Royal couple Li'l Scrappy and Diamond look so cute together. I'm invited to their wedding so stay tuned for those pics!

Rapper Shawty Lo with his baby mama and daughter

Rapper Common and singer Monica

I didn't even recognize ex-Danity Kane member D. Woods. I actually love her outfit. It's not too revealing and she mixes a little couture in with that courtesan flavor.

PR Diva Tahira J. Wright, who made all of these pictures possible

Photos by Freddy O

  • melinla

    WOW with the few celebs and many psuedo-celebs that showed up it seems this could have been a cool event...too bad it got turned out. And how come Auntie Sand couldn't have posted all these pics first? Why we gotta get the messiness first?

  • sexyma078

    TRina is killing it....Shawty lo baby mama is um well her ankles are warm.... Scrappy looks like he forgot to bathe...I love Common but htat shirt is begging for it...Monica is on piont as always, that's why I love HER so much....LOVE D WOODS get up mabye leaving Diddy was a good look after all!!!

  • Kymystry

    WTF .. WTF .. WTF is that Taupe colored lace print hideous-ness disguised as panty hose .. UNDER the Tropical Skittles colored shorts is THAT !!!!

    Lawd .. Ricky Smiley looks Healthy for a change ...

  • WeezysBaby

    Wow Trina finally looked cute/with a hint of class

  • Lemondrop

    Hmm somethings not quite right about that third pic.

  • DivineBrown

    Trina is getting it! Diamond is so pretty there!
    Monica is trying way too hard

    and finally


  • Kymystry

    Shawty Lo's baby momma .. GAT DANG .. them twigs she got for legs need more than them Flash Dance Leg Warmers ... and her Clairol Bottle Blonde gots to GO !!

  • WeezysBaby

    Monica looks like a cute peacock.. and Lo could never deny that child geesh..

  • Hermosa

    More pics???

    Where was T.I. "situation"? Was she being a stay at home mother?

  • Hermosa


    He did say he liked skinny girls. . .He said Beyonce was to big for him!

  • pointhimout

    yes D. Woods, you look the fool. she lounged around alllllll day in that get up and thought throwing on the tights at the last minute would be deemed appropriate evening attire. D. Woods, turn left on metropolitan ave. Shawty Lo's baby mama, WHAT THE PHUCK????? that's not a good pic at all. HATED IT.

    ok...enough of this stuff. surely there are some real celebrities to gossip and spread rumors about. i'm over this dirty awards stuff.

  • DivineBrown


    In my opinion...when a dude says that...THAT IS CODE FOR I HAVE A LIL PEE PEE!


    y does monica have on that see though shirt with that bra on under the shirt?

    that is so hood rattish!!

    no like her at all, it looked nice with the rat fur scarf covering up the shirt but when you uncover the shirt it throws the whole look!

  • bloggergirlz

    that's his baby mama?! she looks like a tranny...

    what's up w/ the receding hair line, 1/4 bundle of blond weave (don't they sell full bundles in atl?!), those bogus leg warmers (i love leg warmers, but those look weird maybe it's her f'ed up legs), and don't let me start on her shape...

    i (heart) common...

  • prynsexxx

    Did Lo feel around before he put his "lil guy" in THAT!!!!! His baby mama "looka-lika man".

    Monica is HAWT!

    Trina and Diamond look nice as well......but the Tyre LaJuan's........blank stare.......

    D. Woods.....still didn't know that was her UNTIL you put the label UNDER her name. Nice shirt and stocking, just NOT together........."couture in with that courtesan flavor" mean more like "catsup mixed with crustacean".

    Yall lyin' about that being Rickey Smiley. That ain't Ricky Smiley, is it?

    Yall know my eyes are bad. Don't play.

  • bloggergirlz

    sounds like you hit the ghetto jackpot...

    Royal couple Li’l Scrappy and Diamond look so cute together. I’m invited to their wedding so stay tuned for those pics!

    monica, forever 21 has camis for $2.50 in everyone color your heart desires...

  • DivineBrown



  • Mspeng

    Can anybody tell me what's wrong with Scrappy's mouth...everytime I see it, I get so grossed out!

  • Hermosa


    I agree, he must have a miniture weiner in his pantalones. I don't like skinny men. I like 'em tall and husky. I wanna feel his weight on me!!!

  • iyonah

    Ummmm more pics ...

    Well I did ask for pics of D Woods and Trina.

    Trina looks cute now that we have seen the back of the outfit.

    And D Woods looks cute to me. Its nice to see her not in sneakers - love the stockings/tights.


  • iyonah

    Common is so sexy .... yummy. chanting



  • Mspeng

    And what's up with all those people wearing sunglasses in the night...INDOORS????

  • Ielon

    @iyonah-agree with you D Woods I thought looked nice, and bloggergirlz please get started on her legs

  • shunda

    Whoo Jesus take the wheel! What in the blonde hair mess is that on Shawty no-flow baby mama head. Something about blonde hair on black women bugs me. DWoods looks a mess. Somebody come get me when we get a post that is not about this travesty that occured last night. In the words of Dwight this is just dreadful.

  • iyonah

    i (heart) common…

    ME 2 ....

    Damn I just noticed Mo's BRA ... totally didn't see it in the other PICS. SHe still looked CUTE!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Common was there? Wow! I had a dream about him just last night - he dissed me, just when I was going to ask him if he wanted to hang out with me (huh)! I still love him, though :-)

    Shawty Lo baby momma look like she was one of the slow girls in school, that all the boys used to take advantage of, just because she was a little more developed than the other girls her age.

  • prynsexxx

    #24 said:

    blonde hair on black women bugs me
    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I need to break out my list again.....

    The list of what blk WOMEN should NOT do, wear, be seen with, (insert whatever here) _____________

    blonde hair
    rouge (red blush) cheeks


    black stockings and white shoes

    there are more, but I just can't........not now.....not today......

  • Amulet

    Is that Rickey Smiley with Tahira?

  • Charles


    Or has it been pushed back to the big bang? She fell off................ And diamond is cute and all but she will stay ghetto fabulous the mix tape was decent but i dont forsee her album doing well she is unknown outside of atlanta

  • Hermosa

    charles. . .nobody is checkin for Monica! She don't even have a single out!

  • Charles

    Hermosa Says:

    charles. . .nobody is checkin for Monica! She don’t even have a single out!


    Sandra was not too long ago buttttt i have heard nothing in monthssssss

  • candycane

    Shawty Lo and fam look like triplets, Monica sure is looking slim. Scrappy's mouth bothers the hell outta me, but am happy that he and Diamond are still in love, it's a beautiful thang ya know.

  • kwallace577

    Royal couple Li’l Scrappy and Diamond look so cute together. I’m invited to their wedding so stay tuned for those pics!
    is that designer doing the bridesmaid and bridal dress designs? if so i too will be looking for pictures of those bridesmaids popping those coochies on down the aisle in their stilettos from the club okay-kay-kay-kayyy?

    question: why scrappy lips big as they are... always look a bee stung chapped MESS? looks like he been eating some yeast infested puss. yuck.

  • candycane

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum!! that sho' is Rickey Smiley!!! I didnt recognize him when I looked at the pic the first time and didnt read his name beneath, but when I read the comments, I thought I didnt see Lil Daryl, but it is!

  • terika83

    Trina's eyebrows are a lil on the thick side...

    Scrap is so cute (NOT in that pic though) comment cause I know that's Sandi's friend. Lol I see she's rockin' her boys boots though! LOLOL

    Not feelin' Momo's fur or it just me or is excessive fur whack? Maybe it is just me....

    DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.....I loves her...idk what she has on but she looks like she is dressed appropriately for the the event.

    And shut up yall! Is that Ricky Smiley foreal????

  • terika83

    Oh I forgot...Lolo's daughter looks JUST like him. aww

  • lisa

    Again; WOW!

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  • CaramelDrop

    Hello All: Missed yall!!!!

    Friend or not Diamond is lookin a lil poe in the face - like she's been "tootin" or something

  • kwallace577

    caramel where you been? you right about diamond...yes she does look like she may have been tooting. go on over to the forte post where we cover drug usage extensively. LMAO.

  • ChokLitFactory

    Hahahah these comments are HILARIOUS!!
    But I must concur, Diamond looks really pretty here, good for her and Scrappy...Damn, looks like she'll be married b4 Monica AND Tiny...

    I'm the blonde lacefront the greatest thing to hit the ATL since gold grills??

    Also, I'm not feeling Monica's or D.Wood's outfits. D.Woods look good from the shirt up and Monica...its just not working with me today...

  • keely107

    Shawty Lo baby momma..........Got damn it must be 2 sides!

  • ChokLitFactory

    LMAO!!! ^^^^^


    I don't think I would have even wanted to be guest at this show.. look's so low budget and ghetto. :-(


    a guest...

  • MZN

    trash mixed with a little class...

  • Hotstuff

    IDK how my comment got deleted

    But I said you ppl in ATL ARE TACKY AS HELL

    Are y'all still dying y'alls head with Kool-Aid???

    It's a shame when one of the best ppl dressed at an event is Scrappy and Diamond...DAMN SHAME!!!


  • keely107


    Please dont get it twisted, I left a comment earlier concerning that. I dont see people that look like this and Decatur aint that damn big! These chicks are clearly from some neighboring state.

  • Doc Jam

    Trina is gorgeous...

  • Doc Jam

    Trina is incredibly gorgeous...

  • Doc Jam

    Trina is incredibly gorgeous and needs to become The Doc Jam's weekend lover..