G’morning to the lucky ones who have to work today! I’ll be here for a couple of hours and then I’m going to hit the mall to buy gift cards for my family and call it a day.

Today is the best shopping day of the year because retailers are slashing prices like crazy to move Christmas inventory out the door! Hopefully the mall won’t be too crowded so I can get in and get out quickly.

Anyway, this track is my favorite Beyonce song ever. Not that I’m an expert on Bey songs. “Hello” is the only Beyonce song that I like enough to listen to — not just all the way through, but repeatedly.

Bey’s oversinging is annoying and distracting, but the lyrics and the backing track are beautiful.

Beyonce hails from the school of oversinging where singers are taught to scream if they don’t have the vocal dexterity to hit those high notes.

A real singer would have done this song some justice.