and shot himself. you see the body jerked backward then he falls. The video was not that grusome as i thought but the thought of that shit happening. I think he had suicidal tendersies anyway. If he did not harm himself i am sure maybe he would have killed her one day.

  • spongebobfan

    And its happened in my city, Philly, murder suicide in front of the children (thank goodness he did not kill the kids as well something else that happens so often)

    i posed mt question cause if flip through channels, open newspapers and see the murder and mayhem overtaking the world, i turn to here and other sites for perhaps some lighthearted bashing of dumb and beautiful celebs etc etc
    tradedy it is i can understand, my question stands

  • ELove

    I'm definitely with you on the Psych Tests...
    I'm becoming more amazed at HOW Mentally-Fragile our young black men are becoming AND Mental-Illness is going unchecked among society PERIOD!!!

  • karaz

    I hope this girl (I think her name is Shawnte) pulls through. I wonder if the (attempted) murder precipitated the suicide though. It's tragic all around.

  • terika83

    OMG that is SO sad...and so selfish of him to do that. I pray that she makes it...

  • WeezysBaby

    Wow this is so sad and I know that Toya is taking it hard she and Tae are so close I hope that she makes it. Boy what is the world coming to really.

  • http://www.myspace.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    wow thats sad she is a beautiful girl

  • iyonah

    Sad & tragic as most suicide and shootings are - I agree w/ what Alana said "People have to be more aware of the warning signs of depression and get their family/friends help when they see the onset. This maybe could have been prevented. " Its extremely important to recognize a change in behavior and to know the signs ... I hope she pulls through.

  • DivaMama

    This is extremely sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the girl. This is becoming a common trend now and people are becoming desensitized because of it, expecting this to be normal occurences. This is getting ridiculous. May GOD be with all of us.

  • MistaO

    Mental illness is (and has been) a core issue within the Black community for centuries now. Just like every other community, it exists. And many are correct, it does not get the same "play" in the media or where it really matters - in Healthcare but that's par for the course concerning all illnesses and Blacks. Until we see more Black doctors we will continue to get the worse most minimal care.

    But also, this is in no way limited to males, as some dingbats have suggested. There are many men and women walking around talking to themselves in dire states.

    This is yet another tragic, all too real story and my heart also goes to BOTH of these families during this time...

  • sweets1530

    OMG!!! Thus is extremely sad... I pray this girl makes it through.
    I was with a guy all the way u here in Canada)and once we we were talking and I told him I was not happy with the way our relationship was going and we should put an end to it.....
    At first this dude started bawling and them he immediately turn into a monster.I got his car and ran into my apt. The security would not let him in and loooking at him thru my window this dude was throwing rocks at my apt window and stateing what he would do to me when i sees me in the streets....
    I had to call the cops immediately. There was no initial sign that he would turn out like this.
    I mean this is happening worldwide, as stated before some guys dont love their women enough, some just way too much.

    We as women has to pull together.....


    @ spongebobfan



  • goat76

    Hate that stuff like this happened.....I pray she gets better......To all people that is not happy with their lives......If you feel the need to leave this Life, Go by yourself.........

    @mimi08........we don't want to leave out the girlfriends/Wives either......

  • bigbawla



    My prayers go out to the young lady and her family for a full recovery, peace and healing in this awful incident.

  • iyonah

    @ spongebobfan - I think that your reading about it here and people are expressing there sentiments as they do on everything Sandra post, whether its in the A or not. As a person I know I care each time I read a story as such regardless of where it happens because its a reflection of our TIMES. Sandra post(s) about the A ALL the time ... if you went to other blogs and the writers were based elsewhere you would see more stories for the area/state. So to answer your question I personally care period as should anyone that is a caring person.


    @ iyonah


  • toosexy

    This is so sad, why couldn't you just take your own life, I wonder was she trying to break it off. These guys are crazy these days, and I hear it so frequently now bout these guys killing their girls or ex's. we need to start having background checks on these dudes but then again they can have a clean record and then decide to kill you.

  • terika83

    @WeezysBaby...LMAO are you and Toya friend's? With your screen name being "WeezysBaby" LOL

  • Certified

    My prayers are with the family...this is so sad and unnecessary !

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    Psyhc Test,Herp Test,Aids Test,Credit Check, By the time you done with all these check,test I almost wish I was alone. OMG I guess it all boils downs to that little voice inside"instinct". I will keep the young lady in my prayers.

  • prynsexxx

    This is truly sad......

    I can relate to the whole story. My brother committed suicide 5 hours AFTER he killed his wife. We had the double funeral on my 22nd birthday.

    To MJ:

    Whatever you are thinking, DO NOT and I PLEAD, DO NOT commit suicide! Suicide has an effect on those who are left behind like no other. It goes from the friends AND family all the way down to the family pet - literally. No death is a fortunate death. But a death by suicide is like no other. You can't express how you feel without feeling angry, sad, mad, lost, confused, and hopeless. My brother took his life in an act of defeat and desperation. He had two little girls, whom he was going to court the following morning to gain full custody of. His wife had three children who were torn apart and scattered throughout the country after her murder. MJ think of the effect that it will have on the ppl who truly love and care about you. Trust me there is someone out that does. Hell I know you have a friend here in the Sandra Rose clan. We want what's best for our children. And although I don't personally know you, I KNOW that this is not the plan that The Almighty and most definately your MOTHER had for you.


  • UrbanBeauty

    @ Crystal...I saw that video of the guy in the elevator. It truly messes up my WHOLE day watching that, it was sooo tragic.

    @50 AND 51....Both of you couldn't have said it better!

    @Pynsexxx #64....Your comment brought tears to my eyes. Having recently lost a friend who was well loved to murder, I saw how his death brought so much sadness and pain to people he would have never imagined. My prayers go out to you as well and I completely agree.

  • mskaramelj

    That is so sad. Their families are in my prayers.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    oh wow. how sad and unexpected for her.

    Dear Father please help Shawnte Wells to make it through and live without any brain damage. Help her family to cope. We thank you God for miracles with faith in the name of Jesus praying, AMEN.