Barack Obama waits in his SUV while First daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 7, head to school in Chicago.

Obama and his wife Michelle still haven’t confirmed whether the girls will attend public or private school in DC when he takes office in January.

Meanwhile, reports that Obama is busy searching for qualified applicants to fill positions within his administration. His peeps are circulating a detailed questionnaire among the interested job seekers:

There are 63 questions prospective nominees must answer. Barack wants to know if the person has sent embarrassing emails, whether that person has been accused of sexual harassment, late in paying child or spousal support. He always wants to know about arrests, and of course, those pesky housekeepers. Source

That Obama sure is funny. He wants to know every intricate detail about his prospective employees lives, but we still don’t know a thing about him.

Photos: Getty Images